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Please be patient with this tale. This is 100% true and has been something I have thought about writing about for a long time. I may not be the best writer but this is how it happened and I am sticking to the facts instead of embellishing. There is a lot more to come after this.
This is part four of the true to life tale between my cousin Marie and I many years ago when we would travel together from Minnesota to my Bio-Dads (BD) house in Arizona.

Driving along towards BD’s work, we could see the results of the monsoons, the limited green was much greener, cacti had flowered, more animals were out.

We were being put to work today, as it turns out BD’s business needed some monotonous work done with filing, putting little sticker rings on punch holes for files and making sure new charts were ready. BD owned and operated a medical business and we got the pleasure of doing some free labor in exchange for spending money and the freedom to roam.

We arrived and were quickly shuffled off to the back office which had a window overlooking the main floor space where exercises and consultations were done.

Our jobs were explained to us and we quickly got to work on the piles of charts that needed “repair” and the other mountainous piles of papers that needed to be assembled into new charts for new consults.

It was mind numbing work and all we had for entertainment was a one speaker radio with local stations which mostly consisted of mexcian radio hosts and south of the border music. We finally located a station that was playing some of the recent top 100 songs.

We chatted, and whispered about every manner of things, what we wanted to go shopping for, where we might want to go on our next free day, what we might want to happen...when we could next be alone.

After two hours straight of repairing file punch holes, my fingers were raw from peeling stickers and disassembling and reassembling files. I leaned back in my computer chair and closed my eyes, arms above my head, letting my arms rest for a minute before going back to work.

Suddenly I felt a finger in my armpit and this sent me flailing as that was one of my most ticklish spots. I was able to twist fast enough to get Marie's hand out of my armpit and looked around with revenge on my mind.

I quickly jabbed out and got my hand on her sides, I knew her sides were incredibly sensitive and ticklish. I started to flail my fingers causing her to jolt and flail, but I had her by both sides now, she was shouting and laughing unable to breathe.

Suddenly we heard BD yell out chastising us that this was a business and we needed to keep our voices at appropriate levels.

Knowing better than to bite the hand that feeds us….literally, we quieted down and went back to work.

Another hour gone by and it was Marie's turn to take a break “My hands are kiiilllling mee” She lamented.

“Well…..just make sure they aren't tooooo sore...I may have use for them later” I retorted with a grin.

She looked over “Oh really...and what could you possibly want with my hands”, her smile told me she knew exactly what I meant.

I turned and spread my legs, leaning back, letting my short legs ride up my thighs a little “It's something that lives between these two legs, and has a mind of its own”

She giggled softly, she leaned forward and placed her hand on my leg, I was able to look out the window and see that no one was near enough to notice anything.

I felt her fingers start to walk up my thigh, sliding under my shorts. Inching ever closer to my hardening cock, her fingertips struck gold. Feeling her fingers trace the outline of my cock outside of my boxers brought a soft moan to my lips.

My heart was beating loud enough to be heard down the block I figured, I kept an eye out the window as Marie continued to stroke her fingertips up and down my shaft, feeling it grow down my boxers.

Her fingers disappeared and I looked down to watch her hand shift slightly and suddenly her fingers were reaching under the leg of my boxers. Her warm skin came into contact with the throbbing shaft of my cock, I could feel her thumb rub the precum that was forming around the head as she teased me. I was aching to groan loudly.

As quick as her hand was there, it was gone. BD was at the window… did I not see him coming.

Lunch was going to be soon but he had one last patient to work with and then we could head out.

I lowered my head and Marie was quietly laughing at me. She leaned over and whispered “Poor boy….all dripping and nowhere to go….I suppose I could fix that….if you are a good boy and lick me later”

I nodded enthusiastically. She slipped off her chair and started to crawl under the desk, the back of her shorts creased giving me a show down her ass, I could see the top band of her panties, and her ass crack was slightly above them, my eyes were soaking her in as she crawled on all fours.

She turned around and pulled my chair around so my legs were under the desk, it was now I understood her motives.

She reached up and quietly unzipped my shorts, her hand reaching in and fishing inside of my boxer fly. She found her prey.

She pulled my cock out through the fly and pulled me in closer under the desk, I could not see what she was doing but in an instant I was sucking in my breath. I could feel her mouth closing around the head and working down my cock...I was getting a blowjob in my BD’s office under his desk….this was unreal.

I could feel her tongue swirling around the head and flicking across the underside, her hand grasping the base and pushing the shorts down to get more of my cock outside of my shorts.

Her bobbing up and down picked up speed, I felt the tip hitting the back of her throat, suddenly I felt her push and felt her throat tighten around the head and suddenly I felt her mouth closer to my groin than she had gotten before.

It felt markedly different, I suddenly realized I was in her throat, I could hear her sloppy noises under the desk but I didn't care, this felt insane. She pulled back and the glans of the head pulled against her tonsils, I nearly fell back out of my chair.

I could feel my orgasm impending, and gave a few knocks on the desk to let her know. Suddenly BD was at the window again…I thankfully had a file open in front of me.

BD: “Where’s Marie?”

Me: “Um…..I think bathROOM” I had jolted, she had stopped sucking but was right at the head and had sent a jolt up my body.

BD: “Are you ok?”

Me: “Yeah...muscle twinged”

I felt Marie chuckle with my cock in her mouth.

BD: “Ok well..I am going to get the car cooling down, come out when you are ready. Sheryl is going to be back here in a few minutes to make some calls so hurry up.”

I watched him walk away and felt a sudden urgency in Marie's moans around my cock and her motions with her mouth. The effects of almost being caught and what I was feeling from her made things move very fast.

I felt my cum working its way up my cock and as she pushed past and had me in her throat my cock head swelled and I shot my first jet of hot cum down her throat. She pulled back so I was only partially in her mouth as the second jet shot up and I felt it coat her tongue.

She moaned as each additional rope of cum coated her tongue, I felt her swishing it back and forth around my cock. She pulled back and licked and sucked the end of my cock getting every last drop. I felt her hand putting me back into my boxers and zipping up my fly. I pulled the chair away and she crawled out. She looked up at me, licking her lips “I never thought that is something I would enjoy so much….yum”

She stood up and right then Sheryl walked in, we looked at each other, laughed and ran out the door toward the exit.

The lunch and the rest of the day were rather uneventful.

That evening we enjoyed the pool and the hot tub with BD. Dinner was steaks on the grill in the apartment's common outdoor patio.

After we had settled into the apartment for the night, BD called me out to the balcony, he was on a deck chair with a beer and a plate with some peanut butter toast, I sat down on the chair next to him. There was a second beer opened, I was rather confused.

“When I was your age, my father shared my first beer with me, I thought tonight, you might be ready for that. You might not like it but give it a try”

I grabbed the bottle, it was Samuel Adams Boston Lager. I put the mouth to my lips and took a swig. It was extremely bitter, but at the same time, had a pleasant aftertaste. I grabbed a piece of peanut butter toast and found that it complimented the beer nicely.

We sat out on the balcony enjoying the beer and toast when BD spoke up. “I'm glad that you and Marie are having so much fun, but son, I have to ask….something seems different with you both.”

This led to a moment of silence… stomach was in my throat suddenly and I just knew we had been caught, Marie was going to get sent home, I was going to lose my best friend, this was the end of it all.

He looked at me as I took a drink of my beer, I suddenly realized this was his way of trying to get me to “trust him” and say something I might not normally.

I looked at him and it hit me “Yeah...Dad….Marie is umm…..going through a really rough time with a boyfriend back home, and I have been trying to help her through it. We have talked alot about how she can try and fix things with him and I have been giving her the guys perspective on stuff”

I went silent seeing if that would stick. He seemed to mull that answer over for a minute, took a drink of his beer and it seemed to settle in that it made sense to quell his concerns. “Ok, I have to say I am proud of you for helping your cousin so much, you two are great together and I am happy to hear she is able to share stuff like that with you”

I nodded in agreement, thankful that I was quick on my feet, we sat in silence for the next short while, drinking our beverages and eating the toast.

The more I drank I started to feel the beer affect me, my head was swimming and when I would turn my head my eyes felt like they were half a second behind in catching up.

We went back into the house and BD said goodnight.

Marie looked at me funny “What was that all about?” she whispered

I shrugged and told her he just wanted to share a beer with me, I didn't want her worried that he might be onto us, I worried that might motivate her to stop.

We pulled out the couch for the night, I could hear BD finishing getting ready for bed and heard his tv turn on. We turned on some late night TV show and sat talking quietly. BD’s tv turned off a short while later.

My head was still swimming, though it was coming down decently fast. I knew BD had most likely fallen asleep, I reached over and turned out the light.

Marie glanced over to see what I was doing. I tucked my head under the blanket and started to shift my way down, I found her leg and crossed over it. My hands reached up the outside of her thighs, making trails on her skin with my finger tips.

I felt the fabric of her shorts, and continued north, finding the band around her waist. I hooked my fingertips inside of them, feeling the band of her panties as well. I started to pull. I felt Marie’s hips rise off the bed and her shorts and panties slid down, pulling down below her knees I felt her legs rise pulling out of them completely. I placed them to the side of me.

I put both of Marie's legs over my shoulders and quickly brought my lips to start planting kisses along her mound. I felt her sigh as my mouth connected along her lips and over her slit. Teasing little bits of licking up her slit and allowing my warm breath to wash over her, a soft moan escaped her lips.

I could smell her nectar starting to leak out of her, and feel the warmth growing. My tongue dipped slightly inside, tasting the delicious liquid as it coated my tongue. I could feel her legs shaking as I licked deeper into her, and then bringing my tongue out and sliding it up her slit. I hooked my hands under her butt and used them to gain leverage to slide my tongue in deeper, fucking her with my tongue thrusting over and over.

I could feel her legs pulling at my back, pulling me and mashing her pussy against my face, she started to hump against my mouth. My tongue was swirling around her clit, drawing circles and figure 8’s over it, feeling her swollen clit against my tongue as I used the flat of my tongue to push over it.

I could feel her shaking increase and her juices were flowing more freely and from previous times I knew she was getting closer. I brought one finger up and slid it inside of her, while I continued to lick and suck on her clit, swirling my tongue over and over. This brought her over the edge. I felt her body tense and she started to shake, her breathing was heavy and her hands were on my head pushing me down into her pussy. My finger was being milked from within.

I felt the pulsing start to slow down, and her breathing started to regulate. My mouth was dripping with her pussy juice. I reached down while she continued to recover and pulled my shorts down to my ankles. My cock was pointing straight out and I could feel it connected with her body as I came up to eye level. I could feel her pussy juices coating the tip of my cock as I prodded against her pussy. I lifted myself up slightly and used my abdominal muscles to flex my cock and pull it up to lay against her slit.

I looked into her eyes and started to slide my cock up and down. She bit her lower lip. My hope started to rise that I might again feel her insides squeezing me. I continued to slide along her slit up and down, soaking my cock more and more.

I decided to press my luck and pulled down a little more than normal. I felt the tip of my cock pressing against her pussy lips, feeling them spread around the head, feeling the warmth envelope me and then Marie pulled her hips down. “No…..we can’t…..I told you….we can’t do that….it's too risky” she whispered.

Dejected but understanding, I pulled away. Marie laid her head on my chest and wrapped her hand around my cock, not playing to make me cum, just more for a place to put her hand. We had come to a roadblock in this experimental summer and it seemed like we weren’t sure how to move forward.

We didn't need to say the words, we both seemed to feel the same way. The clock in the dining room ticked the time away. I felt Marie placing kisses on my chest occasionally, and she brought her face up to mine “It's not that I wouldn't, its that we can’t...I don't know what else to say”

“I understand, it doesn't make me happy, and I wish I could change it, but I understand”

She kissed my lips “I appreciate you, and that you are so understanding”

She kissed me again, this kiss was not ambitious, it was caring, it was not meant to cause excitement, it was comforting. I felt some spark inside me, something flamed by the lightest of winds. What it was, I did not yet know.

We held each other as we fell asleep.

I woke during the early morning hours. I attended my bathroom needs and walked back towards the couch bed, I stopped short looking at Marie. She was sleeping so peacefully. I sat on the edge of the bed, the moonlight was washing through the windows, the shadows were playing across the room.

I decided to step outside and get some fresh air, better to think.

Opening the door I was greeted with a soft breeze. The night sky was crystal clear above, the moon half full. I could see heat lightning in the distance playing across the sky. There wasn’t a soul in sight. The bushes down below were softly rustling in the breeze.

My mind was on the last many days. Thinking about the changes in my life. I was too young to be having these thoughts, I wanted to focus on the excitement of the new adventures, and I did think about that ALOT. But there was something more. Something I couldn't have seen coming. I wasn’t sure what it meant, but it occupied my mind.

I thought about when we returned to Minnesota in a few weeks, I didn't exactly live close to Marie, would I see her often, how would I go so long between seeing her. I was so used to our close interactions after such a few short days and then I would need to go months possibly. Could I do this?

This and so much more was racing through my mind, I didn't even hear the balcony door open. Suddenly I felt hands on my back. I turned around and Marie was looking at me. She had put on a long shirt, her long strong legs showing below. “What could you possibly be doing out here at this hour?” She asked.

“I got up having to pee….I couldn't sleep any more, too much on my mind” I said

“I know what you mean, my mind has been racing a lot lately….but I have come to realize, I cannot control everything, I am just trying to play life one day at a time right now” she responded

We both faced the railing and leaned against it. I started to mull her words through my head “What do you mean, take it one day at a time?”

She looked at me “Well...when I first asked you about my boyfriend, he was the only one I could think of….now its you, do I know what to do with that? No. Does it bring alot of questions to my mind, yes. Can I change that, No. So instead I choose to enjoy each day, eventually I will have to face those questions, but for now, I would rather do things like this”

She brought her face to mine and kissed me deeply on the lips.

Feeling her lips on mine, I wrapped my arms around her. This made me feel better, feeling closer to her. Our bodies came together, the warm breeze cascading softly around us. Our lips parted, I looked at her, seeing the moonlight across her face, her eyes sparkling.

I leaned in again and kissed her deeply. Her hands wrapped around me, lifting my shirt, pulling me against her harder. I ached for her. My lips kissed across her cheeks and down to her neck, my lips tracing lines across her neck and down to her shoulder.

I could feel her breathing quickening. I kissed back up and put my hands caressing her head, looking her in the eyes. She smiled, and we kissed again incredibly deep. My hands reached down, sliding down her back, and feeling the curve of her butt. My fingertips leading the way until my hands were fully ensconced in the soft flesh of her curvaceous behind.

I leaned her back against the railing, I could feel her stomach against mine. Her pubic mound pressed against my groin. Our legs intertwined. I didn't care who might see.

She looked at me, her hands against my chest, she pushed me back slightly. Her body lowered in front of me. Looking down, I watched her fall to a squat in front of me. Her hands reached out and hooked my shorts, pulling them down to my ankles. My cock springing forth in front of her face. I watched her looking up into my eyes. Her hands reached out grasping my cock, she opened her mouth and took me in. Feeling her tongue slather the head, her eyes still locked onto mine.

The electricity between us was intense. I could feel her sucking on me but I couldn't watch anything but her eyes. Suddenly I felt the breeze on my now wet cock and she started to rise.

She twisted her body as she rose and faced away from me.

Her hands reached back for mine, and as she brought them forward she hooked her shirt, pulling it up, I found she had no bottoms on. She pulled me forward, she reached back and pushed my cock down between her legs. I felt my cock head dragging along her slit, dripping with nectar. The juices flowed across my cock as I settled in behind her. Her bare ass pressed against my groin.

She started to slide her hips forward and back, pressing down to drag against my cock, I assisted by starting to thrust my hips counter to her to increase the friction. Feeling my cock getting ever more slippery.

Suddenly she stopped. She pulled her hips forward and I felt my cock slip up between us. She pulled me back, my cock pressing against her ass, the head between us, my shaft nestled deep into the valley. She leaned back and whispered “You cant enter me, but I want to feel you against me, I want you to cum on me. Thrust your cock against me, use my juices, use my ass, fuck me like you want to”

I couldn't help myself. My hands grasped her hips. My cock was pressed against her, her juices had lubricated this valley and I pressed into her, feeling my cock thrusting up against her. I started to push back and forth, fucking against her. Feeling her push back against me. My cock pulling back and sliding up against her ass pushing deeper and up into the channel. Grunting as I felt her body against mine, feeling her ass pressing against me, my cock using it to guide up her body.

My hands worked up her sides, raising her shirt as they went. I reached upwards feeling her bare breasts protruding from her body, my hands enclosed around each one, softly squeezing, feeling the nubs of her nipples open to the night air now, not caring who might walk by down below. Looking out over her body into the courtyard below. My cock thrusted against her ass, hearing her moan as I pulled back and felt my cock rub against the rough skin of her anus, feeling it cup the tip of my dick as I pushed and moved up again. I pulled her back against my body, my hands groping her breasts as I fucked her body against me. I could feel my arousal coming to a peak, I knew I was going to coat her in my fluids. She turned her face to me and kissed me as I pressed my cock shaft against her hard.

I groaned into her mouth as my first rope flew out of my cock and splashed across her lower back, I leaned back slightly, my cock pulling back with me, my second rope flying up her bare back and across the top of her shirt, some getting into her hair and even flying up over her head into the night air. I pushed back down slightly and my cum started to coat the crack of her ass providing additional lubrication. I felt her groaning as each spurt from my cock coated her body in some way, until I collapsed against her. I felt my cum dripping between us, sliding down my to my balls or down her ass and dripping to the ground below us.

As my cock went limp between my legs, she turned around and held me to her, my cum smearing on her stomach, she didn't care, she kissed me and held me. We returned to the bed as we were, messes could be cleaned up tomorrow, we were exhausted. I fell into a deep sleep with her pressing her bare ass against me in the bed, my arms wrapped around her.

I heard BD leave his room in the morning, Marie and I still in the same position under the covers, I decided at that moment, I didn't care, I was happy, that's what mattered.

The door closed as BD left, Marie shifted and looked back at me, she smiled “Good morning…..”.

I kissed her in response. This was a good morning.

I pulled her out of bed and led her to the master bath. I started a hot shower and pulled her in, stripping her of her shirt. I pulled her naked body against me in the hot water, letting the steam and water wash us together. I lathered her body up and cleaned her from top to bottom, washing away my essence and making sure her hair was removed of any sticky residue. She returned the favor, making sure to spend extra time around my cock and balls, softly rubbing them through her hands.

Rinsing the soap and fluids away, I shut the water off and we got out, finding comfortable clothes for the day. I looked outside and noticed the pools of cum that had dried to the balcony floor, I went out and wiped up what I could with a washcloth, hoping the rest would disappear in a short time.

Sitting at the table for breakfast, we watched tv and talked about nonsense, but my mind was on her, the ache inside was growing. I was in trouble, and I just didnt know why yet.

Rhonda JamesReport 

2021-10-11 20:11:54
Tell me more please


2021-05-24 14:07:46
Excellent. You make me think of my time with my sis and cousin. Please continue the story.


2021-05-22 13:47:06
Excellent story.

Alex MajorsReport 

2021-05-09 06:45:58
Great story. Had a thing goin on with my cousin once. Best sex ever and no drama. Haven't seen her since we were around 18 or so. I hope she reads your story and it brings her back to those days like it did me. Curious as to how it ends, so keep writing. Best story I've read on this site. Thank you.


2021-05-04 15:56:42
Five votes and it was too many? Get real

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