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“Owe, owe, owe. Oh FUCK, oh fuck! Take it out, take it out.” There was no way in hell I was about to pull out. It was already in the tightest hole my cock had ever felt.
This story picks up the following morning after fucking my girlfriend's little sister for the first time. Enjoy and let me know what you think.


After fucking my girlfriend's little sister for the first on the living room floor the night before, the three of us made our way to their parents bedroom to enjoy the larger bed. There, on her parents bed, I fucked Jackie two more times. I got behind her and held on to her narrow hip as I pounded her hard, shoving my cock hard into her tight little cunt over and over. The third time, she rode me cowgirl style. This was my favorite position. On her one accord, she straddled me and grabbed my cock to align it with her tight little pussy. Before she could lower herself onto my cock, Gina made her beg for permission to fuck her boyfriend, forcing her to admit that she loved having a big, fat dick in her cunt. Even after fucking her for most of the night, her little pussy felt tight as she lowered herself on my cock and rode me. The look on her face as my cock entered her was priceless. It was the look of both pain and pleasure.

The following morning, I noticed that Jackie was gone, it was only Gina and me in bed. I got up and went to use the bathroom. On my way back, I found Jackie in her own bed with her naked body on full display. I made my way over to her and took a few minutes to admire and appreciate her gorgeous little body lying there completely nude as she slept. Her little titties with tiny succulent nipples and small areolas looked wonderful. She slowly woke up and lifted her head, smiling at me.

“Good morning.”

“Good morning to you, beautiful.” I said to her as I climb up on the bed and between her legs. She easily spread them for me. I started kissing her sexy tummy as I made my way up to her cute little titties. They were small and delicious and I could not get enough of her tiny nipples as I licked them before making my way up to her neck.

“Mmmm that feels good.” I kept kissing and nibbling her neck. I wasn't sure how Gina would feel finding me there alone with her sister, but it felt nice having Jackie all to myself. Besides, she was my birthday gift. We started kissing and it felt nice having her little naked body under me. She wrapped her short legs around my waist and thanked me for last night, telling me it felt amazing when I made love to her. She said she was scared at first, knowing it would hurt when I fucked her, but she was happy Gina had given me her virginity. She always wished I would be her first.

I started kissing her and thanked her, telling her it was my honor to be her first. I told her that right now I wanted to kiss her entire sexy little body. I slowly started making my way down to her neck, before kissing her shoulders and both her arms. There was no hurry and I was taking my time with her. As I made my way down, I was touching her all over, enjoying her entire body. When I started nibbling on her little titties, she started moaning even louder as she held my head in place, telling me she loved it when I sucked on her nipples.

“I love when you suck 'em, you make me feel so good. I'm sorry they're not as big as Gina's.”

“Sweetheart, I love them just the way they are. They look great on you.” I continued making my way down after spending some time caressing her body. Her tummy was tight and surprisingly, she was not ticklish, which gave me the opportunity to enjoy kissing, licking and biting her before I continued my way down. I didn't know if I would ever get this opportunity again, so I cherished touching every part of her sweet delicious body.

When I got down to her little treasure, I avoided it and continued down one leg before I made my way down the other. This little girl felt soft. I was determined of making the most of my birthday gift. After kissing the entirety of both her smooth legs, it was time to find out how sweet she really was. Even after the fucking I had given her last night, her slit looked to be tightly shut, with her pubic hairs sparsely covering her mound. I looked up and caught her staring down at me.

“Are you going to lick my pussy?”

“Oh yeah! I've been dying to taste your beautiful little pussy.” I said to her as I kissed her slit a few times before my tongue came out and slithered its way into her slit to get a good taste. She really did have a beautiful little pussy and I was determined to give her one hell of an orgasm, so I took my time making love to her pussy with my tongue going up and down her slit. I made sure to suck on her labia and dig in deep with my tongue to find and pleasure her clit under it's little hood. Her pussy was drenched and the taste of her young pussy was sweet and delicious. As much as I loved eating out Gina, I had found my new favorite pussy to eat. I just could never tell Gina.

I started to finger-fuck her as I sucked her little clit. I went from one to two fingers, with her moans telling me she liked what I was doing. She started going crazy as my mouth attacked her little pussy, never letting up on her clit. She started moaning loudly as she pulled my head against her pussy, begging me not to stop because she was very close to cumming.

“Don't stop! Oh fuck, please don't stop. You're fucking tongue has me so close to cumming!” I continued licking as my fingers made their way in and out of her tight pussy lips knowing I would soon be rewarded with her sweet juices.

I was close to getting a cramp on my tongue when she started cumming, filling my mouth as I struggled to keep my mouth on her as her whole body shook. She moaned and oohed and ahhed as her orgasm washed over her. My cock was hard and I so wanted get between her legs to fuck her, but I had other plans. After all, I told her I wanted to kiss all of her.

After she rested and caught her breath, I gently turned her over and once again started at the top, kissing first her neck as I made my way down. She moaned as I gently kissed her, asking me if I was serious when I told her I was going to kiss every part of her. I told her I was, as I started kissing her shoulders.

There is something about a woman's nude back that feels so smooth and sexy that makes me want to bite them. Jackie was no different. She yelped when I first bit her and I very quickly apologized, telling her that her tight little body was driving me crazy. I continued my way down, with her telling me that my little nibbles felt nice. I spent some time on her back before I did what I really wanted to do.

I made my way down and finally got to her cute little bubble butt. The butt I had watched over the last five years develop into a nice sexy ass. The same butt she would tease me with when sitting on my lap while I waited for her sister. I was exactly where I had dreamed of being. I grabbed it, with one cheek in each hand as I started squeezing and enjoying them. My god they felt so nice.

“Do you like my ass?” she asked as she giggled while I groped her.

“Fuck yeah, I love your ass. I love how it feels in my hands.” I bent down and lightly bit one of her cheeks as I started kissing her butt cheeks. This was the moment I had waited for. I spread her cheeks wide open and slowly started licking between her crack as I pushed my tongue in deeper. She did not try pulling away as I thought she would. Instead, she just laid there and moaned, enjoying it as I started licking her little starfish. I loved it!

I reached under her and found her wet little pussy, shoving in two fingers as I continued licking her little anus. Once again she started moaning, telling me how good I was making her feel, begging me not to stop. I loved that this was her first time having someone play with her ass and she was enjoying herself, not trying to push me away.

The whole scene was too much for me. I pulled her up on her knees and started to intensely lick her anus as I fingered her pussy. Her moaning was growing louder and louder and I was no longer concerned if Gina walked in or not.

After a few minutes of fingering her pussy, I took the same wet finger and brought it up to her anus, playing with her hole before I inserted one of my fingers. She gave out a sharp shriek and pushed her ass back against my finger. I started finger-fucking her ass and she just stayed there as she moaned and groaned, telling me how good my finger felt in her ass.

“If you like my finger, I think your gonna love my cock.” She did not answer. She was close to an orgasm and was focused on the intensity of having a finger in her little ass for the first time. Suddenly, she gave out a sharp scream and started trembling and shaking as I continued finger-fucking her tight little ass, not stopping until she dropped to the bed exhausted.

I removed my finger and laid next to her. We laid there side by side enjoying the moment as we made out. I was loving her lips and had forgotten all about Gina. For those few minutes, as we shared a passionate, loving kiss, it was just Jackie and me. Suddenly, Gina popped her head in and told us breakfast was ready.

“Are you ready for breakfast?” Gina told me she had seen us when she first got up. She explained that she wanted to give me some alone time with my birthday gift, so she went to make breakfast for us while I made enjoyed her little sister. With all the moaning and groaning, she knew I had done a good job. Besides, Jackie had a look of a well-fucked girl. I grabbed my boxers and Jackie put on her pajamas as we headed to the kitchen.

After breakfast, we sat on the couch to watch TV for awhile. After the night and morning we'd had, we weren't very energetic. I felt drowsy and fell back to sleep. Gina woke me up a few hours later trying to pull down my boxers. I lifted my hips to help her as she grabbed my cock and slid her lips over it's head. I loved the feeling of Jackie's lips on my dick the night before, but it was nothing compared to Gina's skills. She could definitely suck the cork off a wine bottle.

Her mouth felt amazing on my cock. She was not being as aggressive, she was leisurely sucking my dick. The feeling was just as enjoyable. Jackie woke up and looked over to watch her sister with my dick in her mouth as Gina casually bobbed her head and stroked my shaft.

“I think someone is ready to join the party.” Gina looked over and caught her sister looking at us. She told her to come join her. Gina instructed her to get on her knees so she could get a close up and get a better look on what she was doing. Gina went back to what she did so well, wrapping her lips around my shaft as she started bobbing her head. She worked on my cock for a while before she pulled away, telling Jackie it was her turn to learn how to give a blowjob.

“Open your mouth and take the head into your mouth. Just make sure you don't grind your teeth on his dick 'cause it'll hurt him.” Jackie opened her mouth and slowly lowered her head, doing exactly as she had seen her sister do. She wrapped her beautiful lips on my shaft as my cock head entered her mouth. She grabbed my shaft and lowered her head as much as she could before she started gagging. Gina told her she needed to learn how to control her gagging so she could take more of my cock into her mouth.

“Babe, why don't you lay down on the floor. That might help her take more of your dick into her mouth.” I did as she asked and found myself on my back with my dick in Jackie's mouth. She was certainly eager to learn how to blow a guy and I was enjoying it. It wasn't so much her skills, which she had none, it was more just seeing my dick in her little mouth as she tried bobbing her head with her little titties swinging. As she continued, Gina started giving her words of encouragement, telling her she was doing a great job and she just needed to learn to relax her throat.

“You need to get in the mood. Here, this might help.” Gina started helping her undress, taking off her pajama shorts and blouse as Jackie continued bobbing her head with my cock in her mouth. Even with Gina undressing her, she did a pretty good job of keeping my dick in her mouth.

“That's it, sis. Suck his cock, take it all in.” With those words, Gina reached between Jackie's legs and started playing with her sister's pussy.

“My god, Jackie. You're such a little slut. Are you getting wet with your sister's hands on your pussy? Does my hand feel good on your little cunt?”

“Mmm hmm.”

“I will rub your little cunt harder as you take more of his cock down your throat.” That seemed to really work. Gina would start caressing her little pussy as she tried taking in more and more of my cock in her mouth. Whenever she gagged, Gina would pull away, which only made Jackie more determined. The first time I felt my cock enter her throat made me almost want to cum. It was hard, but I held back.

Before long, she was bobbing her head and taking my dick all the way into her mouth and down her throat. Her nose was actually in my pubes and she held her gagging to a minimum. Gina was now finger-fucking her little pussy, praising her and telling her she was a good cocksucker.

“That's it, little sister! You're becoming a good little cocksucker with that cock down your throat!” Gina's words had Jackie sucking harder, which got my balls boiling.

“Suck it! Suck it! Suck it you little cocksucker!” I was so close, but when Gina said those last words, my cock erupted in her mouth and down her throat. It happened so quickly, I didn't have time to warn her. The whole eruption caught her by surprise. Startled, she pulled away and started coughing as my cum came shooting out of her mouth and her eyes got watery. I felt bad for a moment, but there was no mercy from Gina.

“What are you doing? You're supposed to swallow his cum you little slut!” Gina pulled her up to her and started kissing her, with her tongue seeking out any cum she might've still had in her mouth. After their kiss, Gina pushed her down to my stomach and told her to lick up any cum that had landed on my stomach. Jackie dutifully did as she was told with a smile on her face when she was done. She had come a long way from last night when she lost her virginity. She got fucked several times, she enjoyed a finger up her ass and now she was feasting on my cum.

I took a quick shower and went out to pick up some food while the girls stayed home to shower. When I got back, both girls were in robes. We grabbed chairs at the dining table and enjoyed our dinner. The girls enjoyed their chicken and rice and I finished up my gyro with fries. During dinner, the girls told me they had a surprise for me after dinner. When dinner was finally over, the girls told me to move over to the couch while they cleared the table.

When finished, they asked me close my eyes. I had no idea what they were up to, but I was excited and couldn't wait. Without cheating, I kept my eyes closed while I heard them whispering before everything went completely silent. They announced they were ready and I opened my eyes only to see the cutest little ass being presented to me. Jackie was naked and on her knees spread apart with her head resting on the floor. I noticed that her pussy was cleanly shaved. Gina was also nake and softly caressing her ass cheeks as she gave me her sister's ass. She was definitely the best girlfriend ever.

“Happy Birthday, baby. I had promised Jackie that if she was a good little girl I'd let you fuck her in the ass. After last night and especially this morning, she deserves to enjoy your cock in her tight little ass.” Gina confessed that she had watched more of my 'alone time' with Jackie earlier this morning. She practically rubbed her pussy raw watching as I finger-fucked Jackie's ass, remembering the first time I had done the same to her.

Jackie laid there as I admired her ass, waiting for her to say that she really wanted me to fuck her in the ass. Gina knew what I was thinking and what I wanted.

“It's not that easy, Jackie. You have to beg him to fuck you. Tell him how much you want his cock up your ass.”

“Can you fuck me in the butt, please? I really want your big, fat cock in my ass.” I got up and removed my boxers, a tent was already quite present. I got down on the floor and knelt behind Jackie.

“Open her ass for me, baby. Spread her cheeks for me.” Gina did exactly as I asked, spreading her cheeks as I grabbed my cock and started teasing her tight little rosebud. Same as her pussy, my cock would be the first to penetrate her little asshole. Gina had waited so long to give me her anal virginity and when she finally did, she wondered why she had waited so long. When I finally penetrated Jackie, I was sure she would be glad to have experienced the pleasures of anal sex and not having waited like her sister. She had demonstrated her love for anal play earlier in the morning.

“You guys look so fucking hot. I can't believe your about fuck my baby sister in the ass. I can't fucking wait.” Gina said as she grabbed a tube she had brought out and started adding lube to her baby sister's ass and to my cock. “I just wanna make sure she has enough before you go in, babe.” she said as she winked at me. I put my hand on Jackie's bubble butt and spread her cheeks as I slowly pushed in my thumb to relax her hole. I heard her moan and her anus loosened up to take in my thumb.

I knew she was ready. I pulled out my thumb and got Gina's attention without saying word. I looked down at my dick and then gestured my head towards her little ass. She knew what I was trying to tell her. She grabbed my cock and lined it up to tight little asshole as I slowly pushed in with no warning and did not stop until it was all the way in . Jackie screamed quite loud when my cock head popped in. Her scream really got me excited.

“Owe, owe, owe. Oh FUCK, oh fuck! Take it out, take it out.” There was no way in hell I was about to pull out. It was already in the tightest hole my cock had ever felt. I held on to her by her little hips and continued to pulling her back towards me as I pushed in my cock, deeper and deeper. She turned her head over her shoulder and pleaded with me to let her go.

“Stop, please stop! It's too big and it fucking hurts!” I could see tears rolling down her cheeks and I felt sorry for her, but I just could not let her go. My cock was in heaven and I knew she would soon learn to loosen her asshole to enjoy the pleasures of anal sex.

“Don't let her go, baby. That little ass is yours! Fuck her, baby, fuck her little ass!” Gina's words were arousing me. She had given me her sister's virginity and now she was egging me on as I took her little sister's anal virginity. I actually struggled a bit as I pushed in. Her little starfish was so tight that I don't think my hard dick would've gone in without the lube. I had to force myself to go slow; not for her comfort, but because if I went fast I would've filled her up with my cum after only two pumps. I pushed all the way in until I felt her butt pressed against me. That butt that I had fallen in love with. When I started pulling out, Jackie was crying while Gina told me to look down.

“Holy fuck, baby! Your cock looks so fucking big coming out of her little ass. Look, baby, look.” I looked down and could not believe that her little ass could stretch out that much. I can only imagine that she must have felt like someone had shoved a baseball bat up her ass. It just looked great! I continued my slow in and out action, enjoying the tight feeling as I held on to her hips.

“Fuck her, baby, fuck your little slut! Show her what happens to a cock tease!” Gina screamed to me as she got next to us and reached under to start playing with Jackie's little cunt. As she started playing with her pussy, fiddling with her clit and fingering her, Jackie actually started moaning and her ass started loosening up. Gina's hand was going fast up and down as she started rubbing her entire pussy.

“Does that feel good sis?”

“Uh huh.” she responded in a whiny voice

“You're a little fucking slut, you know that. You're letting my boyfriend fuck you in the ass.”

“Mmm hmm” she responded and panting hard.

“Does it feel good? Do you like having his cock up your ass?”

“It feels so good. Oh fuck it feels good. I...I...I also like your hand on my pussy. Please don't stop.” Hearing her say that got me so fucking aroused. I settled into a pace as I pounded hard into her tight little ass. For a few minutes, it felt like we were alone. It was just me and her as I grabbed tight on to her little hips and I fucked her over and over. Her moaning and groaning kept me going, knowing that she was enjoying the ass fucking I was giving her.

My nuts started tingling and I knew I was not far from cumming. I started pounding her hard. I also noticed that she was starting to push back when I was pushing my cock in. I grabbed her and started pushing in hard, with my nuts hitting her cunt every time I fucked her. When I finally exploded, I held on until I was completely drained, filling her rectum full of my cum.

The intensity of my cock in her ass and her sister fiddling her clit was too much for an inexperienced little girl. Her ass detached from my cock as she dropped. She just laid on the floor trembling as her orgasm overtook her. She started mumbling something incoherent as she trembled. Gina embraced her, telling her to just let it happen and enjoy the feeling. I just laid there on my back as I tried catching my breath, enjoying the fact that my cock had been in all three holes of my girlfriend's beautiful little sister.

Jackie laid there with a look of sexual bliss on her face. She struggled as she spoke, saying she had never felt anything like it and that I could fuck her ass whenever I wanted.

“My ass and pussy are yours, you can fuck me anytime you want.”

I just laid there wondering what else was I going to do with my little slut.
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