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I was just a normal guy. Mostly average. Graduated in the middle of my class, played football, basketball, and baseball. Was not a standout, just a position player that did his job.
Time Control

I was just a normal guy. Mostly average. Graduated in the middle of my class, played football, basketball, and baseball. Was not a standout, just a position player that did his job. My best friend, Tyler, her was the star. He was on Varsity from Freshman till we graduated. He was Valedictorian, got scholarships to any school he wanted, both for sports and smarts. He dated Kimi, the head cheerleader and was always at all the parties. I was always the “oh, you can come too” invitee. Well, we graduated. I got accepted to the Big State University. I had to work most nights as I did not get a scholarship. My parents help when they can. Tyler and Kimi also got into BSU, though he got in on a full ride football scholarship and she got in by Daddy’s money.

As I packed my room, my parents decided to turn my room into a gym, I found a broken watch my grandpa gave to me. He said he found it in Japan during the way and planned to fix it as it did not run. He said he spent years trying to get it ticking and took it to multiple watch repair shops, he even took it to Japan on a trip to see If he could find the maker, but no one ever heard of it, which was common. He gave it to me when I was 12 and said maybe I could fix it. It ended up in a box in my closet till now.

“Mike, Dinner” my mom yelled.

I tossed the watch into a box I was taking to school with me, hardly thinking.

As I walked into the kitchen I could smell Creole Pasta, my favorite.

“For your last dinner till you move I decided to make something you love” my mom said sitting down. “Are you all packed?”

“Yes, I will bring the boxes I am leaving to the basement tonight and back the car so I can leave super early. I want to make sure I find the place and not get lost.” I said taking my plate.

“That’s smart. I am sure Dad can help, right?” She said to my dad, who was busy on his phone.

“Uhh, yeah, sure. Whatever you need. You can also leave them in the room, and I can do it, I don’t want you sore on your first day of school. The car ride is what, 4 hours?”

“Yes, but it will be fine.”

“Oh, I am going to miss you! You better call at least once a week and send me grades. If I see you slipping, I will pull you out of that school so fast.” My Mom said, pointing her fork at me.

“I would do it son,” My Dad said, back to his phone.

“I know, the first year is not too tough, I think I plan on only a handful of classes that could be tough, the rest are cake walks. Nothing in the first semester. I will also be visiting on holidays too.” I said eating.


The rest of the night went smooth, finished packing, moved the boxes, and packed the car. I set my alarm and went to bed.


Ugh, already? I thought looking at my watch. 4 am. Yup. I get up, get dressed and I am out the door.

The trip to BSU was quick. It did not feel like 4 hours. I arrived at the school, got my parking, dorm number and cafeteria card. I park my car, grab a card, and unload my car. I take it to my room, passing a ton of people. It was a coed dorm so a ton of girls. I was in a freshman dorm, so they all looked just as lost.

I get to my dorm and walk in, 2 beds, a bathroom, and a small kitchen area. Cool. I start unpacking. I hear a knock and head pokes in.

“You decent?”

“Yeah! come in” I yell standing up.

An Asian guy walks in, huge glasses, he is carrying a suitcase. Next, I assume his parents walk in, speaking a foreign language looking around the room.

“Hi, I am Ben, these are my parents, who are leaving soon” he said shaking my hand.

“Yes, yes, I know, moving out and now you think you are a big man.” His dad said putting down the stuff he was carrying. “This place is pretty nice.”

“Hi! I am Thuy, Ben’s mom, here, this is my number, Ben’s dads’ number, his doctor’s number, an emergency contact number and out address, please call if he bugs you” His mom said handing me a piece of paper.

“Oh my God Mom! You said you weren’t going to do that again. “Ben yelled.

“Oh stop, we are leaving like you want. Come Hun, we gotta stop by the Dean office, and all his teachers.” Ben’s dad said leading Ben’s mom out of the room.

Ben slammed the door as they left.

“Jesus that was embarrassing. I swear I am normal; my parents are not.” He said sitting on his bed, hands covering his face.

“Its fine, first day away from home, some parents freak out.”

“Yeah, at least they didn’t make me go with them like they did the last 12 years.”

We unpack, doing small talk. He was a smart guy, nerd, helicopter parents and he has hopes to have a semi normal college experience, like everyone.

As I unpacked, I pulled out the watch, completely forgot I put it in there. I toss it onto the desk and once of the sides pop out.

Crap, I broke it, I thought. I grab the watch and look its side the popped out. It had an in***********ion in what I think is Japanese. I pulled out my phone and pulled up a translate app. I typed in the in***********ion. I spit out:

To stop time, twist then push side in. To restart, press the top, twist, and push back in.

Huh, seeing it was Japanese I figured it would be in a saying or something.

I twisted the arm and pushed it back in. Nothing happened. At least it did not feel like anything happened. The watch still did not tick. It was quiet though; I hope Ben was not staring at me. I turn around. He was not, but he also was not moving.

“Hey,” I said.

Nothing. I walk over. He is in mid unpack of his suitcase. Not moving. I wave my hand in front of his face. No reaction. I push him a bit. It felt normal, like I wash pushing a person, but no response. I could interact with the world like normal, I picked up a book and tossed it to my bed. It looked like only people were froze. I opened the door to the hallway slowly, peeking out. Yup, everyone was frozen.

Well, now what? I look at the watch. I press the top button and the side popped out. I twisted it, and pushed it back in. In an instant everything was moving again, talking, laughing, things banging against the wall.

“Hey, I thought you were at your desk. What are you doing tonight?” Ben said, starling me.

“Oh, uhh, not sure. I think I might hang out with a few high school buddies.”

“Ok, well I will see you later. I will be making sure my parents actually left” he said still unpacking.

I leave the room close the door. I walk to the common area of the floor. Bathrooms on each side with showers. One for each sex.

“Excuse me, sorry,” A girls voice said behind me. “Gotta get by it is a mad house here!”

“Sorry, I know right?” I spoke.

She was a cute girl, blonde hair, blue eyes. Small. She had a shower basket and a towel.

“Thanks,” she said making her way to the bathroom.

Then my hormones hit. No, I thought. That would be so wrong. I had never even been in a girl’s bathroom, let alone a shower. Hell, I was a virgin. The furthest I had ever gone was kissing, and that was Sophomore year with my first girlfriend. I could not freeze time and go in.

Yeah, I should wait 10-15 mins for her to get undressed first I thought. In the back of my head. No! I couldn’t. Then I noticed my dick getting hard. Crap. I quickly walked to an empty corner, pressed the top button, and twisted the arm and pushed it back in. Boom, everything stopped.

I mean, it was just looking right? No one would be hurt, and I could use what I see later for a release.

Ok, just a quick look I said to myself.

I wave my hand in front of a few people, tap another on the shoulder, I needed to be sure. I looked and the news anchor was frozen.

Ok, here goes nothing, I thought as I head in.

The bathroom was foggy, showers running. It was a big room, toilet stalls on one side and shower stalls with curtain doors on the other. My eyes quickly found what I wanted. Three girls in the midst of undressing or dressing. One was fully nude holding her panties she just removed, another was topless and the other was just in a bra and panties. The nude one was so hot. Fit, black hair pulled back in a ponytail, shaved bald. I could see the slit of her pussy, breasts perky. Her ebony skin was smooth. I just stood there in awe. I then saw the blondes shower basket. She was in the shower, curtain closes. I slowly walk up to it. I peak in, there she was. Naked, froze, in the middle of washing with a sponge. I slide the curtain away for a better look. She was wet, which made her so much hotter. She had a big bush, brown so she dyed her hair. Nice small tits. Perky.

My dick was struggling to stand up. I slide the curtain back. As I leave the bathroom door, I realize I cannot unfreeze time with a hard on. I walk back in, go to a stall, grab some toilet paper, and slide my pants down. I looked at the sexy black girl I first saw when I walked in and begin stroking to her. I wanted it to last a little longer, but I burst into the paper. I quickly flush it down the toilet and go back to where I was standing in the common area. I restart time and everything starts moving again.

I decide to go to the cafeteria and get something to eat and think about what just happened. The cafeteria was mostly empty, most people were still moving in. I grab a tray, scan my card and head to a corner of the room to eat.

My mind was racing. I had this power to almost do anything I wanted. I could see test answers, cheat on tests, see girls whenever I wanted, and go anywhere. I would not be average anymore. This is great.

I wonder how long the freeze lasts. Would it go one till I restart it. If I was going to do anything, I needed to know, did it have a limit. I pulled out the watch, popped out the side looked around. There was a couple walking to a table. I twisted and pushed it in, and they stopped. I put the watch back in my pocket looked at my wristwatch. It was not ticking. Crap. I thought a few seconds and then started counting. It would not be accurate, but at lease I would know.


I kept counting. At 60 I would move one of my fries from my plate to the table. At 24 I ran out of fries, so I started moving them from the table to the plate. Then back again. I did that for what felt like hours. Nothing started moving. It had not limit. I restarted time. I am going to have a fun night.

There was dorm party that night. A little get together all the dorms were having to let you meet everyone in your dorms. I would start in my dorm and go to the other two dorms. I would not do anything with anyone in my dorm, just the other two. The party started at 6pm, the Fraternities and Sororities provided for the party, so there was plenty of beer for all. I arrived at 6pm, tried to socialize, but my mind was obviously on something else. I talked, had a few beers, let the night progress a bit. I figured I would pick a girl who looked drunk so when she woke up the next day, she would figure she hooked up at the party. Not the best thought process but I was 18, in a new school with this amazing power.

After about 45 minutes, I noticed a few people getting tipsy, on their was to getting drunk. I figured the other dorms would be the same. I reached into my pocket, did my best to pull out the arm of the watch and twist it and pushed it back in. It was crazy how quite it got as soon as the arm was pushed back in, music, laughing, talking all went to 0 in an instant.

I made my way through the crowd, out the door and across the quad to the 1st dorm. I walked in and it was the same, a sizable group in the common area, drinking and partying. I then thought how I was going to do this. It would feel weird fucking in front of the group, so I figured I would carry the girl to a hallway and do it. I started looking around for the drunkest girl I could find. It did not take long to find one. She was by the couches with a group, she was a thin black girl, 2 drinks in her hands, one spilling a bit. She looked like she was in mid stumble. I took the cups from her and placed them where her feet were so I would know where to put her back. I could more the people bodies easily. I took a mental image of how she was standing, picked her up and carried her to an empty hall.

She was hot. Better than all my girlfriends. I was not ugly or anything, I dated some popular and good-looking girls, but not like this. She was in a skirt and tight shirt. She was skinny but had an ass and good-sized tits. I pulled her skirt to see what she had on, and she had a pair of white silk panties covering her. I decided to strip her down and see her in all her glory. I Pulled off her skirt and shirt. She had a matching white bra. I then pulled her panties down and off, then her bra, I piled up her clothes next to her. I then was able to see her body. Her pussy was completely bald. She had dark brown skin, no blemishes to see. Her breasts were perky, her nipples poked out and were very dark. I decided to explore. I grabbed her breasts with my hand. Her nipple was hard, while her breast was soft. As soon as I touched her, I was rock hard. I bent over and lightly licked her nipple. She tasted amazing. I took her nipple in my mouth. I rubbed my hands around her ass. Slapping it. I then ran my hand over her pussy. Freshly shaved. As I slid a finger between her lips, I was surprised to find it soaking wet. I pushed my finger in and it slid in easy. I could not resist any longer. I pulled my pants off. I spread her legs to get to her pussy. I used her liquid still on my finger to lube up my dick and I guided my dick to her hole. I pushed in. She was so tight. I am a little embarrassed to admit, but I only lasted about 2 strokes and I unloaded. I tried to push in deep as I emptied my balls. I pulled out and saw a gush of cum leak out down her leg. I quickly scoop it out and bring it to her mouth, letting it slide in.

After my orgasm faded, I realized I should have pulled out. I had no idea if she was on the pill. I quickly got her dressed, got myself dressed and put her back as best I could. I wish I could be here when I restarted time to see how she reacted, but I still had work to do. I took one last look at her and took off to the next dorm.

As I entered, I noticed there were much less people in the common area. There were maybe 10 people in a main group. There were no drinks here. Most of the people looked a little nerdy, found out later this was an engineering dorm. I say a girl near the edge of the group and my dick twitched. She was Asian, long black hard, glasses. She was smiling. She looked skinny. She had on a loose shirt and shorts. She had to have smaller tits as I could not see anything from the shirt. In less than a second, I knew I had to have her.

I picked her up, she was light and took her to the hallway. I found an empty dorm that had its door open and laid her on the bed. I slowly removed her cloths. She had a tiny bra on to cover her small tits. They were perky and tan. I removed her shorts and revealed some basic cotton panties. She had no plans on getting fucked today. I could see the jungle on the edges of the panties and knew she was unshaved. I pulled them off and be bush popped out. I took her breasts in my mouth. They were small but I loved them. I slid my hand between her legs, finding her pussy lips under the hair. I slid my finger between the lips and back and forth. I switched to the other breast. I could feel her pussy start to get wet. I had no idea if this girl was a virgin or on the pill. I just wanted to fuck her. I kept sucking and rubbing till my finger was covered in her juices. I then slowly slid it in. She was tight but not a virgin. I pulled my finger out and knelt between her legs. I had never given oral before. I spread her lips and dove in. I licked up and down her slit. My tongue dove in her pussy as deep as I could. She was sweet. I loved it. I kept at it, licking and sucking her clit. She was soaked from spin and juices. I slide 2 fingers into her. I started sliding them in and out and I sucked her clit. I could not contain myself. I pulled off my pants and drove my dick as deep as I could into her. She was soaked. I slid in easy, and it felt amazing. I started pounding. I felt her walls around my dick, gripping me. She had not had sex much, like me. I lasted a lot longer than the first time, but I felt my dick swell. I knew I should pull out, but I wanted to cum in her. The thought of Cumming in this girl put me over the edge. I pushed deep and moaned, and I unloaded for the second time that night. I could feel my balls empty in her open pussy. I stayed in her as long as I could, savoring the feeling. I slid out of her and my cum oozed from her open pussy. I slid my finger into her freshly fucked pussy to scoop some cum from her hole and put it in her mouth. I hope she likes it. I took a few more looks at her body. Cleaned her up a bit and put our cloths back on.

I placed her back in her spot and headed back to my dorm. I was exhausted. I got back into my spot and turned the watch arm and pushed it in. The sound was immediate. From 0 to 100 as soon as the arm clicked in. Everything was the same as when I left. I grabbed a drink made a little small talk, then decided I had to go see if the girls had noticed.

I went to the first dorm. It was still packed. I walked through the crowd. It too a bit but I did find her. She was still drinking, laughing and talking. It did not look like she noticed. Good, I thought, I hope she hooks up too.

I then head to the other dorm. The group was still there, but my girl was not. This worried me as soon as I saw she was gone. What if she went to the campus police, my cum was deep in her pussy. I started walking the halls. On the second floor I saw her. As I rounded the corner, I saw her leave the bathroom. She looked up and our eyes met. She then looked down and darted into a dorm room. She knew something was off and went to the bathroom. My heart raced. She had to know there was cum in her, but she could not have known how. Her pussy was fine one second and the next it was fucked with cum in it. How would she explain that? As I left the dorm, I felt a little better. No one in their right mind would believe her.

I jumped into be as soon as I entered my dorm. Didn’t even take off my cloths. Ben must have still been out as his bed was empty. This was the best day of my life. I knew there were hotter girls and I was going to fuck them. As I drifted off to sleep my mind was full of dreams of the next girl I was going to fuck.

I can’t wait.



2022-02-05 05:26:54
I would love more of this the possibilities are endless with this story, looking forward to a series.


2021-12-05 03:29:23
Nicely done. A few grammatical errors but it did not take away from an overall good story


2021-11-15 13:49:01
Nice story


2021-11-15 13:48:52
Nice story

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