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John Meyers stared at the being before him in shock, unable to believe what he was seeing, yet knowing it must be true. The woman who had moved in next door to him, on the same day that he received his strange new powers, was in fact an alien. A pink skinned creature that stood at least seven foot tall.

"Who are you", John demanded and V'Sharra felt his powers pushing into her mind, disabling any thought of defense, although she was aware it was happening. "My name is V'Sharra", she said. "What are you doing here", John asked, although he suspected he knew the answer. "I'm monitoring you", V'Sharra said, hating that she couldn't stop herself from answering. John discovering the truth meant that the entire experiment could be in jeopardy.

"Why are you watching me", he said forcibly. "Why did you abduct me?" Without her consent, V'Sharra felt the words come tumbling out of her mouth. She told him about her aunt going to the council and the proposition to remove humans from the universe; how N'Korra had ***********ed this city and then chosen John as her primary subject; and she told him how she had been meticulously recording everything he had been doing for the last few days.

John stumbled backwards and fell onto the chair behind himself, stunned by the story he was hearing. He had suspected that he had, in fact, been abducted. But it had never crossed his mind that beings from other planets would use him to eradicate his own species. A question suddenly occurred to him. "Why are you telling me this? Surely your project is in danger if I know the truth?"

"Your mental abilities are stronger than we had reckoned for", V'Sharra admitted. "It never crossed my mind, or my aunt's, I think, that your powers would be strong enough to influence us." The truth was staggering to John, but he realized that this might be a benefit. "So, even you can't resist my commands", he asked and V'Sharra shook her head, her eyes looking at the floor.

"Then I think that, for starters, you should take off those clothes", John said, a sudden hunger rising in him. "If I remember correctly, you aliens aren't unattractive, even if you are pink." V'Sharra tried to fight the command, even though she knew it was futile and, if she were honest, part of her didn't want to. All of the sex she had been observing, as well as participating in, had kept her in a state of arousal that she didn't think was possible.

Her long, nimble fingers grabbed the t-shirt and pulled it over her head. Then she pushed the shorts down and off of her long legs. Now she stood before John, completely exposed and, surprisingly, craving his approval. V'Sharra didn't understand why she felt that, why she wanted this human to find her attractive, although she suspected that his powers were working on her at a subconscious level.

"Very sexy", John said as he looked her up and down, his eyes taking in every inch of her strange, yet familiar form. Her body was lean and lithe, without a hint of fat; and yet, she wasn't so thin that it was unattractive. Her pink breasts were large, perhaps a D cup, and ended in dark pink nipples, which stood erect; her stomach was flat and smooth; and her pussy, bright pink and completely void of hair, was glistening with her excitement.

"So, you want this to happen, do you", John said, smirking as he looked back up into V'Sharra's eyes. She wanted so badly to shake her head, to deny what her body was saying, but she couldn't. She silently nodded and looked at the floor, ashamed that she had so little control over herself. "You want to pleasure me, to know that your body is making me happy", John asked, still smirking. Once again, V'Sharra nodded, her cheeks flushing with excitement and shame, unable to look him in the eyes.

"Good. Having that level of control over you is good", John said and turned away from V'Sharra. "Now, put your clothes back on, because you have work to do." It felt to V'Sharra like he had slapped her when he told her to get dressed once more. She had been sure that she was finally going to experience John's dick, although she wanted to deny her desire. And then to have him turn away, to reject her, made her feel more horrible than she had ever felt in her life.

She hurriedly put her clothes back on and then turned toward John. "What do you mean 'we have work to do'", she asked, wiping a tear from her eye. "Exactly that", John said, sitting at the chair before her monitors. "I assume you have to send reports to your aunt, correct", John asked and V'Sharra nodded.

"Good", John said, his mind filling with ideas. "Send her a report and tell her that there's a problem and she needs to come to you. How long will it take for her to get the report and come here?" V'Sharra did the math in her head and looked up at John, trying to hide the hurt in her eyes. "She should be here within twelve hours." "Alright then, I'll be ready. Just make sure you don't mention anything about me discovering the truth." V'Sharra nodded and began typing the report as John turned and left.


As John exited the house, he saw a familiar car pulling up in his driveway. "Theresa", he said happily as he walked to greet his older sister, who was just getting out of her car. "Hey little brother", she said as she hugged him. "Do you have a new neighbor", she asked and John nodded. "Yeah, I was just getting to know her", John said and Theresa raised her eyebrows. "Nothing like that", he said and playfully pushed her arm.

"Maybe not, but you definitely need a girlfriend", she said and then John heard a younger voice speak up as the passenger door opened. "Yeah, uncle John, you need a girl. Then maybe you could get laid and not be so grumpy when we visit", said a teenage girl. "Meagan", Theresa said sharply, glaring at her daughter. "What", Meagan said defiantly and John chuckled. "Like mother, like daughter", John said and Theresa shook her head. "Let's hope not." "She already looks just like you", John said and he looked his niece up and down as the trio walked into his house.

Both mother and daughter had blonde wavy hair, although Theresa kept hers in a tight ponytail, while Meagan's hung past her shoulders and had electric blue tips. Theresa was slightly taller, standing 5'6, although Meagan was only and inch or two shorter and still growing: Theresa had large, full breasts that sagged a little with age, while Meagan's tits were maybe a B cup and stood perky, straining against the tight top she wore. The one thing that both of them possessed was an amazing ass, both so firm and plump, begging to be smacked. John had never before looked at either sexually, but with his newfound powers, he found himself looking at every woman he met and thinking about them in such a manner.

"Well, let's hope looks are all she gets from me", Theresa said with a small laugh as they all entered the living room and sat down. John found himself next to his sister, Meagan sitting in a chair across the room. The second that the teen's perfect ass touched the chair, her phone came out and she ignored them. This had always irritated John, but Theresa let it happen, so he didn't say anything.

"So, what brings you by", John asks and Theresa laughed. "Does a sister need a reason to visit her little brother?" "No", John said with a smirk, "but you always have one." "Well, there is something", Theresa said and John nodded. "Who is she", he asked, used to his sister trying to set him up on dates. She seemed convinced that he was miserable because he was alone. "If only she knew what was happening recently", John thought with a smile as Theresa continued speaking.

"Her name is Mary and she works in my office", Theresa said. "She sweet and funny and smart." "What's she look like", John asked and he watched as Theresa rolled her eyes, while Meagan let out a snort of laughter. "Looks aren't important", Theresa and John laughed. "Maybe not to you", he said and Theresa shook her head. "You need to worry less about what's on the outside and more about who she is on the inside."

"Why", John asked as he felt a familiar hunger rising inside himself. "I can have any woman I want." "Is that so", Theresa said with a smirk, clearly irritated with her brother's attitude. "Yes, it is so", John said and stood up. "And right now, I think I want you and Meagan." The words left his lips and he could swear he felt reality shift.

Theresa and Meagan both stood and moved in front of him. "Why didn't you say so sooner", Theresa purred as she moved to a kneeling position in front of her brother. Meagan looked up at her uncle, her cell phone forgotten, as he grabbed her by the back of her neck and kissed her deeply. "Join your mother", he said and she nodded, hurriedly kneeling in front of him.

"Maybe I should call you big brother", Theresa said as she freed his cock, which was quickly hardening until it stood proud and erect. Meagan didn't say anything, just leaned forward and began running her tongue over his balls. John moaned, his niece's tongue feeling unbelievably amazing on his testicles. His pleasure soared even higher as Theresa, her hand slowly stroking his shaft, took the head of his dick in her mouth. She ran her tongue over the spongy flesh as she sucked on it.

"Goddamn sis, who knew you were so good at this", John groaned and Theresa smiled up at him as she pulled her mouth off of his cock. "Why do you think I was so popular in high school", she asked with a wink, before taking his dick in her mouth once more. As his dick slid in and out of his sister's mouth, John looked down at his niece.

"Get out of those clothes and onto the couch", he said and she eagerly obeyed. While Theresa's head bobbed back and forth on his cock, John watched his sexy niece's body unveil. She pulled her shirt up and over her head, showing off very perky tits, her hard nipples begging for attention. Then she unbuttoned the booty shorts she was wearing and slid them down, revealing a tiny pink thong, with a tiny triangle of fabric covering her obviously smooth pussy.

Even from where he stood, several feet away, John could see the material growing damp, Meagan getting excited by her uncle's eyes on her. Then she turned, giving him a perfect view of her tight little ass; she bent over, sliding the thong down as she moved, fully revealing the now soaking gash between her legs. "Fuck, that looks like heaven", John said as Meagan got onto the couch on all fours. He pulled his dick out of Theresa's mouth, eliciting a whine from her, and went over to Meagan.

Theresa could feel her own pussy drenching as she watched her brother rubbing his big cock up and down her daughter's pussy lips. As John thrust forward, burying his shaft inside his niece's hot cunt, Theresa let out a moan as she felt her own pussy twitching. Meagan, lost in the throes of an orgasm, screamed out her pleasure as her uncle filled her convulsing teen twat with his huge dick.

John moaned as he felt Meagan's pussy spasming around his shaft, her velvety depths massaging his hard rod. "Sis, get out of those clothes and get over here. Your daughter could definitely use a tongue on her clit." Theresa has never undressed so fast in her life, not even for her husband, as she did in this moment.

As her much larger tits came into view, John nodded approvingly. Yes, they sagged a little, but it gave them the sexiest bounce as she struggled to get out of her jeans. Underneath, she also wore a thong, although it was definitely bigger than Meagan's. She also kept a trimmed triangle of blonde hair above her sopping hole. "Damn, you look good", John said to his sister as he pulled back and then thrust his cock deep into his niece, a cry of pleasure escaping her lips. "Now, get up here", John said and Theresa hurriedly obeyed.

Despite all of the wild times she had had in high school, she'd never been with another girl; in fact, it had never crossed her mind. Yet now, her mind affected by John's words, she found that there was nothing she wanted more than to taste her daughter's cunt. She got on the couch, on her back, and moved underneath Meagan's young body. Theresa moaned as she watched John's dick slam into her daughter's pussy and then she gave into the urge that was surging through her.

Meagan moaned loudly as her uncle's large rod slammed deep into her young, tight pussy; it was amazing to feel so full. The sensation was joined by a new feeling as her mother's tongue touched her clit. Meagan squealed in pleasure as her mother circled her excited clit, before gently nibbling on the bud. She had felt another woman's tongue on her pussy before, but it never felt this good. Perhaps it was the taboo of it all; after all, this was the woman who had given birth to her and now Theresa was enjoying her soaking hole. The thoughts combined with the physical pleasure and Meagan felt an orgasm more intense than any she had ever experienced rush through her. She cried out, nearly screaming her pleasure, as her juices erupted from her hole. Her nectar squirted out around her uncle's shaft and ran down to her mother.

Theresa eagerly lapped up the delectable honey that was streaming from her daughter's twat. She had never dreamed that a pussy could be so delicious, but she determined to experience this more in the future. As for John, he was in heaven as his niece's pussy spasmed and convulsed around his shaft. He looked down and saw how eagerly Theresa was drinking her daughter's pussy juice and he got an idea.

He slid out of Meagan's cunt, eliciting a whine of displeasure from the girl. "Don't worry", he said, slapping her ass, "I'm not anywhere near done with this sexy body. But, for now, I'm going to let your mother enjoy your pussy unimpeded and I'm going to enjoy this." As he spoke, he spread Meagan's ass cheeks, hungrily staring at her puckered hole.

While Theresa greedily buried her tongue inside her daughter's sopping wet twat, a slight tinge of fear entered Meagan. She had never had her ass fucked before and a few of her friends who had complained that it was extremely painful. But her fears were quickly soothed as John, seeing the fear in Meagan's eyes, spoke again. "Don't worry, it's going to be a lot of fun. You'll definitely enjoy having me in your ass."

Suddenly, nothing in the world seemed more desirable to Meagan than to have her uncle shove his big dick inside her virgin asshole. She leaned her chest against the couch and reached around behind her, spreading her ass cheeks. "Please, uncle John, ram that big dick inside my ass. Take my anal virginity." Her pleading made John even hornier and he grabbed her waist with one hand, lined his dick up with her tiny hole, and pushed forward.

The first thrust of his cum-soaked shaft pushed about three inches into Meagan's ass. John groaned as the girl winced, the pain of having her ass stretched around a thick cock mingling with the pleasure of knowing her uncle was enjoying her body. John pulled back and thrust forward again, pushing more of his dick into Meagan's teen ass. Her tight, velvety hole gripped his dick so firmly that it almost hurt, yet he couldn't imagine a better feeling.

It took several minutes of thrusting until he finally managed to bury himself inside Meagan's bowels. By now, the pain had subsided for her, leaving only the immeasurable pleasure of having a large dick inside her ass. She couldn't believe how good it felt and she knew that she would be doing this again. The pleasure was heightened by her mother's tongue, which swirled around inside her teen cunt, as Theresa's fingers massaged her daughter's clit.

John moaned as his balls rested against his niece's taint, his entire shaft inside her bowels. Then he began sliding back and forth, his cock sawing in and out of the impossibly tight hole, slowly loosening it. He started off slow, but soon picked up speed, until he was ramming his entire length deep inside Meagan. The girl screamed in pleasure as orgasm after orgasm wracked her body, rewarding her mother with several delicious treats.

John could feel his own orgasm building as he hammered deep into Meagan's rectum and he didn't even try to hold it back. He thrust forward as hard as he could and exploded, pumping spurt after spurt of hot, white cum deep inside her. Meagan moaned her pleasure loudly as she felt her uncle's dick pulsing inside her, filling her with semen.

As John's orgasm finished, he slid his still hard cock from his niece's gaping asshole. Theresa, as if on cue, opened her mouth wide and John slid his shaft down her throat. She groaned as she tasted the tart flavor of her daughter's ass on her brother's dick. John moaned loudly as he felt his sister licking every inch of his rod, his eyes moving to Meagan's leaking asshole.

When he pulled out of Theresa's mouth, he looked into Meagan's eager eyes. "Your mother looks hungry. Feed her", he said with a smile as his words took effect. Meagan shifted until her asshole was directly above Theresa's mouth, then sat down. Theresa happily slid her tongue into her daughter's well fucked ass, jizz and the taste of Meagan's ass mixing together in a sweet cacophony of flavor.

While his sister devoured his niece's ass, John moved to the end of the couch. Theresa's cunt was soaking wet, a huge damp spot on the arm of his sofa. Obviously, she had orgasmed from the pure joy of feasting on her daughter. Without a word to the women, John aimed his dick at his sister's sopping wet hole and thrust forward.

Theresa cried out in pure ecstasy as an orgasm ripped through her. No cock had ever felt as good inside her as this one. It was as if her pussy had been made to pleasure her brother's cock. John couldn't have agreed more. Although it wasn't as tight as some of the cunts he had been inside the past few days, Theresa's twat gripped his dick perfectly. Her experience and maturity showed as her pussy muscled squeezed wnd massaged his shaft, almost of their own accord.

John grunted, a primal fire building inside him, as he grabbed his sister by the waist and started hammering her pussy. Theresa let loose a scream of pure bliss as John's cock pounded deep into her womb. The effect of that scream felt amazing to Meagan, still riding her mother's face. She twisted her nubile young body and leaned forward, diving toward her mother's snatch. As her tongue made contact with Theresa's wet cunt, the same cunt that had birthed her, Meagan felt a thrill rush through her. The pure taboo joy of licking her mother's pussy nearly pushed her over the edge of orgasm once more.

Theresa lost count of the orgasms she had as her brother's big dick slammed deep inside her while her barely legal daughter lapped at her cunt. The feeling of Theresa's pussy in a constant state of spasms and contractions felt amazing to John as he rammed into her again and again. Her cunt muscles squeezed and massaged his dick, as if it were trying to milk the cum out of him. "Well, I can definitely oblige", John thought as he slammed deep into his sister and exploded.

He pumped his seed deep into her womb, flooding her cunt with his jizz. Theresa moaned lewdly as she felt her brother's cum splashing against her pussy walls. "I hope this gets me pregnant", she thought, surprised by her reaction. But it suddenly seemed like the best idea in the world, to be bred by her younger brother.


Hours later, John crawled out of bed. Theresa and Meagan lay unconscious, both with cum leaking from their various holes. After he had fucked them both earlier, he had decided they should stay the night. After consuming a quick dinner, the girls taking turns sucking his dick while they other was cooking or cleaning, he proceeded to fuck them for hours until they all passed out in the bed.

Both of them had taken at least two loads in each of their holes and John found himself kind of hoping that they would get pregnant. "But, that will have to wait", John said as he dressed and headed downstairs and out the front door.

He walked to V'Sharra's house in the dark, aware that the twelve hour deadline was quickly approaching. He didn't bother knocking, just let himself in. V'Sharra turned soberly and looked at him. On the monitors, he could see footage of him slamming into Meagan's young cunt. "Still watching me, huh", he asked and V'Sharra silently nodded, although he could see the question in her eyes.

"Perhaps you're wondering why I won't fuck you", he asked and she nodded vigorously. "Well, I'll get around to that. But first, I need to deal with your aunt." "Well, she should be here any moment", V'Sharra said and John nodded. "Good, because I can't wait to meet her."

At that moment, a car door closing could be heard outside. "That's her", V'Sharra said and John stood. "Go and welcome your aunt, but don't mention that I'm here", he said, stepping into the kitchen, but leaving the light off. As he listened, he could hear the front door open and V'Sharra greet someone. Then he heard a voice that he recognized from his dreams. "What's the problem", N'Korra asked, her voice somewhat deeper than V'Sharra's. "And why couldn't you tell me about it in your report?" Suddenly, John stepped into the room and both of the females turned toward him. "Because, I told her not to", John said and N'Korra looked at him, shocked to see him there.

To be continued...
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