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She joined our Grade 11 class, attracting my attention soon as I saw her. About 5'3'', a well developed 32B and very rounded ass. In those days dating was a relatively cautious and slow process, particularly that she was new to everything. She came from a conservative Asian culture so there was no way I can get my manhood inside her quickly.
After that first failed penetration attempt, my virgin Asian Sweetheart seemed to be avoiding me.  I was of course very concerned and contemplating an apology.

After a week I became desperate and waited outside her last class. When she saw me she smiled sweetly. Before I could start she said: 'want to get together tonight?'  Wow! 'Of course, I missed you!'  We went for dinner and studied in the library.  My mind was all about what should I do tonight.  Finally it was all dark and we drove to her house.  'I will open the door for you, be very quiet!'  I parked on the street behind her house and walked into the back lane and her backyard just like last time.  She opened the basement backdoor and we sneaked into her room.  'I told them I was tired and going to bed!' (which was true! ) 

I held her hand 'I'm sorry about'...'No need.' she interrupted and put her mouth over mine and slid her tongue in.  I responded and unhooked her bra.  She slipped her hands up my shirt and gently drew circles on my stiffened nipples that sent shivers up my spine.  We fell on her bed.  I pulled up her top and took one firm breast in my mouth and drew circles on her other nipple.  she moaned and breathed faster and faster. I pulled down her pants and she pulled me on top of her. I pressed my hard manhood on her soft mound.  But wait, my cock is still restrained.  I pulled down my pants and used my rock hard cock to rub her clit and now wet pussy lips. She had trouble keeping her moans down so I covered her mouth with mine.  I pressed my cock against her soaked pussy lips and she squeezed her thighs together to hold my manhood.  She was wiggling and grinding her hip while I put my weight on her soft mound.  I knew her climax was coming fast as she was panting.  I squeezed both her nipples hard. Suddenly she quickly spread open wide and then closed her legs like scissors several times, then took a big, deep breath.  She pushed her tongue in my mouth, straightened to tense up her entire body, pressed both hands on my cheeks to add pressure and froze. I felt her trembling. This intense orgasm might be another record!  She slowly recovered and smiled sweetly 'I really liked that!' I said 'me too!'

She kissed me passionately, gently massaged my balls, and nibbled on my hard nipples.  I sat up but leaving my rock on her clit and pussy lips.  I was back to where I was as I stared at those firm Asian tits, hard nipples and soaking wet pussy.  I hesitated.  She pulled me back down on her and cover my mouth with hers.  My throbbing cock stuck against her soaked pussy.  Still lubricated by her cream somehow it found the slit between her wet pussy lips.  She reached for my manhood and slowly raised her hip.  My mushroom head was wrapped up and slipped toward its warm home!  She let out an 'ouch' as my cock rested against the last barrier!  Didn't want to hurt her again. I thought of pulling out. 

But she took a deep breath and pressed both hands on my cheeks and slowly pushed her hip up. We locked lips and exchanged fluids. Suddenly my cock slipped deeper in.  She let out another 'ouch' as I dropped my hip gingerly.  Her juices helped the slow slide until my entire manhood was very tightly wrapped.  She let out a deep breath and I pushed my tongue in her mouth.  I knew she was hurting so dared not move but I could enjoy this warm and tight sensation on my cock forever.  Then we heard footstep coming down the stairs!  She reached to turn off the light on the night table.  I pulled out my cock and pulled up my underwear.  She pulled a blanket over us and held our breath.  Somebody came down to get something and saw no light from her room and left.  After it was all quiet she kissed me again, I caressed her firm tits and she pulled me on top of her, pressing on her mount again.  As we grind our hips together, she let out a small ouch.  I stopped, continued to kiss her but didn't want to hurt her anymore.  After I got home I saw blood stain on the outside and inside of my white underwear.  So I was wiping her pussy when we were grinding.  My cock became rock hard as I replayed the event over and over in my head and stared at her virgin blood on my penis.  I wrapped my underwear around my rock and feverishly jerked off. Obviously I kept that for many years, never washed it.

I was anxious and very horny but patiently waited for her after my first penetration. She mentioned nothing and I dared not ask. Finally one day she offered 'Want to come tonight?' (literally). She gave me another sweet smile when I said 'Absolutely!' I dropped her off and followed the routine. She opened the backdoor and led me into her room. 'Be very quiet because I said I was going to bed' (true!)

We kissed passionately and she put her hand between my legs. 'I can make you cum!' 'Let me make you cum first' I responded. 'Okay but you hurt me the last time.' 'I will be really careful'. With that I unhooked her bra and caressed her soft but firm tits. I gently drew circles on her nipples with my tongue and finger. She moaned quietly and reached for my manhood. My rock jumped out as I pulled down my pants. We fell on her bed facing each other. She massaged my balls the way I taught her, sucked and used her nail to scratch my hard nipples all at the same time. Shivers went up and down my spine as my cock throbbed. She stroked my cock the way I liked while continuing to massage my balls. Hearing my moans and breath speeding up, she sped up also knowing my climax is cumming fast. Suddenly she switched her mouth to my other hard nipple and I lost control. I squeezed her soft tits while letting out a big sigh as the throbbing turned to squirting, again and again. I sprayed cum all over her tits and belly. She pulled down her blouse to wipe off since we had nothing on hand. She smiled again 'I know you enjoyed that!'

I kissed her passionately, exchanging fluids. Her breath sped up as I caressed her firm tits and nipples. I pulled down her pants and she was quite wet already. I rolled on top of her and put weight on her mound while keeping our mouths together. She wiggled and rocked her hip in response. Her nipples were very hard now, her hands pressing down hard on my cheeks. Her climax coming fast as my cock began to come back to life. She stuck her tongue in my mouth and quickly open wide and close her legs like scissors about 5 times, took a deep breath, tensed up the whole body and let out a loud moan. I pushed hard on her mound and finally she let out a long breath.

My turn to smile. 'I know you enjoyed that too'. She looked into my eyes 'How come you are hard again?' 'Because you are so beautiful and I love you!' We kissed again as my cock started throbbing against her pussy. She reached for my cock to rub on her soaked pussy lips. I caressed her tits as she slowly inserted my mushroom head between those wet swollen lips. I felt the warmth wrapping my glans tightly and paused.

'Still hurts, so be careful.' She said softly. I gingerly dropped my weight, inching into her soaking wet vagina until the entire rock was wrapped tightly. I paused to fully enjoy the tight and warm sensation and kissed her passionately. She gently massaged my fully erect nipples and let out a deep breath. 'It hurt for several days, is this going to hurt each time?' 'Soon it won't and you will really enjoy it but I will be super careful.' Very slowly I started to pull out and she immediately tensed up 'still hurting!' My throbbing cock obviously wanted to stay in the tight warm new home so I stopped and kissed her. Then I slowly lowered my hip to fully insert my manhood.

After a while she wiggled her hip. 'It's not comfortable when you are stretching me'. I slowly raised my hip despite my cock's protest. She reached for my cock for a close examination and saw a trace of blood mixed with her cream. 'It's too big!' I took her panties, wiping my cock, then gently wiped her pussy lips. Of course I asked to keep her panties. She nodded shyly. We kissed again 'want me to make you cum again?'

She knew just by looking at my cock! She bent down to lick my hard nipples and squeezed my manhood. I said 'let's do the way you like'. I put her back down, staring at my beautiful Asian sweetheart's firm tits and nipples, her creamy pussy. She pulled my rock hard cock and I fell on top of her again. We kissed and caressed each others body while my cock went to find her soaked pussy lips. She tightened her wet thighs around my hard penis and we rocked and rolled into another round of mutual orgasms.

To be continued...
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