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Battle starts
Solar time unit = year

planetary time unit = day


Both Sam and Mellos could feel when the seven melded Tetricon council, smashed against the shield. Sam turned to look at Mellos as they both held fast.

A moment later Sam felt a small nudge, (Sam, how can this be of help to you? We will do as you ask though for now, we are confused.) Came the thoughts of the male elite.

(If I have this calculated right, you'll see what I am trying to do,) returned Sam's thoughts.

Sam could feel that both of the elite thought he was crazy. (Sam, I don't think that there is much chance of success with this plan.) The male's thought came back. (I also so no way that the both of us can survive with no suspicion.)

(I have been over this several times..) Sam started. Then both he and Mellos were grunting as the seven and the two elites were firing full force at the shield, he and Mellos had created.

With a look to Mellos Sam could see that she was starting too loose her grip on it.

"Just hold on Mellos it should be any time now." Sam told a sweating and panting Mellos who tried to nod her head.

"Damnit! I am trying Sam, didn't think they would bring this much power though. How in the hell are you doing it?" Mellos asked.

"I've had a little more practice than you, shouldn't be too long now hold on!" Sam said as he felt the power start to surge.

A large smile started to creep onto his features. Looking again at Mellos, he could see that she was starting to struggle a bit. Come on Mellos, just a little more.

Suddenly Sam's head snapped up to look shy ward. His smile got larger as he felt what he'd been waiting for start to develop.

In orbit the seven were pouring on as much power as they could. They had felt the two Clivertones falter a bit. Damnit! They needed more power, (we need to go to full power, all of us) the council's thoughts shouted to the two elites.

Both elites slightly altered their power as they began to up what power they were using. The elites smiled it seemed everything that Sam had planned was coming to fruition. Their part in it was just as important as they kept increasing.

Sam was following closely, the pattern that was starting to develop. Almost there he thought, especially now that the elites had shifted energy.

Sam was starting to feel the drain also, he also felt Mellos start to falter. They had just reached the point when Mellos's arms dropped as she staggered then fell to her knees.

Concerned Sam poured all he had into the shield. The was a moment as the shield flared as the elite and council were keeping up their attack.

Just as suddenly there was what could be described as feedback. This seemed to encompass the entire shield then shot outward up the beams that the council were firing. There was a moment as the flare touch the council when mothing happened.

The elites were shocked when, the council's beams seemed to turn on them. There was what could only be described as a wailing scream, then a small explosion as the melded council was blown backward.

On Queen Triada's world, Fino was trying to scan all of the planet. As of yet he hadn't located the as he called them, thought warrior.

Fino was a little worried, even with the leadership medallion he had recreated, he didn't feel he was strong enough. Still, it was a chance he had no recourse but take.

He was almost finished with it when he first felt a twinge, then almost a slap. This was followed by an almost raging scream. (I know not who this is, though I suggest that you cease your scan.)

(So,) returned Fino's thoughts, (one of you survived, though how I am unsure.)

(You should not be...) the other voice started. Fino could feel the other hesitate. (Lord Tetrarch sir. I had no idea any of the high government were still with us.)

(I know that you are on the planet with us. I also know that any problems you might have suffered with Sam has cleared.) Fino replied.

(If you know this sir, then you know I am therefore no longer a threat) The concerned thoughts returned.

(I wish to believe this is so, though 'til such time as I can actually scan you, I will not know. If you are truly as you say you are then I wish you to aid Sam.) Fino stated.

(I have no wish to harm him, he is after all the one who has given some hope to our people. It is unfortunate at the moment that though he has repaired much in me, I still can only use part of the power.) The thought warrior said.

(I understand this, I only wish you to render aid as you can. As with the rest of us, I am sure that you are trying to get used to being corporeal again.) Fino thought.

(Yes, though I am adjusting far faster than I thought I would. Sir, I will do all I can.) The thought warrior replied.

Just as suddenly the planet seemed to be clear of any of the energy of the thought warrior. Damnit, Fino thought, he should feel some residual energy. Obviously, the healing Sam had done had healed far more than he thought.

The Lord Doctor had been moving in far more equipment and armament than he'd ever had before. Looking at the two elite young he chuckled inside, then his thoughts went to their capture.

In many ways, for beings as powerful as the elites were, this had been quite easy. The Doctor knew that his own power had increased, though he thought not this much.

No, something was nagging at the back of his mind. Though it was there the Doctor couldn't get a hand on whatever it was.

Again, the lord Doctor looked over the two offspring of the elite warriors. There was something, something that he was missing though for the life of him it was avoiding him.

It seemed that somewhere in the annuls of his planet there had been a somewhat incident that mirrored this one. No matter how hard he thought of it though, could he dredge up that piece of information.

The Doctor was almost finished moving everything in when he felt and heard the massive explosion.

With a scan to the sky the Doctor's eyes went wide when he passed over the where the melded council was. Hurrying to the council chambers he saw the six councilor's body convulsing.

Looking around he saw that the other six were also experiencing a somewhat less convulsions. The idiots! They were powerful yes, though Sam was as strong as four of them. Then again, the Doctor thought looking at the readings, it was obvious that this Sam had increased more.

With a shake his arachnid head the Doctor could see that he himself was going to have to get involved. A feeling of dread that he hadn't felt in a very, very long time started to creep into his mind and body.

A sudden beeping then a solid, unbroken tone snapped his attention to the sixth councilor. Again, the feeling of dread wash over him causing him to tremble with fear. A feeling he hadn't felt in even longer.

He saw a small army of dead looking in the eyes, techs, as they raced to the sixth councilor.

(You need to return to the chamber,) the Doctor told the six councilors. (That is if you wish to be alive after this. I had warned all of you to care for the humanoid encapsulations. Yours has failed, return there isn't much time.)

Sam felt the melded council floating ot far away, he also felt what felt like a desperate message to it. Though not sure, Sam thought this might be the break that he'd been waiting for.

Reaching out Sam put what energy he had into a massive energy attack on the melded being. There were substantial screams as the burst of destructive energy hit the being.

Smiling Sam again tried to hit the being as it had turned trying to move away. Though weaker, the being was still able to deflect some though not all of the energy away. Still, it screamed as the energy made it even weaker.

NO! Sam's thoughts almost screamed as he put the last of what energy he had into one last blast. Watching it gain on the being, Sam smiled as the screams were far louder this time as he fell face first to the ground.

As weak as she was, Mellos had tried to catch Sam, finding that she was almost as weak as he was. Pulling a reflective lens from her pocket she focused it on Sam. She felt Sam's body give a jump then she felt his energy start to rise somewhat faster.

The Doctor started to curse when all the bodies started to convulse again a second time. They needed to return or they were going to lose one of their numbers. Finally, a moment later, the Doctor managed to stabilize all of them.

The stabilization he'd just achieved was short lived as all of them started to convulse a third time. This time though was by the far the worse as blood was slowly seeping their mouths.

The Doctor cursed as he watched the life sign readings of them all start to dive toward negative. Finally, he could feel them returning though he wasn't sure if they were going to make it.

Working as fast as he could he saw that one of the councilors was rapidly slipping into a danger zone.

The melded being had just made the outer planets of the IP home system when one of the being, felt it's anchor start to fade. The other six tried to sustain it though, it seemed to be too late as with an agonizing scream that part suddenly blinked out, then was gone.

A mere minute later all of the other six slammed into their bodies as their life forces were starting to wane.

The Doctor watched with anger as one through four then six and seven awoke. Looking at the body of the fifth they all watched as blood poured from the body then it was still.

"All of you took too long to return, you should have after the first blast. We are but seven now. With the betrayal of the elite, I fear that our end is at hand. I suggest that we activated the last of the shell crackers. We may disappear though we need to take those bastard Cliverstones with us." The lord Doctor stated.

"It will be done the first councilor said as he tried to rise only to fall on the floor.

Sam awoke with a start, The female face that was staring at him appeared to be familiar. Racking his brain, he tried to remember, god he thought, he was tired.

A small moan escaped his lips as the female's head snapped up to stare at him harder. "Sam?" the female said. "SAM!" She yelled as she pulled him in for a tight hug. "I thought you were done for."

"Uh, no," Sam said as his memory started to slowly return. "I am trying to heal myself now." grabbing the lens Sam looked at female with confusion.

"I know that we can recharge with the sunlight. With these I focused the light into a concentrated spot. It seemed to work as you awoke a lot faster than I thought you would." The female said.

Sam nodded as only about half of what she'd said made sense. He almost had her name though it was still eluding him.

Taking a deep breath Sam said, "I am sorry I am still weak though I am recovering. I hate to say this but for the moment I can't recall your name."

A small smirk came to her lips, "I'm not surprised as I felt you use the last vestige of your power. You should know better than to put ALL your life force into a blast. You warned me not to, then you do it using almost everything you had."

At that moment Sam sat up, "sorry Mellos I had to. I believe I actually destroyed one of the council." Sam said to an even more shocked Mellos.

"You realize that if you have, then they are going to be far madder than they ever have been." Mellos shook her head. "I hope you have a plan; this is far beyond anything I have ever seen."

"Oh, I have a plan, with the loss of one of them I feel that they can no longer meld. If they can then I know they won't have the power they did. Plus, this fight today, has brought me up to a level I have never been to. I am sure that you feel an increase in yourself. I dare say you are almost to the level of Thantas." Sam told a totally shocked Mellos.

Back within the triad, all six of the res-erected Cliverstones were looking to the sky shocked. The amount of power they felt was far beyond any they had ever felt.

The thought warrior smiled, it seemed that there was someone out there who was far more powerful than they are. Perhaps they thought, this madness of the Tetricons could finally be ended. We shall see now Sam, won't we?

Drivas Flot had a splitting head ache, god what the hell was going on? She felt as if she had been run over a few times. Looking around she saw her compatriot, Thellus Wron laying on another bed as she was.

Sitting up she felt the world start to spin, the last thing she seemed to remember, was they were in the ship. Shaking her head caused her to fall back on the bed. Ok, don't do that again she thought.

She remembered Sam had appeared she had tried to warn him then she had nothing. Taking a deep breath she felt a little better, 'til she started to float above the bed what the hell!!?

A tall dark-haired woman walked in at that moment. For some strange reason, she knew the woman though couldn't seem to recall her name.

Running a black box over Drivas, the tall woman nodded. "I need you to think that you are settling to the bed, that is unless you like floating?"

Drivas slowly shook her head as she concentrated, trying to do as the woman said. To her amazement she actually settled to the bed.

"Mam?" Drivas whispered out. "What is happening? I feel so hot, is there a doctor here?"

"That would be me my dear, I am Triann. For right now I am the last of my race's doctors. As to what is happening you are in the final stage of being completely rewritten into my race." Triann said.

Drivas nodded slowly, "can I leave here? I feel I need to walk some."

"Why yes, it might help the process finish faster." Triann said.

With a slow nod, Drivas, stood on slightly shaky legs then moved out of the structure. She hadn't gone far when she came to another tall woman standing over a male.

The male appeared to be familiar, then Drivas stopped with a gasp then a growl. "Triot!" She growled as she felt something within her seem to slide into place.

Thantas could feel Drivas's power suddenly start to climb far higher than a just emerging Cliverstone. (Drivas you have to calm. You are not used to the power yet; it will kill you if you continue.)

Drivas looked at Thantas her eyes wide as she took a calming breath.

At that moment they both heard the sickening laugh of Triot. "So, you little bitch you've finally evolved into the freak that you are. You and your sister ought to be happy, come on you repulsive bitch. Kill me, what, don't have the stomach? Hard to believe that, I sired as useless a piece of trash like you. I..."

Triot started to gasp the gurgle as his breathing started to become harder and harder. Thantas looked at Drivas, holy shit! Drivas's eyes and skin were both glowing an unholy red color.

"I know you want to utterly destroy him, as I want to for the torture he put me through. I don't think that Sam would be happy. You have to stop..." Thantas said then was blasted back over a hundred meters.

Thantas appeared beside Triot, she saw that he was egging Drivas more and more. Finally, Thantas put a shield up to stop Drivas for a moment it held then Drivas smacked Thantas away again.

Angrier than she thought she was, Thantas did a back handing motion that smacked Drivas almost two hundred meters away.

Drivas flew back to where Thantas was anger in her eyes. "I don't want to hurt you Drivas, though I will if you keep this up."

Drivas growled then her eyes rolled up in her head as she crumbled to the ground. Shit Thantas thought, "Triann!" The moment Triann appeared, Thantas could only stare at her. Thantas then grabbed her head as she let out a loud piercing scream, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Triann looked at both females as she started to shake. If what had just happened was as she thought it was, they might have two VERY pissed females on their hands.

(Fino? I am afraid that we may have a problem.) Said Triann's thoughts.

Fino appeared looking at, then scanning both women. "I see what you mean. It appears we have the first new, full Cliverstone in over six hundred solar time units. Astonishing, Sam actually did this? I am more than impressed."

A quick look at Thantas had him nodding. "This might be enough to open the last of her memories. I fear when that happens my mate." Triann said.

"As do I my mate," Triann quietly said. "I am afraid she might react violently, when she realizes just who and what she is. As with Sam if the both of them react badly, I fear the final moments of our race may occur."

Fino shook slightly, "I am also afraid of the same thing, I have contacted the thought warrior, even they might not be able to help us if this goes as badly as we fear."

Fino and Triann then, were surprisingly able to use their mental powers to move both women.

(Sam?) Came a voice in his head. (We are going to hold while you recover. It appears that that last blast helped to end on of the councilors. We are uncertain as to their response. We will let you know as soon as we can confirm)

(It won't be long my friends; I plan to go after them. They are a lot weaker now, I am hoping that they are weak enough for several of us to take them. I am feeling at least three of us complete, another two about to be. I am just hoping that, the five of us have enough power to free your offspring and end this.) Returned Sam's thoughts.

A groaning behind him alerted Sam to the fact that the Tetricon was finally starting to regain consciousness.

Slowly very slowly the Tetricon opened its eyes. A few minutes later it tried to raise its head only to drop it back to the ground.

"Ugh!" Sam and Mellos heard it say. Turning slightly toward Mellos, the Tetricon nodded its arachnid head. "So, it is good to see you again Mellos. I guess you know my true identity," it stated sadly. "I also feel that you are about to end my existence, as you should."

"Trivar," Mellos said, though made no move.

"We are not here to end you, I responded to you when you passed by me. I was surprised to find the hate of the council in you that i did." Said Sam.

Two thuds behind them had them turning to see the two elites. "Trivar, for much time it had been thought that you had betrayed the elite. We were relived to find that you like us had been tricked. We wish to have you join us to rid existence of the council and the Doctor."

Trivar who had been bowing expecting death looked up his eyes wide. "I would be honored to do this, I was used then thrown away as if I was nothing."

Both elites nodded, bowing slightly to Trivar, then turned to Sam. "We have confirmed that the fifth councilor was unable to reach the councilor chamber, it is gone." The male elite said.

"Your plan has great merit though; we must move swiftly in order to take advantage of their weakened state. As you know, they can in no way regenerate as fast as your race does. As weak as they feel, it will take almost seven planetary time units before they have enough power to defend. After that we are unsure." The female elite said.

Sam thought a few moments then nodded, "I have to go to Queen Triada's planet, as I said I hope that five of us are enough. Mellos, myself plus one other has a great amount of power. Two others will be complete though, I am unsure if they can aid in the attack, we shall see."

All three of the elite nodded. "We shall wait here for the moment. Contact us as soon as you can. I am afraid that the Doctor will suspect us when we return." The male elite said.

Sam smiled, "I might be able to help there, I'll contact soon." With that Sam and Mellos took to space though Mellos had to hang on, her own power somewhat low.

An hour later a fully recharged Sam and Mellos landed near the Cliverstone structure on Queen Triada's world. Sam knew as soon as he landed that something was wrong.

"What the hell is going on?" Sam asked as soon as he saw his mother Triann.

"Thantas and Drivas injured each other," Triann said still upset. "So far nothing has brought them out of it."

Sam nodded as he placed a hand on each of the women. At first nothing happened then they both gasped then their bodies began to slightly convulse. A mere minute later Sam pulled his hands away nodding to Triann.

At that moment Thellus entered a worried expression on her face. Triann passed a black box over both women then nodded, stepping back.

Both women sat up suddenly looking around wildly 'til they both espied Sam, then they both flung themselves at him.

"So, feeling better?" Sam asked.

Both nodded as they looked at him with hungry looks. "Now that you are here, I am," whispered Drivas.

"I am finally, now that I know who I am. Plus, I also know who you are," Thantas said in a low voice.

Sam's head snapped around to stare at the tall blonde female. "Brother?" Sam turned to look at Triann, then Fino who had just appeared. "Why in the hell didn't you tell us?"

Triann sighed she'd been expecting this. "Had I before she actually regained the memories, she might have had a mental break. What little she had regained, might have been lost forever. It was only the restoring healing you did that allowed her mind to reset and heal its self."

"We thought it best not to relay this information to you, as you might have tried to push harder to regain her. Now, since she has had the time to heal correctly, she is out of danger." Fino explained.

Sam could only shake his head; slightly upset he would have to think on this more.

"Sam?" A slightly timid Drivas said. "Uh, I have news myself. Though not sure I want to tell you."

"It's alright right now, I just need to think though we really don't have much time. What's on your mind?" Sam asked.

"First I want to introduce my sister," here Drivas motioned to Thellus. "I found out Thellus and I are sisters." Taking a deep breath Drivas hoped Sam didn't hate her. "I also found out that, that sick, sadistic, bastard Triot, is our father."

Sam nodded with a frown a moment the said as he looked at Triann and Fino. "Unfortunately, as I am finding myself, you can't pick your parents just how you are."
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