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In the first Chapter, a movie night for old time sake turned into a dream, a sensual exploration of our senses. We fell in love with each other in a whole new way.

Now in the next Chapter...

In addition to Grandma's daily physio, walks, strength training, etc., we worked out her 'exercise' schedule every night after dinner. After starting a romantic movie, I firmly massaged her right side from head to toe to get her circulation going. I purposely spent extra time to enjoy her smooth, firm and round butt. When the movie got us into the mood, we kissed passionately while the massage continued. I then sat behind her as my hands moved to her left arm and back from her neck down to her big round firm buns. She liked my kisses behind her ears and I loved her aroma. Eventually I unhooked her bra and massaged her mature but perky right breast and big nipple. She turned her head around and we resumed our passionately kissing as long as she wanted.

She would signal me when ready. I suspected sometimes she felt my rock poking at the crack between her bun, urging her. She would take my throbbing manhood in her mouth after I moved to stand in front of her. Now I perfected my skills on her left breast and nipple without ignoring her right side. After her first orgasm she usually preferred to see my cum sprayed on her breasts.

I often stay hard and pressed her melons together, sliding my rod between them, using my cum as lubricant. Each time my big purple glans emerged, she skillfully licked or flicked with her tongue, sending shock waves up and down my spine. Then she would slowly lift one of her huge tits and licked her big hard nipple clean and then the other, sensually watching my reaction all the time. I of course wasted no time in massaging my cum onto her breasts and nipples, giving her more moans and pants towards another climax. Some days she would take me in her mouth and treat me to another earth shattering explosion. If she sensed I was tired from the long work day, she asked me to just cuddle but held my manhood in her soft hand.

During the weekends when the home maker was off, I helped her with showers and/or baths to keep her safe since she was not steady on her feet. Of course I was carefully washing and checking her beautiful bush and vulva. She didn't offer and I didn't dare but my throbbing erections spoke loud and clear. Grandma was clearly content with her situation and tried very hard to regain her strength and sensations for her right side. The home maker took her to physio during the day and we continued with her 'exercise' program each night.

One Saturday after those first couple of weeks, I was washing her in the shower as usual. Suddenly, she held my throbbing manhood. 'Kiddo, I am not ignoring your needs. I am just afraid that after all these years I would not be any good for you.'

'Don't worry Grandma, I am more than satisfied as it is. I absolutely want you to be happy and I don't want anything that you are not totally comfortable with. You must focus on getting better and nothing else. Let's just spend our life together the best we can. It's my turn to be the guardian now.' We embraced and kissed passionately under the warm shower. My throbbing manhood slipped between her smooth thighs and she wiggled her hips. 'Grandma, it's too slippery and dangerous in here. Let me get you dry up first.'

After I got the two of us dressed, we cuddled and enjoyed a glass of wine together. We kissed and caressed each other again. When we broke for air, she looked deep into my eyes. 'Your birthday is coming up next Sunday. Let me work up the courage to be your birthday present.'

'Oh Grandma, that would be the best birthday gift ever.' Suddenly I felt that we were now very special lovers.

I took her outside everywhere everyday after work to get her walking as much as possible. I bought her updated wardrobe, modest but showed off her perfect figure. Grandma got the home maker to dye her greying hair back to her original brunette. Strangers assumed we were mother and son since she didn't even look 60. I bought a much better mattress so she (we) can have better sleep and another one for my old room just to avoid suspicion. We interacted the same way as always outside the house and with company.

Grandma smiled and laughed a lot now, which was most encouraging. She ate very well. Her sensitivities and strength of the right side were improving daily too. She began to walk confidently using her cane.


Then the big day finally came. I woke up in my old room because Grandma wanted to give me a full day of surprises. She was already up waiting for me to finish my shower. I found her in the living room. Her full length sun dress displayed her curves perfectly. 'Wow Grandma, you are so pretty.'

She smiled warmly and we embraced and kissed. 'I used lip balm instead because I don't want lipstick on your face and wherever.'

'I just love your minimal make up. Thank you for doing that for me. Now let's go for brunch.'

'Ok. Take me to MacDonald for old times sake. You loved their Playland when you were small. I want to imagine you in there again.' Not having been there for much more than a decade, we didn't find Playland nor the old decor.

I smiled, 'times have changed and so have we, Grandma.' She kissed me on my face and smiled also.

It was sunny and warm so I took her walking along the seawall. 'Well, this part hasn't changed.'

'Except we will have to use your cane to defend ourselves if the coyotes attack us!'

Grandma wrapped herself around me. 'Don't scare me.'

I laughed at her expression. 'It's the middle of the day! Grandma, just take my arm and you'll be safe.' After a good half hour, she was getting tired and wanted to rest. I found a quiet area facing the water and set her down. I looked around, no one was around. She put her left arm around my back and kissed me. I slipped my tongue in her mouth and my hand on her right breast.

'We can't do that here, kiddo. You think I couldn't feel your dirty palm, you sneaky devil.'

I laughed, 'I know your sensitivity is coming back. I was just pushing my luck, demanding my birthday gift.'

'Young man, you just have to wait till we get home.' She leaned on me, relaxing to the beautiful scenery and had a nap. I took pictures of her napping and selfies after she woke up. 'Ok, I see you getting so restless. Let's go home.'

'Grandma, I enjoy your company very much. There is no rush, let's take the scenic route home. Let me know if you want me to stop anywhere along the way.' Finally we arrived.

I set her down and took off her flat pumps to rest her feet. Her toenails were nicely manicured and painted candy apple red. I rub her soft toes on my face 'They are beautiful Grandma, did you do that yourself?'

'I had help. Just not used to my left and my right is too weak and shaky.'

'You are getting better everyday. Grandma, you must be tired.'

'Remember my nap? A glass of wine to help me relax would be just perfect.' I got the wine for us and started massaging her right side as usual to improve her circulation. I spent much more time on her feet and toes. 'I will keep them painted since you like my toenails colored.'

'I don't know why but I find them attractive on you Grandma.' I started her left side with her toes again.

Suddenly I felt the urge to lick them. She shivered and her breath immediately fastened 'Oh oh, I didn't know those are sensitive too.' I continued to massage her sole then worked slowly up her calf and thigh, with my tongue leading the way. She moaned softly and slipped her fingers through my hair. I paused near the top of her inner thigh when her aroma filled my senses. The same aroma I found in her panties, especially the ones I changed for her after her 'exercise'. She opened her eyes and smiled. 'That was just lovely. Now it's my turn.'

She asked me to help her up and lean against a wall for stability. Looking at me sensually she slowly undid the long row of buttons down the front of her sundress. 'I got this dress so I don't need help undressing for you!' Now my breathing fastened as I watched with my mouth opened. Eventually her dress fell to the floor, revealing a very sexy black lace set, perfectly complementing her hourglass figure.

'Oh Grandma, you look so hot. My birthday gift is indeed the best. Could I take some pics for our memory?' She nodded smiling. After taking several poses at different angles, we kissed passionately for a long time until I realized she must be getting tired. 'Let me take you to rest.'

'Not before I show you this.' She unsnapped her front closing bra to reveal those perfect breasts that I adored for decades. I took pics close up, focusing on my admiration. Those reddish brown nipples were already pert up. Then I lifted her up and walked into her bedroom. It was nicely set for this occasion, perhaps fit for a honeymoon.

I placed her sitting at the end of the bed and I stood facing her, enjoying the view. I started with her right breast as usual. Suddenly she used her nails to scratch my shirt over my nipple. The sensations sent shock waves up and down my spine immediately. 'Oh Grandma!'

'I know you are also very sensitive just like me. I overheard you many times with your high school sweetheart. I've been saving this surprise!' Oh my God, she heard and remembered too. Then she scratched my other nipple. My body shivered uncontrollably.

'Take your shirt off, my baby.' She gave me that sensual smile again. I almost ripped my shirt apart taking it off.

Grandma put her left thumb on my already hardened nipple and started drawing small circles slowly. At the same time, she flicked her tongue on the other one. Then she switched by flicking my hard nipple with her red nails and drawing circles with her tongue on my other one. Blood immediately raced to my head and my cock as I moaned and shivered. I used both hands to squeeze those big melons and rubbed her big hard nipples and she moaned too. My erection was getting so desperate that I had to let go of those beauties to unzip and pull everything off at once.

As my throbbing steel rod sprang up, Grandma caught it deep inside her open mouth and rubbed her wet tongue all over. 'Now you can fuck my tits while I work on your nips!' I never heard my Grandma talked like that so I was thrilled.

'Anything you ordered, Madam.' I pressed those firm tits together, sliding my steel rod in between and rubbing her big hard nipples with my thumbs. We both moaned loud as she resumed licking and sucking my rock hard nipples. Suddenly she squeezed my right nipple hard with her left thumb and forefinger and started twisting clockwise and counterclockwise.

The new sensations were just too much as we both started panting and shaking. She took a deep breath and froze into her climax as my cum sprayed up below her chin and on her neck and flowed back down towards her tits. I pushed my tongue into her mouth looking for my partner and she sucked hard. Our tongues intertwined and danced sensually. It took several long minutes before we separated. 'Grandma, that's amazing.'

'I know you would like that.' I helped her lay down and massaged her soft toes, moving up slowly to caress her smooth thighs, towards her soaked black lace panties. Her aroma again filled my senses 'Do you remember what I smell like back then?'

'Of course Grandma, you taste just the same too!'

'But you haven't...'

'Yes I have tasted every one of them back then and now after I helped you change.' She blushed as I licked the wetness on her lace panties. She sighed and whimpered when I gently rubbed her soaked vulva while pulling down the panties.

What I hadn't told her (yet) was my old habit of peeking at her beautiful pussy. Let me explain. I started my fantasy of Grandma after I saw her magical pair in the physician's office. Some months later I noticed her shadow inside the bathroom near the entrance one night when I wanted to use the bathroom. For some unknown reason, the old bathroom door had an almost 3 inch gap from the floor. I found out Grandma had a habit of washing her vulva before bed. We did not have a bidet but instead of taking a bath or shower, she sat in a large bowl of warm water to wash. I don't know if this was a habit from her Asian heritage.

I saw the sexy feet of Grandma and a large bowl she put on the floor. (My association of her sexy feet with her vulva explained my recently discovered fetish that I found her feet very attractive.) Then she lowered herself to sit in the bowl and I had a peek of her womanhood. My heart pounded while my face was glued to the carpet. I could hear the water splashing and imagine how Grandma was rubbing her vulva. After she finished washing, I had another glimpse of her dripping hairy pussy when she got up. I raced to the laundry room and took her soiled bra and panties from the laundry basket and ran back to my room. Of course I smelled her aroma and tasted her panties while I wrapped my throbbing steel rod tightly with her D-cup bra and exploded in no time at all.

Since then I waited for the golden opportunity every night. I listened intently for her closing the bathroom door and slipped into the hallway. However, I didn't get that magical glimpse all the time because Grandma did not face the bathroom door all the time when she sat down. In fact she randomly sat down in different directions and I had no way of changing that. Some days I saw her big round bottom, which was still super erotic. But imagine my disappointment when she sat sideways to the door or at an angle to the door. Other days, the bathroom light did not illuminate her hairy pussy well.

There were of course times when luck was on my side. I treasured the times Grandma put the bowl far from the door so the light shone directly on her vulva. One time she squatted down but did not sat into the bowl right away. Instead she meticulously spread her pussy lips, perhaps inspecting herself under the light. That was the first time I saw what a real life womanhood looked like in all its glory. And she took an extra long time washing that night. I did not know then but now I wonder if Grandma was also pleasuring herself. My erection was so painfully hard I rubbed myself to explosion in my pants while listening to her rubbing that beautiful pussy and moaning softly.

I was super careful not to get close to the door so she could not detect my presence outside. Since I usually studied late during high school, Grandma often washed herself before coming to kiss me goodnight. I had to hide my erection under the desk and ensure her bra and panties were hidden away. But I loved her hug because she would have taken her bra off by then. Even though she wore conservative night gowns, I could still see those big nipples on her firm breasts pushing against the thick fabric. So I always turn my upper body to face Grandma to fully enjoy those soft cushions when she hugged and kissed me goodnight. After she went to bed I immediately stroked at full speed to climax.

During the weekends, she would tug me in first after the movie just like my younger days because I didn't have to study late. Often I rushed to slip sideways under the sheet to hide my erection that was caused by cuddling with Grandma during the movie. This continued until my high school sweetheart came to 'study' with me often. On those days, Grandma would not come to kiss me goodnight. She probably knew we were having too much fun.

Now my mind returned to reality and the same beautiful female body. Her clit was already erect and stood out of her blood engorged vulva that turned reddish. I kissed her swollen lips and slid my tongue up the slit to her protruding clit. She moaned sensually as her body shivered. I spread her thighs and her swollen pussy lips opened to reveal the pink flesh. I hungrily lapped up the juices flowing out and pushed my tongue inside to explore. She put her left leg over my shoulder on my back and her left hand in my hair. 'Oh baby, you are sooo good.'

My right arm reached up to caress her sensitive melon. Then I squeezed her big hard nipple with two fingers, pulled and twisted it just like what she was doing to me earlier. I licked her slit and engorged lips from the bottom all the way up to her clit and back down over and over. Her panting signaled the next orgasm arriving quickly. I saw her pussy and rosebud contracting so I pushed my tongue back inside to feel her spasms and swallow the creamy juices pouring out. Couple of minutes later she opened her eyes and smiled sweetly. 'This is too much. Looks like you are giving me an early birthday gift too!'

'I love to give you this present everyday, Grandma. I've always tried to imagine what your pussy actually taste like directly from the source. You are simply beyond any imagination.'

I helped her moved up on the bed. She reached for my throbbing manhood. 'I better give you your present. Let's get your big guy lube up first.' She rubbed my steel rod on her soaked vulva and up and down the still leaking slit as she moaned. Then she smiled sensually: 'Would you like a foot massage, kiddo?'

'Only if you are not too tired, Grandma. We can rest a while first.'

She laughed. 'That won't take much effort! Put the big guy on my right sole!'

'Wow! Grandma, you never run out of surprises. Yes I can massage your right foot and sole.' So I rubbed my throbbing manhood on her soft toes and sole. But then she put her strong left foot on top and started rubbing my steel rod with her toes and sole. Now it finally dawned on me what she was thinking. Then she squeezed my big purple mushroom with her toes and started her foot rub on me!. 'Oooh my God, Grandma, you are just amazing.'

'Now honey, add more of my juices to lubricate.' Of course I eagerly rubbed her soft toes using the intoxicating nectar leaked from the hairy source so my steel rod could slide smoothly between her soles and toes. I continued to rub her engorged clit and lips and fed myself with the almost free flowing juices. We both moaned and breathed faster and faster. I moved her legs to bend at her knees so I could move closer to suck and play with her perfect melons while my throbbing manhood continued to enjoy her sensual foot rub.

Grandma squeezed the glans between her left toes and also used her left big toe to rub the ultra sensitive bottom. Then she reached to squeeze and twist my rock hard nipples at the same time and I lost it. 'Ooo Grandma, I'm cumming!'

Grandma trapped my big purple glans between her toes as my body trembled. My ropes of cream pushed their way out, covering her toes and candy apple red toe nails. I rubbed my seeds onto her feet for absorption, in the same way the rich protein got absorbed by her perfect pair everyday during the last few weeks.

'Oooh that will help keep my feet soft also. Now turn around young man so I can taste you!' Without losing a beat I flipped around to a 69 and Grandma took my still throbbing manhood straight in her open mouth. Her lips and tongue started another round of massage even though my steel rod showed no sign of softening. She took her time enjoying my version of protein foot massage while I gently licked her hairy vulva and the nectar leaking out.

'OKay. Why don't you slip your big guy in slowly so I can get used to him first.'

Having the green light, the big guy throbbed madly in joy. I spread those swollen lips and rubbed my steel rod up and down her slit for her cream to fully lubricate before pushing the fat purple head in. She was indeed extremely tight even with her juices. The tightness could only be compared with deflowering my virgin sweetheart.

'Ooh my!' She gasped and whimpered while trying to wiggle her hips to accommodate. 'So big, looks like closing shop for 23 years is just way too long.'

'Grandma, we can take all the time necessary, I won't hurt you.'

I gently turned ourselves sideways onto her right and cuddled without moving my manhood in or out. We kissed passionately while she drew circles on my hard nipples with her finger. I reciprocated on her less sensitive right breast to give her time. With more and more lubrication, my rod slipped very very slowly towards its destination. I put her firm left thigh over my waist and eventually my big mushroom reached its soft landing. She sighed looking in my eyes.

'Oh your big guy is really stretching me, more so than your Grandpa, even when I was a virgin. And my vagina was not stretched by your mother. Her head never dropped so I had a C-section.' She put her fingers along the almost invisible 51 year old scar. I put my fingers on her scar but I could barely feel it and wouldn't notice if I wasn't looking for it.

'Please let me know if I need to pull out or adjust.'

'I want you to stay inside. This is all new to me. Are you ok without thrusting?'

'Don't worry Grandma, I love how you wrapped me up so tight, giving me this amazing warm sensation. I want to stay like this forever.' I could not believe my luck in getting this reward. Her perfectly kept body was indeed saved for me after all these years.

So we continued kissing and fondling until she wiggled her hips and started squeezing my manhood with her pelvic floor contractions. 'I've been practicing this exercise as part of my rehab and for you too!'

'I love you Grandma, you are just amazing.' I reached to caress her left toes, then lifted her foot up to lick and suck, rubbing her toes and between her toes with my tongue. I used my lower teeth to scratch the bottom of her toes. Her whimpers and moans indicated her appreciation. Pulling her feet up also spread her pussy wider so I started pulsating my manhood with my pelvic floor muscle in between her contractions.

'Oooh honey, you are making me cum again...'

With that encouragement, I switched my hand to her ultra sensitive left nipple and she switched her hand and mouth on my rock hard nipples too. Her panting and fast breathing signaled her fast approaching climax. She closed her eyes and tensed up her entire body, sucked and squeezed my nipples hard. Her toes curled up tight while I sucked and rubbed her toes hard. Her vaginal spasms squeezed my manhood harder than ever, warm juices overfilled all the space inside her tight vagina. With my big glans pressed firmly against her cervix, I wiggled my hips to increase the fiction. That was enough to trigger my explosion. I felt my sack tightened, lifting my balls, squirting my cum pulse after pulse into her cervix opening, flooding her already filled love channel. Our mixed juices leaked out around my shaft, down to her thigh, my balls and the bed.

We stayed connected, caressing each other without moving our bodies. After a few minutes I heard her whimpers again as my thick manhood very slowly deflated while still tightly wrapped deep in her vagina. She seemed aroused as her nipples firmed up again. I kissed her passionately, exchanging fluids as her breathing fastened.

She moaned when I rubbed and squeezed her big hard nipples. Then she put her left hand on my bun and tried to roll back on her back with me on top. I helped her and supported my upper body with my arms. She pressed on my buns hard on her mound in order to rub her clit on my pelvis. She wiggled her hips, moaning to dive into another intense orgasm with my softening penis very slowly retreating from her womb.

After she finally calmed down and opened her eyes. 'That tingling sensation caused by your thick manhood retreating so slowly inside my vagina gave me yet another intense orgasm. It's just so unbelievable. Wish I had opened up when you first came back!'

'Well Grandma, it's never too late. I am fulfilling my long time fantasy and just so thankful that you let me deposit my love deep inside your amazing love nest.'

(more to cum...)


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