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(The end of the beginning? As you can see, I very plainly left this open for a continuance. Let me know that you think, and thanks so much for reading!)
I had laid down the riding crop to feel my work. My pet’s ass was already flushed and hot, where the riding crop had struck her. Apparently a bit harder than thought, as she had welts. My pet squirmed just a bit as I rubbed her ass, whispering to her & feeling the curve of her back and hip.

Stacey felt Him move His hands up, following the contours of her waist and side, then to her dangling breast. Shifting in behind her, His dick that she so desperately wanted was against her slit ‘hotdog’ style. At long last, He released her clamps. She took in a long gasp as the He kneaded her nipples while the blood rushed back into them. He kissed here ear, and then he said

“What do I want, Stacey?”

“You want to fuck my ass.” She answered with confidence. “Can you fuck the rest of me too?” she asked, in anticipation. Slap! His free hand had smartly spanked her left cheek, making a loud report and startling her, and she gasp. Again back as before, the fullness of his cock laying along her was maddening

“What do I want, Stacey?”

“You want my boobs!” Stacey now exclaimed, getting it. She WAS going to get what she wanted, but it was going to be in HIS time.

“Yes, I do” I said as I took her by the hair and stood my pet up. With her hair firmly clenched in my left hand, I pulled her into me for a long kiss, which Stacey Putnam anxiously returned. “Do you want out of those cuffs?” I asked

“Yes please Sir” she replied

“What do I get?” I queried

“I’ll use them and my mouth to get you rock-ready to fuck me & my ass.” Stacey offered.

That seemed quite reasonable, so as I released them using the key I sat straight up, keeping my cock laying along her slit. She groaned and ground into me, and it was tempting to say the least

“I wasn’t aware College Professors like it in the ass?” I said.

“This one does! Please do me in the butt, but will Sir please consider my Pussy first?”

At my pets request, I slid two fingers inside her pussy, and began to rhythmically pump in and out and up and down. It was totally soaked and open to me, and Stacey was instantly pushing back into me and moaning loudly. After a minute, I turned Stacey so I could sit in a chair. As she knelt in front of me, I took my hand out of her cunt, and brought it up to her mouth, and she readily opened it to accept my fingers. She licked and sucked them clean as I squeezed her breast with my free hand.

Stacey had never minded the taste of her won juices. ‘It came out of me, so it must be OK’ she had once told an old boyfriend, so she took them in her mouth with no hesitation whatsoever. Kneeling in front of her Dom, she took the cock she wanted so badly in one hand, and with her other hand she rubbed her sex. Coating her fingers, Stacey Putnam made full eye contact as she first rubbed her soaked fingers between her breasts, then gave the cock she wanted a good lick. Placing the member on her chest between her breasts, she squeezed them together, then began to bob up and down.

I’d never had a woman use her tits to masturbate me, so it was a different feeling for sure! My pet moved my cock out near the nipples, and this gave her room to lick my angry red mushroom head each time I tit-fucked my pet. This was good, but not what I wanted. When I touched the tot of her head, my pet took me straight in, & I hit the back of her throat right away. Stacey’s warm, moist mouth sent shivers down my spine, and her tongue slid on the underside of my cock each time she slid me out. I only let her go unassisted for a few stokes before I knew I’d have to stop.

my hand grasped a handful of her hair, and I took over the pace and depth of her stroke. I was hitting the back of her throat each time, I went in, and pushing a little harder with my hips each time I felt myself stop. I really wanted her tight little ass, so I pulled completely out.

“Not so fast, Stacey. What do I want?”

“You want to fuck me in the ass.” Stacey Putnam replied, with emphasis on the work ‘fuck’

I smiled, and pulled from the goody bag a butt plug. Not a large one, but certainly large enough for the intended purpose. I applied some KY Jelly out of the goody bag pocket and lubed it up, along with a dollop of jelly to her bung hole. Then I put the end of the plug against her starfish and pushed. It went in a little more easily than I expected, but Stacey Putnam did give a satisfying groan as I did so.

Stacey grunted as the plug slid inside her. She was thrown a bit off, mostly because she had not expected a plug. The plug was about as wide as her Sir, but certainly not as deep. Then the notion hit her that if there a plug in her ass, the cock she was long for was…she absolutely squealed when she felt it push inside her

I had a ranging hard on and with Stacey all bent over like that, I couldn’t resist anymore. I grabbed a hip in each hand and drove my cock into that incredible MILF pussy in one solid thrust. I heard her squeal, and I really liked how she absolutely shivered. “See?” I cooed, “as I said, you be sweet, and you get what you want.” & I started to pump her slowly.

With the plug in her ass, Stacey was much tighter than before and the feeling was intoxicating. I increased my pace, knowing it wasn’t in the plan to cum yet, and wondering if I could keep the plan. Stacey was pushing back to my thrust, thoroughly enjoying herself. She was making low moaning sounds. I couldn’t tell if she was in pain or enjoying this. But, either way it was making me even hotter. I took a hand off her hip and reached around for a breast hold. I started tweaking her nipple and the moaning got a bit louder.

Stacey would thank her Sir if she could get words out, but the feeling of having His dick and His plug in her ass made her grin. Stacey ground those hips in a circle as her Sir continued to fill her with himself, enjoying the feel of the solid cock and plug inside her.

I had been steadily thrusting away for some time now. I was thrusting slowly and steadily away, rolling my hips, and enjoying the feel of the ride. The butt plug meant that my pet would use the walls of that wonderful pussy to squeeze me dick. Stacey Putnam was matching me with that same slow, steady, love-making roll, and I knew I couldn’t keep this up, lest I was going to pop my cork for sure, and I didn’t want that, at least, not yet.

It pained me (really!) but I slowed and pulled out, and asked “Do you like me fucking you, Stacey” I asked.

“Yes…Uh,,,,Sir-r-rrr….” she moaned. I was enjoying it too, but it was time for her ass.

“Stacey. What do I want?”

“You want to fuck my tight little ass, and you want to fuck it deep and hard!” she replied. Good girl.

“Then get on the bed, and get that ass you want fucked up in the air”

I decided to first take in the sight. Stacey was on the bed, on her knees with her ass up in the air, and her head resting on the mattress. Displayed for my pleasure was Stacey’s sex, on display between the spread of her legs. As I gazed at her from the side, I grabbed an lube-infused syringe from the goody bag. Stacey’s breasts rested gently on the mattress, her face looking at me in anticipation.

I used my own mouth to lube the syringe and worked it into Stacey’s brown hole. She relaxed noticeably when she realized she wouldn’t be ass fucked dry. I pulled my cock out, lined it up, and pushed in slowly, getting just my head to pop in. Stacey breathed in hard as her asshole was stretched to allow my access.

“Good girl. Now tell me you want it deeper.”

“Deeper” she said while breathing hard.

I pushed in another inch, with a smooth, hard thrust. Stacey grunted. There was no moan.

“Well?!” I asked

“Deeper Sir! Go deeper!” she said through gritted teeth.

Another thrust. Another inch. Another grunt. I waited half a beat for her to respond and then I slapped the side of her ass. Stacey jumped, gasped and pushed my cock out part way. It made me chuckle.

“Deeper! Uhhh…P-Please put it in deeper Sir, Please! She said quickly and getting the message.

“Ok…” I simply said, and in one continuous, smooth, steady motion, I buried myself deep into Stacey’s bowels, complete with a firm grip on her hips that forced her asshole open

“Uhhhh – Oh Gah – Owwww……” She said in a long grunt. Her breathing was ragged and heavy, and I held there. After a moment, she calmed.

“Do I own this ass?” I asked

“Wah? Uh – Yes! Yes Sir!” Stacey replied, her face flush. It’s your ass Sir!” she added.

“Good girl. Tell me to fuck MY ass hard” I said softly

“Ow – Uh…Please Sir, Please Fuck my/YOUR ass hard!” she breathed out quickly through the pain

I pulled back and then thrust slowly back in, wanting to relax her a bit, so I could really enjoy this. Her ass was so tight. It was my second time in her ass but it was just shy of painful the way it squeezed me. The feeling of Stacey’s anal opening to accept me, the asking me to pound it was intoxicating, and I picked up the pace.

“Rub yourself!” I commanded “Rub that pussy I own & talk to me!”

“Oh Sir….Uh….I LIKE it! P-P-Please Fuck me in my tight ass!’ she said with a small degree of lust.

Stacey had reached underneath herself and was rubbing her clit furiously, attempting to rub away the pain of her ass being stretched around the cock impaling her ass. It did loosen her up a bit and I thrust harder and faster. Her face was flushed red and she was groaning and almost crying

“Oh! Yes! Like that Sir! Fuck my ass!” she called out.

The former feminist Stacey Putnam’s arousal heightened my own, and I banged harder, feeling my balls slap against her pussy and I found the bottom of Stacey’s ass. It was getting close. The feeling of bottoming out I the MILF was indescribable. I slowed just a bit, so I could enjoy the milking her ass was giving my cock and listen to Stacey as she begged for more of what I was giving her.

The waves of pain were giving over to incredible pleasure as Stacey felt the most incredible orgasmic wave rolling inside her. “Sir! Keep fucking my ass! I want to cum while you are fucking my ass! I’m….I’M GOING TO….”!

That was just too much, that last call from Stacey. My face was lushed red and my chin tucked too, and suddenly it was like an explosion. I roared like a Lion claiming it’s territory as for the second time in a few days I proceeded to dump all of myself inside Professor Stacey Putnam’s ass. Her convulsing and twerking and screaming from her own orgasm made her anus twitch and squeeze as it held and milked my cock, and we each fell onto the bed and lay there panting, covered in sweat, panting and looking at the ceiling, bathing in the afterglow of absolutely incredible sex.


It was nearly two weeks later, and I was sitting quietly in the back of Professor Putnam’s final class for the semester. I had gotten notification from the admissions office that my grade had improved just enough to maintain my scholarship, and the thought of the ‘extra work required’ made me grin.

Professor Putnam had our final grades at a table off the side of her desk, and as we picked ours up on the way out, we didn’t make eye contact. In fact, there had been essentially no contact on either side after that final fantastic fuckin weekend. All the papers were folded, and mine had a small note in it. I could feel it with my fingers and smiled, but made no mention of it. Reading it out in the breezeway, I smiled and nodded.

Stacey was sitting at her desk, when she heard the door in the back stairwell open. Even though it was one floor down, Its ‘sticky-ness’ in the old building made her window rattle, and she was sure on He would use that rout. Smiling, she quickly moved from her chair to kneeling on the new pillow beside her desk. She tucked her chin, feeling her pulse increase, as she waited on her Dom.

I eased up the stairs, to the now deserted hall. It was Friday afternoon, last day of the semester, so students and faculty alike had cleared out. It was a pleasant surprise to see my pet kneeling on a pillow, beside her desk. I walked over and pressed lightly on her shoulder, indicating to stay like that. “Well I’m proud to see my pet is learning.” I said as I circled her.

“Yes Sir, your pet has missed her Sir,” she said, “and she thought You would like this”

“I do, verrry good. But if we are to continue this, we have to be verrry discreet.”

“Yes Sir,” she said, “I have made sure you are not in any future classes with me or any grads that report to me. I am being ‘verrry’ discreet” she answered, with a wry smile.

“I chuckled. Stacey Putnam was learning indeed. In a low voice I asked “Stacey, do you know what I want”

She tucked her chin and said “To fuck me, Sir.”

“Very Good my pet.” I stepped over to former-feminist Stacey Putnam and said, “Take him out, and show him how much you’ve missed him”

Stacey MUST have missed my dick, because she took it in immediately, hitting the back of her throat. She began fondling my balls, matching my rhythm and with minor gagging was trying to take my full measure. She succeeded and I felt myself go another two inches into her mouth, stopping this time when her nose was buried in my hair.

The former feminist let me hold her there, while I enjoyed pumping away. It felt incredible and I was groaning. I then pulled her out for a long tongue slide, and then a slow return down and back in. I did this once more, then had to ‘change up’, lest I get too excited too soon.

There wasn’t room for a couch in Professor Stacey Putnam’s office. Her tenure was too new to have a new office assigned, so I had to make do. Moving side by side an armless padded chair and this ottoman/stepstool combo she had, I stood her up as she peeled me out of my pants and underwear. Stacey was wearing a plaid button down with jeans and some kind of heeled boots. Maybe not the most preferable clothing choice for her office, (should we be disturbed) but I could still work with it.

Stacey had just enjoyed having her Dom’s cock buried deep in her throat, and she found the pubic hair, if anything, a bit ticklish on her nose. She was thankful she had some makeup to touch that up later. After properly undressing and folding her Dom’s pants, she almost began to gush as he lowered her pants. When her Dom put her on her knees on the ottoman and bent her over placing her elbows in the chair, her naked ass stuck straight up, tenured professor Stacey Putnam found herself moaning in anticipation.

I got behind my pet and put my thumb on little brown hole, and gave it a small push. Stacey jumped, thinking it was my cock. POP! I popped the side of her ass with my hand. “Relax!” I commanded.

“Y-Yes Sir…” Stacey answered, then added “Will my Sir please fuck me first?”

Stacey’s wet pussy had been calling me. I mean, it’s not like you can really say no to an apple ass like that - that’s all yours, waiting to be filled, right? So I lined up with that wet sweetness, “Well since my pet asked…” and I rammed my cock into her pussy, going balls deep. Stacey let out a startled scream, and her knees got wobbly.

“Is this what you want, Stacey?”

“Ooh Yes-sss…Yes Sir…..” she said. Putting her head down, college office be dammed, Stacey Robinson began pushing herself back into me, & moaning rather loudly.

“Now be quiet, and answer me. I guess my pet missed this?” I asked.

“Oh!” she said, catching herself, then added “Oh Gahhh…Yes Sir….you don’t know……” Stacey had indeed missed getting to ride on her Dom’s cock. The nearly three weeks of waiting and thinking had proven to herself that Stacey was MUCH more satisfied a sub than trying to be a feminist. Feeling that cock invade her, her body opening to it without yielding or remorse made Stacey doubly sure of where she willingly was.

My pet was pushing back into me, and rolling those hips from side to side and tucking that sexy little tummy as she joyously fucked away. “Well this is good, but should I go a little higher? I teased

“No! I like this! Please keep fucking me like this!” she replied quickly and excitedly.

Stacey immediately squeezed her vaginal muscles, making her warm, silky cunt squeeze my cock. I moved with powerful & deliberate strokes, feeling Stacey’s pussy opening for me on the way down in, and milk me on the way out. I used Stacey’s hips for support and leverage and began to pump her a harder.

Stacey knew her Dom was coming to a head now. He was going to shoot his load, and she knew it too. I pulled out and she quickly clambered off the ottoman to her waiting pillow. She took her Dom’s cock in her mouth. Already it was twitching, and she relished what was coming next.

Stacey’s warm, moist mouth and her tongue slid on the underside of my cock sent shivers down my spine. She began with a quick up and down rhythm. each time she sliding me out to the just the tip of my cock in her mouth. . The stroke in was wonderful, but out stoke with the combined suction and Stacey’s warm tongue, was nearly more than I could take. Stacey knew exactly what to do, the sign a proper submissive pet.

Former Feminist Professor Stacy Putnam opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue as she looked up at her Dom. The cock, holding the semen she had been desiring for the last weeks erupted. A rope hit her in her nose & across her face. The next one got her other cheek. Then Stacey instinctively sucked the head in, and head turned/suction applied, she proceeded to milk her Dom’s wonderful semen, until His cock stopped oozing.


As I walked out of the school, I held up the spare house key Professor Stacey Putnam had made for me. I in turn had given her a list of lingerie to buy and wear, and some toys for those times that she ‘might’ not be wearing that lingerie. It appeared my gamble had indeed paid off, and in ways I could not yet imagine. But that is a story for another time.
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