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After Luke’s grandmother Kathy sells her home, he’s given the task of helping her drive her car to his family hometown. Unexpected events can really lead to unexpected situations......



-Are you kidding me?? Just come home already!!

Luke screams angrily into his phone as he pulls into the driveway of his house.

-I don’t care if you’re a “High-Risk!” You’re already vaccinated!! Just come home Sara!

-Ok Fine!! Stay in Denver! WHO GIVES A FUCK that we haven’t seen each other in a YEAR!!

Without much luck in winning his argument, Luke ends his phone call in utter frustration. He has had enough! Ever since the start of the pandemic, his fiancé Sara has been away from home dealing with COVID patients at a major hospital up in Denver as a volunteer nurse due to the overwhelming amount of cases throughout the state. The local hospital where she worked at in Colorado Springs looked for voluntary First Responders, RNs, and Doctors willing to travel to Denver to deal with the surge of cases during the spring and summer of 2020. Luke was initially supportive of his fiancé Sara’s decision to be a volunteer RN in the COVID ward at the hospital. He’s grateful for her time and service doing her best to save as many lives as possible.

Unfortunately, her heroic service came with the price of damaging the relationship between them. Due to the nature of the job, Sara was not comfortable coming back home to him or her family. With people dying everyday from the deadly virus right before her eyes, she developed a sense of paranoia and fear that she could accidentally transmit the virus to her loved ones. For months, Luke has tried to convince her to come home on her limited days off for a visit. He reminds her that she must do frequent tests and show a negative result in order for her to report for duty. She does all the necessary precautions with washing her hands, social distancing, and wearing a mask. She stays in quarantine with several colleagues from her hospital, sharing a temporary apartment lease up in Denver. Sara has even received her vaccine in the early stages of the mass distribution due to the nature of her job! Luke reminds her of all of these things, yet she still lives in fear. Sara has not left Denver to visit home in Colorado Springs since the spring!

In present day February 2021, Luke and Sara have made things work through phone calls, FaceTime, and texting. They were supposed to get married in the fall of 2020 but had to put their wedding on an indefinite hold due to the pandemic. Luke and Sara have been in a tough spot for most of her time spent up in Denver. There’s been a lot of stress, arguments, and sadness between the both of them. The only reason they’ve stayed together is because they know the issues are there because of not being physically together. They both hang on to the hope that things will get better in the near future.

Luke steps out of his car after returning home from work. Around the start of the pandemic, his apartment lease ended and he made the tough decision to return back to his family home to save money. Being in his mid-twenties, he had already moved out and lived on his own at the start of his college years. Luke is a personal trainer and fitness coach, but got laid off after his gym was shut down once most businesses went into lockdown. He found a temporary job working for a parcel delivery company. The money is good, but it’s not what he ever envisioned himself doing. The one thing that helps him get through each difficult day is the fact that he knows he’s not alone. Many others just like him had to make tough decisions and sacrifices to make ends meet. It was just the nature of dealing with a worldwide crisis. Luke makes his way inside the house where his parents are seated in the dining room, waiting for him to commence dinner.

-Hey honey! How was work?

Luke’s mother Lisa asks.

-Same old, same old. Just really annoyed right now ma.

-Did you talk to Sara?


-Still scared to come home, huh?

Luke’s father Henry asks him.

-Yup. Even though she’s already vaccinated and stays in quarantine when not at the hospital. It’s insane! She’s less than a two hour drive away from here and we haven’t been together in almost a year!

Luke says angrily.

Both of Luke’s parents try to calm him down and reassure him that things are going to get better, sooner than later. Luke can only hope for the best.

After dinner, Luke heads up to his bedroom to undress and wind down. He takes a long, hot shower and gets out feeling refreshed and in a better mood. That is until he takes a good look at himself in the mirror. Being a personal trainer, he always admired his athletic body. Broad shoulders, big chest, clean cut abs. After the lockdown though, he slacked off and lost progress. He fell into a depressive state, coming home too tired from his temporary job to even do a workout from home. He gained some weight from having too many cheat days each week, eating his favorite comfort foods. When he did do some workouts at home, he struggled to do some of the same routines he could easily do at the gym when he was training others. Luke could see his lost progress in the mirror with his abs no longer visible. He isn’t fat or out of shape. He now just has an average looking fit body. A body he feels no longer fits the look of a bodybuilder.

To take his mind off his self image and negativity, Luke heads downstairs to the living room. Since he moved back home to his parent’s house, they all have a tradition of binge watching shows on a streaming service. Sure enough, his dad has the remote with the television set up on the main menu. His mom is in the kitchen prepping some popcorn in the microwave.

-Just in time!

Henry says with a chuckle.

-Wait for me!

Lisa shouts from the kitchen.

The family watches a few episodes of a crime thriller series they’re all heavily invested in. Just as Henry shuts off the television, Lisa’s phone rings.

-Hello? ..........Hey momma!

Lisa says, speaking to her mother Kathy over the phone.

Luke is reminded almost immediately that he’s flying over the weekend to California to help his grandmother Kathy move out to his hometown in Colorado. After living more than five years alone since her husband passed away, Kathy and Lisa decided it would be best for her to move to Colorado Springs to be close to the family. Originally, Luke’s grandmother was supposed to move out to Colorado last Spring. Due to the pandemic, Luke’s family told her to hold off and stay in quarantine for her safety. It was only after Kathy was able to receive her vaccine that her daughter Lisa helped her put her home on the market about a month prior. After a few weeks, Kathy had a buyer and sold her home.

The plan now is for Luke to fly over to California to pick up his grandmother and drive the entire weekend back to his home in Colorado. Kathy will live with the family temporarily as they find her a small home in a retirement-friendly neighborhood. Kathy had movers come and pack up all her belongings for her. Most of her belongings would go into storage until she’s ready to move into her new home. All Luke needs to do is help her drive her car on the long road trip from Sacramento to Colorado Springs.

Luke agreed to help his grandmother out after his parents had asked him to. How could he say no? His parents have been a tremendous blessing on him since he’s moved back home. He doesn’t pay any rent. All his parents ask is for him to help pay for groceries. As an only child, Luke has been spoiled most of his life with his parents supporting him in any way possible. The least he could do is show his gratitude for their love and support by helping them with anything they needed. Luke actually looked forward to his road trip with his grandmother. It would be a nice, scenic drive crossing the country through some beautiful states. He also has not seen his grandmother Kathy in over a year since before the pandemic. He missed having her over for the holidays and visiting her whenever he could.

After Luke’s mother Lisa hangs up the phone, she looks over to him.

-Your grandma says hi and she can’t wait to see you this weekend. She’ll be at the airport on Friday afternoon when you land.

-Sounds good ma!

Luke says with a smile.

He excuses himself from the living room and heads up to his room to get some rest. He had work early in the morning.




The rest of Luke’s work week breezes by to his surprise. With a 10-hour Monday thru Thursday schedule, he enjoyed the perk of having three day weekends off to himself. On Friday morning, his father Henry drove him to the airport. Luke has a quick flight up to Denver to connect onto his next flight over to Sacramento. He briefly thought about reaching out to his fiancé Sara to let her know he was in town, even though it was just for a short hour. He decided against it, knowing she was busy at the hospital. He was also still upset with her. Over the last few days, the talking over the phone with her has been minimal. Mostly just some texts from her apologizing about not being ready to come home just yet. Luke gets to his gate for his flight over to Sacramento. The flight isn’t full and he gets a comfortable row all to himself.

After a couple of hours in the air, Luke lands in the West Coast just before noon. It’s a relatively small airport and he’s able to find the arrivals area quickly. His grandmother Kathy sent him a text after he landed informing him where she parked. Luke finds her silver SUV parked along the curb and makes his way over. Kathy sees him coming from her rear view mirror and steps out of her vehicle joyfully, anxious to greet her grandson.

-Look at you darling! How are you?

Kathy says to Luke with a warm embrace.

-Hey grandma! I’m good! So happy to see you! It’s been so long!

He says, holding onto her.

Kathy’s large breasts are imprisoned, pressed tight against Luke’s chest. He inhales and smells her sweet fragrance as she lets go and gives him a bright smile.

-Let’s get going! You must be starving!

She says as her grandson puts his luggage in the back of the vehicle.

Kathy and Luke pull out of the airport and drive to her house. They catch up on their lives over the last year. Luke tells his grandmother about getting laid off from work, his issues with his fiancé, and the stress he’s been going through. Kathy tells him about the recent selling of her home and the stress of packing and how relieved she is to finally leave California to be close to the family. After the short drive over to the house, Luke and his grandmother head inside to the kitchen. The house was vacant except for some of her belongings she would take with her on the road.

-The movers finished packing last night and should be en route to Colorado. I bought you some takeout from down the street at the local deli. You’ll love it!

-Thanks grandma! I’ll eat fast so we can hit the road as soon as possible!

Luke says.

The plan for the day was to drive from Sacramento to Wyoming. At least a 10-12 hour drive. Luke was more than ready for it as he got plenty of rest the night before and on the plane. He wanted to get most of the drive to Colorado done on the first day so the second day would be much shorter and easier. Luke eats his food and helps his grandmother pack up her belongings into her SUV. They hit the road soon after, leaving behind her Cali home for good.


CHAPTER 3: On the Road


It’s a beautiful drive on the interstate. Luke and Kathy stopped briefly for gas just before the Nevada border. They continue along the scenic route of I-80 heading east.

-What a beautiful day!

Kathy says taking in the views of the valleys and mountains in the distance.

The goal is to cross the Wyoming border by midnight, local time. Luke and Kathy enjoy the drive, making small talk every now and then. He gets a phone call from his fiancé Sara after her shift ends at work. She’s happy to hear that he’s on the road with his grandmother, and moving to Colorado to be with the family. The call lasts only a few minutes and contains the usual updates of how things are going and how she doesn’t know when she’ll feel safe to leave Denver and come back home. Luke hangs up with a disappointed sigh.

-Still not comfortable coming home is she?

Kathy asks her grandson.

-No. She’s not. And now she’s scared even more because of you coming to live with us because of your age. She already knows you were vaccinated just like she was. But what can I do? Sara has always been stubborn.

Luke says feeling defeated.

Kathy reaches her hand over and rubs Luke’s leg as he drives down the interstate.

-Things are going to get better! You’ll see! This pandemic is coming to an end and vaccines are being rolled out! It’s only a matter of time before Sara comes back and you both will have your long awaited wedding! It’ll be beautiful! I can’t wait for that day to come!

Kathy tells Luke with a great burst of optimism.

Luke shakes his head and shrugs his shoulders with a grunt. He’s over the pandemic, his stubborn fiancé, and most of all, feeling sexually frustrated. His grandmother must know how to read minds as her next question throws him off guard.

-Forgive me for asking, but you must be tired from the excessive masturbation huh?

Kathy asks looking at her grandson.

Luke swerves the vehicle, almost merging onto his next lane when he hears Kathy.

-GRANDMA!! What the hell?

-I’m sorry Luke! I just had to ask! I’m just being nosy. We’re both adults here. We can have an adult conversation on a long road trip, can we?

Kathy says with a nonchalant tone in her voice.

Luke thinks about this for a moment and realizes she has a point. He trusts his grandmother and he’d rather have uncomfortable conversations about his sex life with her than his parents.

-I guess you’re right grandma. You just threw me off guard a bit! Never really thought I’d have these kind of talks with you,

Luke says.

-Why not? Like I said my darling, we’re both adults here. And we got hours to go before we stop for the night. Might as well keep things interesting. Besides, I’m curious and nosey. And I must say, I’m INCREDIBLY interested to know how you’ve been sexually dormant since Sara hasn’t been home in almost a year!

Luke actually laughs when his grandmother talks about being curious about his sex life. He figured what the hell? Might as well talk to her about one of the many dilemmas in his life at the moment. Kathy was right on point talking about his excessive masturbation. Luke spent countless hours each week watching porn and jerking himself off for the sake of temporary pleasure. He jerked off to take away some of the stress in his life and due to the absence of not having his fiancé around with him. He missed having her around. The sex was great between him and Sara. She loved to suck him off and dress in kinky outfits for him. Luke would jerk off thinking about the times they had sex while she wore kinky clothes. She loves to ride his cock. It was her favorite position. The one thing that helped make up for her absence is the fact that she’d send her fiancé sexy photos and full on nudes on her days off when she could. She would send sexy pictures in her nurse outfit after work and promised Luke that the first thing she’d do when she gets back from Denver is to have a role play session in a hotel with a nurse and patient scenario. The hope of seeing her soon and the constant masturbation is what has helped Luke stay committed to her even from a distance.

Luke spends his time on the road talking to his grandmother about all of this without feeling a slight sense of discomfort. Kathy sits in silence listening attentively to her grandson. After he brings her up to speed on his sex life, she continues the conversation with follow up questions.

-So, have you ever been tempted to find sexual pleasure elsewhere?

She asks causally.

-What do you mean grandma?

-Well, it sounds like you’ve been managing your sexual urges the best that you can given your circumstance. But is it enough to just masturbate and wait for Sara to come home?

Kathy asks.

Luke thinks about her question for a moment to find the appropriate response.

-I mean, of course. I’ve been tempted to sneak around. It’d be easy to. But I still love Sara. And I’d hope she’s just as committed to me as I am to her. I’ve thought about cheating many times, especially after having arguments with her over the phone begging her to come back home already. I don’t know. It’s a weird feeling. I’m not comfortable with cheating on her behind her back, but at the same time, I know I am capable of it. Anybody is. I guess I’ve just been fortunate that I haven’t come across a situation where I’d have to worry about doing it,

Luke says to Kathy.

She just nods her head.

-Have you talked to Sara about opening up your relationship? Maybe seeing other people while you’re both away from each other for such a long period of time?

Kathy asks.

-I’ve thought about bringing it up to her. There was a time where she got drunk and was crying over the phone thinking that I would leave her. She said if I did, she would understand. I comforted her and told her we wouldn’t ever get to that point. I decided against bringing that subject up since I doubt we’d both be on the same page,

Luke says.

-Gosh grandma! You really are nosy!

Luke says with a chuckle.

-Well of course I am! We’re both adults here and I just had to know how you’ve managed to go this long without any intimacy with your partner,

Kathy says with a smile.

-Well now you have me wondering grandma! Have you had any relationships or sexual encounters since grandpa passed?

-Oh boy! That’s a conversation for another day my darling!

Kathy says with laughter.

-Wow! I see how it is! We can talk about me but not you huh?

Luke says with a chuckle.

Kathy follows up with a promise to continue on with the conversation another day. Possibly the next day on the road.




As dusk settles over the Great Salt Lake Desert, Luke and Kathy continue their drive through the state of Utah. Luke has received multiple winter weather advisories on his phone. He knew there’d be a risk of winter weather this time of year on the road. He was comfortable though driving on the interstate where the roads would be salted and visibility being clear. His grandmother Kathy was not so confident. Being a west coast gal in Cali for so long, she’s not used to seeing snow. And she wasn’t really equipped either with warm clothes, wearing a long sleeve blouse and a comfortable pair of jeans. Luke was glad he brought an extra coat with him in his luggage just in case. His grandmother will definitely need it once they stop for the night.

As nightfall surrounds the sky, Luke is lost in his own thoughts. Luke is awake by himself as Kathy takes a brief nap. Nothing but his wondering mind keeps himself alert and awake, driving down the interstate. He passes a large sign with the mileage to Salt Lake City, about 65 miles away. His phone vibrates and he looks at it.



-Just what I need!

Luke says to himself.

He still has his goal of crossing into Wyoming sometime around midnight. But the winter advisory in the Salt Lake City area starts at 11PM. The Wyoming border was at least a good 80-90 miles away after Salt Lake. Luke began to mentally prepare himself for alternative options, such as finding a place to spend the night in Salt Lake instead of Wyoming.

As the miles to Salt Lake decrease, Luke stays lost in his thoughts. He thinks about his grandmother Kathy of all things. She lies asleep next to him. Luke had never thought about his grandmother in any kind of sexual way. That is until she began to ask questions earlier about his sex life. Why would she do that? And why was he comfortable talking to her about it? This is the same woman who helped raise him. Luke has fond memories of both his grandparents always coming to Colorado to visit. Especially Kathy. She would babysit him while his parents worked, took him on errands, and baked him his favorite cookies...peanut butter-chocolate chip.

Luke would occasionally stare at his grandmother, looking down at her body when she was visible in the freeway lights, illuminating through the windshield of the vehicle. Kathy’s blouse is a bright white color with buttons. The top two are unbuttoned, showing off her tanned cleavage and exposing the material of her black bra. Luke always knew his grandma Kathy was a beautiful woman, especially back in her day. He never would have imagined he’d see her in a different perspective. She went from being just his beautiful grandmother to a sexy cougar in a span of a few hours.

Kathy is a 70 year old blonde bombshell. She has some wrinkles and a big smile with bright white teeth. She wears minimal makeup with bright red lipstick and has medium cut hair with bangs. She dyes her hair to avoid her hair being in its natural silver color, revealing her mature age. She has caramel colored skin from sunbathing everyday in the sunny Cali weather in her backyard pool.

Luke stares at his grandmother every chance he gets on the road as she snores lightly, sound asleep. He can’t help but feel a sense of guilt thinking about her. She’s his family! His own blood! As he drives her vehicle, he fights the urge to think about what she looks like naked. His grandmother has great curves in all the right places, especially her ass. Luke tries to think about anything else to get his perverted mind away from his grandmother.

As they enter the Salt Lake City vicinity, Luke notices the roads are not iced. He thought the interstate would have been better prepared for the incoming winter storm. About ten minutes go by before the storm slowly kicks in with flurries falling down. The flurries steadily turn into a heavier snow fall. Luke slows down the vehicle when he sees a bit of traffic ahead. All of the vehicles have hazard lights on, driving through the dangerous road conditions. Just when he decides that it’s time to start looking for a place to stay, Luke gets another winter advisory on his phone.



Kathy wakes up, feeling the vehicle slow down.

-Are we stopping for the night?

She asks with a bit of grogginess.

-I believe so. We’re in Salt Lake City and there’s a massive snow storm passing through. I don’t think we have a choice but to pull off and find a place to spend the night.

Luke says to Kathy.

His grandma takes his phone and uses the maps to find lodging off the next exit. They settle on a decent motel about five minutes away.




Once Luke pulls off the exit, it’s easy for him to find the motel down the street. He pulls into the parking lot. The first thing he notices is just how packed it is. He can’t even find a parking spot. He ends up dropping his grandmother off at the front entrance and finds parking on the other side of the building. Luke grabs his luggage and his grandmother’s overnight bag and heads to the lobby of the motel. He finds Kathy ready to head up to their room with the key in hand.

-So here’s the situation....we just got the last room of the night and it’s a one bed, queen size.

Kathy says to her grandson.

-That’s fine. We’ll make it work,

Luke replies after a brief pause.

His perverted thoughts kick into the front of his mind all over again as they make their way to their room on the second floor. Having to share a bed, sleeping so close to her, his mind drifts off thinking about spooning with his grandmother in bed. As they stand in the elevator, Kathy looks to him with a smile on her face.

-Thanks for bringing the extra coat! Definitely would have been freezing tonight without it!

She says.

-Figured you didn’t have one. Mom told me to pack it just in case.

Kathy had put on the coat before stepping out of the vehicle. The winds were strong and the snow was falling heavily. The icy weather brought sub freezing temperatures to the Salt Lake area. Luke and his grandma got off the interstate at just the right time. The highway was shut down soon after for the night due to the hazardous conditions. By the time Luke and Kathy got to their room, the weather became a blizzard with howling winds and strong snow fall.

-There’s no way we were going to make it to Wyoming tonight my darling,

Kathy says staring out the window.

-Not a chance grandma.

They get settled into the small room for the night. Luke is a bit exhausted from the hours spent driving. Kathy asks him to turn the heat up as the room was cold. She ends up taking a hot shower before going getting into bed. Luke eyes his grandmother walking out of the bathroom in her pajamas. She wears a pink, silk pajama dress. The material is thin and the dress ends about half way down her legs. Her skin looks soft and smooth as she had put on some moisturizer after her shower. Luke can’t help but think how amazing his grandmother looks for her age. While digging through her overnight bag, Luke takes a quick look at Kathy’s full body. His eyes widen when he sees her enlarged breasts hidden underneath her gown. He can see her nipples through the thin material of her pajamas. He can tell they’re erect.

Luke always knew his grandmother has had big boobs. He just never made a big deal about them because he never had taken a sexual interest in her. At least until now. He knows she had her breasts enhanced. When he was a young teen, he remembered overhearing a conversation his mom had with his grandmother. Kathy got a boob job done to enhance her breasts for her husband’s satisfaction and to feel young again as she was going through a late midlife crisis. Of course, Luke didn’t think anything about it at the time, but seeing his grandma now, he was driving himself crazy!

Luke ends up taking a hot shower shortly after his grandmother. He enjoyed the feeling of the hot water after walking outside in the freezing weather. The water pressure was great too. After he gets out, Luke stares at himself in the fogged up mirror. He looks down at his crotch with his completely erect penis. It was such a relief for his cock to stand erect after being hidden in his pants all day. Several times thinking about his grandmother he managed to hide his bulge in his pants. At times it hurt from how hard he was. Now his cock is out free. He stares at his average sized penis, almost six inches. He was satisfied with his size, and never felt insecure. He was impressed with his girth, having a thick and meaty cock. He does the best he can to hide his bulge in his boxer briefs and slips on a white tee before exiting the bathroom.

Luke feels the temperature change leaving the humid and fogged up bathroom to a chilling environment in the small room. Kathy is wrapped up in bed shivering.

-Luke, I think the heater is broken. The machine just stopped running out of nowhere when you were in the shower.

Kathy says.

-Let me check it out.

Luke walks to the thermostat to find the screen completely blank. He tried pressing the power button and the reset switch but had no luck. It was completely dead. Luke could feel the temperature in the room dropping by the second. The snow storm outside is in full effect. He decided to give the front desk a call to try and see if by chance maintenance was available. He gets ahold of the front desk receptionist after a brief hold, but receives the bad news.

-I’m so sorry! Maintenance is gone for the night and won’t be back until 8AM. We have about ten other broken heater complaints and unfortunately we’re completely booked due to the storm. The best that I can do is bring up some extra blankets but it’ll be awhile since I’m all by myself.

-No it’s ok, I understand. Have a goodnight.

Luke says, hanging up the phone.

-Looks like we’re on our own. The heater is busted and maintenance won’t be here till morning.

Luke informs his grandmother.

-Wow! Guess we’re just going to freeze ourselves to death tonight.

Kathy says with a hint of frustration in her voice.

-We’ll make the best out of it grandma. You can sleep with my sweater on. I actually don’t get cold easily so I’ll be fine with just the covers.

Luke tells her.

-Yeah, I guess you’re right. If all else fails, we have each other for warmth my darling,

Kathy says with a smile.

Luke tries to dismiss the instant image in his head of spooning with his grandma. She has a point though. They could use each other for warmth, having to share a bed. He can’t help but feel guilty that he can’t think about hugging his grandma in bed for warmth without sexualizing it in his mind.

Luke grabs his sweater and gives it to his grandmother. She takes it but doesn’t put it on. Instead, she decides to wrap herself in it, just in case she ends up getting too hot. Luke turns off the light in the room and climbs into bed, joining her. She lies down in the center, extra close to her grandson for body heat. The temperature in the room continues to drop as the snow storm progresses with no sign of stopping anytime soon.




Kathy is sound asleep, snoring lightly. Luke lies face up staring at the ceiling. He feels her body pressed up against him. He’s warm underneath the covers but knows he’d be freezing if he were to step out of bed. Luke can hear the wind howling outside with the heavy snow continuing to fall from the sky. The room is dark but he can see everything in the room as the curtain isn’t fully shut. From the small gap in the center of the curtains, he can see the outside. With the motel parking lot lights and the overcast winter skies, Luke can see the snow falling down. He shifts his head over to look at his grandmother sound asleep wrapped in his sweater and the blankets. Her body is snugged against his. He feels her warm tender legs pressed against his. Luke is tired but he can’t sleep as he’s lost in thought, lusting over his grandmother. It’s been so long since he’s last had intercourse. He’s been so lenient and patient with his fiancé, waiting for her to come home. He has jerked himself off so many times. And now, here he is. Lying in bed with another woman who happens to be his grandmother. The guilty feelings of lusting over his grandma began to dissipate. He feels his heart beating faster and sexual adrenaline kicking in as his cock hardens inside of his boxers.

Luke thinks about getting out of bed to relief himself in the bathroom. He wants to jerk off, thinking about Kathy. Just as he shifts himself upward to get out of bed, Kathy wakes up with a stir.

-Are you ok?

She asks sitting up.

-Uh, yeah. I was just cold,

Luke says trying to think of what to say in the moment.

-Oh darling I know! I’m freezing! Maybe we can cuddle for warmth. Care to hug your grandma and keep me warm?

Kathy says reaching over to Luke and rubbing his shoulder.

Luke immediately feels nervous, knowing how he has a complete erection. But he didn’t want to make himself look like a jerk by acting like he was uncomfortable to hug his grandmother in bed as she freezes. He takes a deep breath and decides to take a risk.

-I don’t mind keeping you warm grandma. I just uh....well....let’s just say I’m a bit stiff. I usually go to sleep and wake up with a hard on. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable lying with you while I’m like this.....

Luke says.

To his amazement, Kathy laughs.

-What, you think I don’t know men get erections? Darling, I was married to your grandfather for over forty years! He had an erection each time we spooned in bed. And of course he’d wake up with morning wood! I know your stick has a mind of its own. Especially when you haven’t had the luxury of being intimate with your fiancé in almost a year! All I know is that I’m freezing, you’re freezing, and we can cuddle for some body heat. We don’t need to make it weird. Sound good?

-Yes grandma.

Kathy lies down on her side with Luke moving in closer to her. He presses his body up against hers and wraps his arm over her waist. She gasps aloud feeling just how hard her grandson is behind her. His cock is pressed up against her ass. Luke lies down spooning Kathy with a feeling of disbelief. Not only for his dirty thoughts seemingly coming to life, but for how relaxed his grandma was, cuddling with him knowing he has an erection. And the fact that he openly told her that he had an erection. Why was he so comfortable talking about his sex life earlier to begin with? A bunch of questions began to flood Luke’s head. One thing for sure, he knew that this was no longer just an innocent cuddle for warmth. And there was no going back for what is to come next.

Five minutes turn into ten and then fifteen minutes go by. Luke is wide awake, body pressed against his grandmother. His bulge is still present. His cock hurts, throbbing, so desperate to escape his boxers. He knew his grandma had to be awake. She keeps quiet and pretends to be asleep. Except he knows that when she’s asleep, she snores lightly. Now she lies on her side breathing heavily. Luke wonders what’s going through her mind as he bravely decides to slowly grind his hips against her bottom, thrusting into her with his bulge. Kathy’s breathing becomes more audible with each of her grandson’s thrusts into her. Luke presses his arm tighter around his grandmother, allowing the opportunity for his hand to press against her lower breasts. As his courage builds on, he grinds himself against Kathy with slow gentle motions. His heart beats rapidly from the thrill of it all. He feels his cock against the material of his underwear press and rub the material of his grandmother’s short gown. His bulge rubs in between her glutes.

Kathy lies awake completely aware of what’s happening. She knows just how much sexual tension her grandson has been under for a long time. Her subconscious and morals must have taken the day off, as the last thing she’s concerned with is how wrong the situation is. The craziest part was that she’s more than happy to help sexually relieve her grandson. She has been around his entire life and is very proud of the man he is. Kathy has definitely paid attention to how handsome he’s become. She’s more than grateful to have this opportunity to spend some quality time with him. She appreciates the time he took out of his schedule to come and help her move from out of state. As a widowed woman, she too has been lonely and has desperately craved the sensual feeling and touch of a man. Earlier in the car, she realized deep down in her heart how much she lusted for her grandson after the conversation of his complications with his fiancé. She knew in her heart it’s wrong, but she chose to ignore the feeling and chased her darkest and deepest desire at the moment. And right now, everything seems to be falling into place. It’s just a matter of time before Luke realizes that his grandma has completely accepted the fact that whatever happens tonight, it’s more than fine with her.

Luke stops grinding and takes a moment to wait for some kind of sign that his grandmother is alert and well aware of what’s happening. His heart pounds, holding onto her in a spooning position. All of a sudden, he feels Kathy’s lower body shift, thrusting back into his crotch. She does so softly a few times, discreetly signaling her grandson to go forward. Luke cannot believe what’s happening. His head is screaming at the top of his lungs just how wrong this is. His intimacy with his grandmother is escalating! And she seems to be ok with that! And on top of it all, he knows he’s cheating on his fiancé. It’s all too much for him though. He chooses to think with his lower head as it’s currently in his pants dry humping the woman who gave birth to his mother.

Luke continues to dry hump Kathy, gaining the courage to take his hand and venture it up north to her breasts. He scoops one up and squeezes it gently. He proudly feels the fabric of her silky gown, holding Kathy’s boob. He hears her moan aloud for the first time. Both of them stay in silence for the next few minutes, trying to make the moment last. The moment where they each allowed their incestual lust to kick in. They lie in darkness inside the motel room, listening to the howling wind outside. Thanks to the crack of light coming from between the curtains, Luke can make out his grandma’s figure. She suddenly takes her arm and pulls him off of her body, adjusting her dress. Luke feels her trying to yank it up high. He helps his grandmother and pulls himself just enough for her to pull her gown halfway up her body. He takes that time to lay himself on his back and completely pull off his boxers with one hand. Luke jerks his penis slowly under the covers, enjoying the feeling of his meat breaking free from captivity in his pants.

Throughout all of this, he and his grandma don’t say a word. Once she pulled her dress up, she continued to lay on her side facing away from her grandson. Luke then gets back into his spooning position with Kathy, allowing his cock to press up against her lower body. He’s utterly shocked to feel her warm, naked clit in between her legs. The entire night, Kathy did not have on any panties. She climbed into bed with her grandson wearing a short pajama dress without undergarments. With another burst of courage, Luke takes his arm and slowly caresses Kathy’s body going down to her leg. He then slips his hand in between them, reaching down to explore her womanhood. Kathy makes it easier for her grandson to have free reign over her crotch by opening her legs a bit wider. Luke feels like he’s losing his virginity all over again, feeling his grandmother’s pubic area. He feels her short, prickly pubic hair. He then reaches a bit lower to feel her warm, wet vaginal folds. Luke savors the moment and rubs his grandmother’s outer vagina in a circular pattern.

Kathy’s body shivers from the stimulation. She cannot believe in her head what’s happening. She’s longed for the touch of a man for so long and her own grandson is here pressed against her with his hand in between her legs, moments away from giving her orgasmic satisfaction. It’s so difficult for her to stay quiet as he plays with her clit.

Luke continues to play and tease Kathy, rubbing her pussy. He finds her tight entry and takes his forefinger to shove it up inside. Kathy is no longer able to keep silent, gasping out loud. She breathes heavily trying to moan quietly to herself as her grandson works up the confidence to take an extra finger and shove it deep inside her wet snatch. Luke lies down breathing just as heavily as his grandmother. His heart pounds and his forehead drips with sweat from the intensity of the moment. He can feel his cock twitch, spitting out pre-ejaculate from how aroused he is. Luke presses his face up against his grandmother’s neck. He inhales and gets a whiff of the floral scent from her feminine shampoo with her hair in his nose.

Kathy then let’s out an audible groan, out of breath. Luke’s fingers inside her pussy are wet and gooey, sliding in and out of her snatch much easier than before. Kathy has reached her first climax of the night. The best one she’s had in years. Possibly ever! Her own grandson has made her cum in such a way, her vagina throbs begging for more attention. She needs more sexual relief and she desperately needs it now! Kathy knows there’s absolutely no going back now with her grandson. She must finish what they’ve started. Luke’s fingers aren’t going to cut it. Nothing in the world could make her happier at the moment other than her grandson’s penis lodged deep inside her.

With a devious grin on his face and an immense feeling of satisfaction, Luke takes his hand away from in between Kathy’s legs. He smells his fingers that were lodged inside her love hole, taking in a deep whiff of his grandma’s scent. Luke puts his two fingers in his mouth and relishes the tangy flavor of a mature woman. He’s always had a fetish for older women. Luke let’s his grandmother’s vaginal flavor sit on his tongue as he gets more comfortable. He sits upright in bed and takes off his shirt. Without a word, Kathy sits up and rips the bedsheets off the both of them. Their silence speaks for them. Both are on the same page and don’t need verbal communication to get what they desire.

Luke and Kathy take their first fully nude glances at each other in the freezing dark room. Luke eyes his grandmother’s body, admiring her naked beauty. For her age, Kathy looks amazing! Luke can see she’s a little chubby with curves, especially around her waist. Her enhanced breasts are just a bit sagged and have a tan line from her bra. Her areolas are perfectly centered with puffy erect nipples. Luke is in a trance, not knowing where to begin. Kathy clears her throat and speaks in almost a whisper.

-Is this ok with you?

She asks her grandson.

Luke replies with a simple nod. He extends his arm over to touch his grandmother’s bare breasts. He feels how soft and tender they are. Kathy closes her eyes and gently moans as Luke feels her up.

Kathy’s pussy aches and longs for her grandson’s cock. She can see it standing nice and firm. She admires it from a distance at first. Luke’s cock reminded her of her late husband’s. Luke definitely has more girth. She envisions just how much he’ll stretch her out once he stuff his manhood deep inside her. Kathy allows Luke to fondle her tits for a moment before she takes her hand and grabs his stiff rod. Luke gasps at the sensation of Kathy’s warm hand wrapped around his shaft. She strokes his meat up and down, savoring the feel of a hard penis in her hand. Something she hadn’t felt in a while. Luke sits back and relaxes as his grandmother gives him a hand job. Deep in her heart she knew what she’s doing is wrong. But Kathy and Luke are way past their morals and have accepted that this is what they both want.

Kathy stares at her grandson in the dark room. She can make out his face and see his eyes are closed. He takes calm deep breathes trying to stay focused and determined not to cum so quick. Kathy looks at Luke and doesn’t see a relative. She sees a handsome man who can be her lover and provide sexual satisfaction. Kathy stops jerking Luke off and leans into him. She grabs his face and turns him toward her, leaning in. Their lips touch for a second before he backs away for a moment. Luke still can’t believe the reality of the situation before him, but he quickly accepts it.

Luke leans into his grandmother and returns the kiss back. They start slow, letting their lips touch on and off. Kathy breathes heavily into Luke’s face as he works up the nerve to reach for her thighs and bring her body closer to him. Kathy takes this as a means to climb on top of Luke. He feels his cock rub against her dripping wet clit, in between her plump ass cheeks. Luke and Kathy’s kiss is far from innocent and quickly continues to build up as he slips his tongue into her mouth. Kathy presses her face against her grandson’s as they explore each other’s mouths.

Kathy groans, slurping up the flavor in Luke’s mouth and passionately kissing his lips. Her patience has run out. She needs Luke deep inside her hungry pussy. Reaching behind her, she finds his erect penis. She shakes her hips and adjusts herself to find her slit with the tip of his cock. Without any trouble she sits down on his stick, stretching out her tight vaginal passage. Kathy yelps at first, not used to her pussy being stretched to this extent. Luke is definitely the thickest cock she’s ever had. It’s a foreign sensation she’s not accustomed to. At first it’s painful. She feels like her vagina is being torn wide open. The pain almost magically subsides and turns into absolute pleasure. Kathy grabs both of her grandson’s broad shoulders for support. She springs up and down on his fat rod, getting close to her second orgasm.

Luke lays down in awe as his grandma does the work for him. His mind is going at a thousand miles per hour screaming how wrong yet satisfying this is. Kathy rides his cock, bouncing up and down on top of him. He lays with his arms holding her lower thighs and occasionally venturing off to her plump ass, caressing her cheeks. Kathy is mostly quiet, grunting and moaning softly. In a bizarre way, Luke appreciated the fact that his grandmother has kept the talking to a bare minimum. She spared him the possibility of having second thoughts for their unexpected intimacy. Deep down Luke knew she wanted him just as bad as he wanted her. They both skipped the talking and just went straight for the sex. The last thing on their minds is the aftermath of their incestual affair. Neither of them care about the potential consequences as Luke tries so hard to distract himself. He can feel deep inside his testicles an orgasm building up. He’s enjoying every moment, trying to make it last as long as he can.

Kathy briefly stops her movement as he adjusts himself. It’s his turn to take over. Luke wraps his arms around her and brings her face closer to him for another kiss. Luke and Kathy groan in unison, lips locked, tongues colliding, and bodies thrusting. Luke uses his hips to shove himself deep into her mature pussy. Their bodies are pressed firm against each other. The audible clapping of his cock busting in and out of her slit fill the dark room. Luke tastes a soft mint flavor in his grandma’s mouth. He smells her floral shampoo each time her hair falls into his face as he fucks her. He feels her soft tender breasts pressed against his chest. Luke takes Kathy and pulls her up to grab her breasts and fondle them. She moans as he squeezes them tight, smashing them together and massaging them. All the while building up his tempo, letting his hips get a great workout with deep thrusts in and out of her snatch.

Kathy knows she’s close to her second arrival of the night. Luke hits her clit in the right spot each time he thrusts deep into her. She knows just how wrong this is, thinking about how her current lover is her grandson of all people. The high levels of serotonin in her brain mixed with lust is more than enough for her to excuse her guilt-ridden thoughts. She closes her eyes and thinks about how satisfying it is, feeling her grandson penetrate her deeply. Luke picks up his pace once more and Kathy knows she’s going to gush! He squeezes her breasts and takes deep strides up into cunt at a steady tempo. Her eyes open and her mouth drops as her pussy is showered in nirvana. She feels herself gushing down his shaft, doing a terrible job of staying quiet.


Kathy spits out.

Luke knew his grandma had another orgasm. He felt her vagina convulse as he steadily continues to fuck her. Kathy’s orgasm soon subsides and Luke gives her a moment to catch a breath.


Kathy says.

Luke stays quiet but smiles at his grandma feeling proud. She was able to cum once again and he somehow managed to last this long without an orgasm. He knows he’s on borrowed time at this point. His balls are boiling with semen, itching to be drained.

Kathy calms down and eventually rolls herself off of Luke. She grabs the covers and wraps herself up.

-It’s so cold!

She says.

Luke pulls his body under the sheets and gets on top of his grandmother. Her body shivers from the cold. He caresses her body as she moans softly once again. He wants to shove his penis back into her. Kathy’s legs widen, allowing for the opportunity for Luke’s cock to meet and touch her dripping wet clit. He leans down into her for another passionate kiss. His lower body does the work for him as he aligns himself finding her slit and slips back into her. Luke loves the warm sensation of her tight vagina wrapped around his shaft. He then takes long and deep strokes in and out of her. He allows his body to move upright enough for his tip to stay inside of her until he slams right back down deep inside of her pussy. Kathy grunts each time he slams himself into her. Luke fucks her for a couple of minutes building up the intensity for his imminent arrival.

Kathy kisses her grandson with lust and desire. She’s never felt so alive and so complete until this very moment. She wants to scream out loud as Luke fucks her deeply. She contains herself as she feels him slow his pace down. She knows he’s about to cum. Kathy wants to feel her grandson cream her throbbing pussy. She encourages him to finish deep inside of her without any worry.

-Darling, please cum inside me! Cum for your grandmother! I can’t get pregnant anymore, please give me your seed! I need it!!

Hearing her words, Luke grunts. He knew he was a goner once she told him to cum inside of her. To cum for his grandmother! It was all so surreal. Hearing her say aloud that he’s fucking his grandmother sent a chill down his spine, in a good way of course. With a few more powerful thrusts, Luke lifts his head and cries aloud.

-I’m cumming grandma!! I’m cumming for you!!

Luke’s penis spits out one massive load after the other deep into his grandmother’s womb. A wave of pleasure sweeps over his body as his cock convulses, spurting out his milk deep inside of her. The lust for his grandmother and the knowing of just how wrong he was for doing what he did, and not having any kind of intercourse in nearly a year, all were contributing factors for the most powerful orgasm he’s ever had. His fiancé was the last thing on his mind at the moment.

Kathy lies with her eyes shut as her grandson fills her up with his seed. It’s so warm, so plentiful. The ultimate feeling of satisfaction knowing she was able to make her grandson cum for her. She loves the fact that he wanted to fuck her. She’s happy she was able to give him the sexual pleasure he desperately needed for so long. Most importantly, she’s relieved to know that she doesn’t regret what just happened between the two of them. No post orgasm guilt. No heat of the moment excuses. Just the pure satisfaction of getting a good fucking in such a long time.

Luke eventually pulls himself out and lies down next to his grandma. They catch their breaths in silence. He wonders what’s going through her mind. For him, all he can think about is how relieved and satisfied he is. And not one ounce of guilt or regret in him! He admits to himself that he just fucked his grandma and he absolutely loved it! He thinks back on some random hookups with strangers in the past that he regrets having. Yet deep down, he knows he won’t ever regret this night. The night he got intimate with his loving grandmother during a snow storm on a road trip.


-Yes Grandma?

-Any regrets tonight?

She asks.

-Absolutely not!

-Good! This will be our little secret.

Kathy says.

She gets closer to her grandson. Luke pulls her in and gets into the familiar spooning position from earlier.

-So idea if the roads will be clear by tomorrow. But if so, maybe we can take a detour? I’m not in a rush anymore to get back to Colorado.

Luke tells Kathy.

She laughs and reaches behind, rubbing her grandson’s arm.

-I would love to take that detour with you my darling. I got a good feeling this will be a road trip to remember for the both of us.


Thanks for reading! I have some ideas for a sequel. A Part 2 could be in the works!


2021-05-03 20:27:19
A good story. A sequel would be nice.

Russell FultzReport 

2021-04-23 00:00:22
Great story looking forward to the next chapter, and thank you


2021-04-19 23:03:23
Good story. Would have liked for the conversation between Luke and Kathy in the car to be a little more back and forth, get a sense of her own desire.
Tthe formatting needs work. "Kathy says" is not a paragraph. fixing the formatting will probably keep this story in the 25 for weeks.

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Whew....A nice slow build up to the inevitable.....Good story!


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Finally, a great story where the guy isn't talking about his 8 or 9 inch cock. Too many writers don't seem to realize that the key to a good fantasy is making it seem like it could possibly happen.

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