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I sell myself to save the business - and the business i get into!
I walked out of the hotel to find Veronica’s truck waiting. She smiled as I got in and mockingly said “everything go OK at school today?” That smart-ass remark was not expected, but it did make me smile.

“Oh it was OK, you wouldn’t believe what the teacher taught me!” I responded, enjoying her laugh. As we were drove I asked “So I understand there’s a list”

“Damn that Regina, she talks way too much”. Veronica responded, then added “Yes, but like I said, they are all normal ladies, just ones with very specific needs. I had to make sure I had a steady line of income in order to be able to be so generous with the deal I gave your mother.” When we were in my neighborhood, Veronica backed us into the drive of an empty house that was for sale, and shut off the lights. As she did so she simply said “Get that dick out and lean the seat back. My day is over and I’m no longer concerned for my makeup.”

With no concern of how well Regina had washed her juices off, Veronica flipped the center console up, leaned over and took my whole cock into her mouth. It was only partly hard, but a bit of suction, her tongue, and some vibes from her humming and wow it was right there. There were several minutes of delicious slurpy sounds, then Veronica pulled off and said “I taste that Regina didn’t bathe you, but that’s fine this time. Next time though, you are to tell me.” And she began kicking off her heels.

“I really didn’t expect this, though I’m hardly complaining” I replied. Seeing Veronica pulling her panties from under & hiking up her skirt made me strip off my pants too. It was strange. I wasn’t used to being treated like this but at the same time it wasn’t like I was getting laid this much, so I pushed those thoughts aside, which is easy when a good looking woman is about to fuck you, even if it’s in her truck.

“Be mindful how you handle this skirt, it’s designer label” Veronica said, as she straddled me. Reaching down she gave my cock a few firm squeezes. “Yes Billy, I’m going to get you laid, as in a lot, but you remember, this dick is mine….Uuuhhh….” she said, as she lowered herself, sinking my whole dick inside her. I spent the next 30 plus minutes being ridden like stallion. In a blacked out truck. On a driveway. Of an empty home. Veronica had a smooth, steady, near-perfect rhythm as she enjoyed riding my dick like at her pace.

“Yes-s-s….that’s right Billy. You keep doing just that.” She said. Even in the dark interior I could see her starting at me with cold, controlling eyes. She knew what she was doing. “Hands under my blouse, release my bra, and play with those nipples.” She was panting now, but still that stare. “Yes-ahh…good boy…” she bit her lip and then said “Be careful/don’t stretch my blouse…..Day-umm Bil-ll-ly….”

The way she was going I could basically sit still as Veronica worked those hips back and forth, then up and down. She liked telling me what to do, and after that last bit about her blouse, the pace of her hips changed to moving back and forth, and she suddenly moved faster & faster. I was wore out after Mrs. Ford, so I gave Veronica’s nipples a really firm pinch followed with a twist, and that did it. Veronica Sams made some low grunts, her hips bucked HARD for about 20 seconds, then she slowed to stop, and without another word she climbed off and back in her seat.

Veronica lowered and straightened her skirt, looked over at her new money-toy, and smiled. Handing me an envelope she said “Here’s your cut as and another card as before. This person is Michelle Hwa. You’ll go visit her Thursday, and she’s across the bridge & out at the airport. The place is very modest, so don’t be put off. She’s a very good friend so treat her very nice, her needs are ‘special’.” Veronica started the truck and dropped me off at the house like she was dropping off her dry cleaning. I went in and took a shower, wondering just what the Hell had just happened. After my shower I pocketed the cash & took a look at the card. The address was for a place in a trailer park. I shrugged my shoulders, and hit the sack, as mom had a good bit for me to do at the store.

I pulled up at the trailer. The place was modest as stated, but clean. After several locks on the door flipped and clacked, I met Mrs. Hwa, a thin Asian lady. I guessed her to be in her late 40’s if not more, hard to tell with Asians. She was wearing a deep blue kimono that went to her knees. I knew to remove my shoes and did so before being asked. Michelle Hwa smiled broadly at that, and it was like a barrier fell. She took me by the arm, and began to chat. She insisted we sit and have tea, which was really quite nice. Upon taking my cup, she carefully put the set to the side, came back, and gave me a kiss.

“Bil-lee,” she said, “I have not been with man for long time, so we go my speed. But I like you. You very handsome and sweet.” I stood and she kissed me again, but this time it no peck as it had been before; it was a deep, hot, passionate kiss that took me by surprise. For a moment I was shocked but then I realized what was happening and I kissed her back. In just a moment I felt her lips part and then her tongue. She may have been an older woman but wow did she kiss well! When our tongues met it was like a flash, and it only got better from there.

Michelle opened her Kimono to reveal she had a matching pair of dark blue satin bra & panties, and placed my hand on her ‘A’ breast. Her nipples were drooped but I still gave them attention. Even though she was wearing a bra I could feel her nipple getting hard. It was then that realized just how fucking sexy she really was. She had a great body, atop a nice stomach that connected to narrow hips that knew how to move as she pushed against me. Her legs were firm, I think from years of running or the like. Her ass was surprisingly firm, as I saw when I removed the kimono. Yeah she was older but the whole thing was getting me horny.

As I had one hand taking care of her chest I let my other hand wonder. After roaming her hip and back it settled on her nice ass. At first I just let my hand move over it enjoying the feel. Then I took a cheek and gave it a good squeeze. I jiggled it a bit in my hand and then gave it a soft swat. She broke our kiss with a serious look she simply said “harder.”

I had never experienced anything like this before. So I smacked her ass a little harder. “Harder.” So this time I kissed her and smacked her again. “Harder!” I gave her one more smack a little bit harder. She grabbed me by the collar and pulled me close, “I want man. Now stop pussyfooting around, smack my ass hard. We get this started right.” That was all I needed she I moved behind her. I bent Michelle Hwa over a little and sliding one arm in front of her thighs so she wouldn’t get away I pulled my arm back and gave her the hardest spank I could – WHACK! I was surprised when she jumped up from the shock. I first thought I had really hurt her but she smiled…so I gave two more. She winced in response, but she also smiled.

I was about to say something when Michelle Hwa wordlessly pulled my pants down and looked at my erection through my underwear. She looked at it for a moment and then looked at me with a smile, “Yes, this going to be fun.” She rubbed my cock through my underwear as I kicked off my pants & then pulled my underwear completely off. For a moment, Michelle Hwa held my dick in her hands, and just stared at it with a hungry look.

I couldn’t take it any longer, so I grabbed my dick and brought it right to her lips. This was all the motivation Michelle Hwa needed. She swallowed half of my dick with one swoop, making sure to have it push one of her cheeks out for me to see. And then proceeded to bob her head back and forth using her hand to work the part of my shaft not in her mouth; all while licking my head.

Now, I have gotten head before, but none were this talented or coordinated. She took my cock out so she could lick it. She started at the base and licked the entire length of my large cock. When she reached the head she swirled around and licked every part of my head. After a few minutes of what can only be described as the best blowjob I had ever had, I knew I was about to blow.

I told Michelle I was about to come and to my surprise she pulled my dick out of her mouth and began to rapidly jerk me off. Michelle swirled her hand on my shaft while her thumb played with the head. Looking up at me she said “Cum on me Billy, I want you cum on my face.” And licked my head. At that my hips bucked and with a loud grunting moan I did just that. After a few large spurts of sperm and a few smaller ones my orgasm was over and Michelle Hwa’s face was completely glazed with my goo.

She smiled, proud of herself, & went into the kitchen to find something to clean us both. When she came back to the living room with nothing but her panties. They were probably intended for a younger woman as they were bikini cut, but she had narrow hips so they looked nice. Plus I was still horny, and down to fuck her.

She walked past me and sat back on the couch. She sat behind the couch so that I could not see her. Then she throws over the back of the couch her panties & calls, “Oops my panty fall off, bring them to me?” I just smiled as I walked over and devilishly replied, “No Ms. Hwa, those are staying off. Now you come here.” Standing her up Michelle has a puzzled look, but when I started bending her over the arm of the couch, she understood and obeyed immediately.

Michelle Hwa’s ass had some sag to it, but that’s to be expected in middle age. It was still mostly taught though, as I ran a hand over it (making her moan). It took no prodding this time, with full power I brought my hand down and got her on the cheek farthest from me – WHACK! She made a wincing ‘Mph!’ I did so again, and again, then switched to the other cheek, same number of times. With each one Michelle Hwa was making that same wincing sound, even burying her face into the couch. When I changed up to rub her ass, she immediately began to moan loudly, adding a submissive “Plee-eease…” I was SO fucking hard.

I repeated this process again, but this time I struck her much lower on her ass. I also held back her hair, and I noticed her tears. That made me hesitate until she again begged. This time my fingers touched her sex and it was very, very wet. Michelle Hwa was laying there waiting for me. Her body was still quite something, and her legs were open as I stripped and stepped in behind her “Billy I want you fuck me, but please be gentle at start, I haven’t had a man in long time.” I gently slid my cock into her pussy. It was the greatest feeling in the world. Michelle Hwa moaned loudly and bowed her back, pushing into me while she looked back over her shoulder at me and smiled, nodding.

I started slow. I would push my dick halfway into her cunt and then slowly pull it out so just my head was inside her. Then I pushed my whole self into her and it felt great. She wasn’t tight but she was hot and wet. I kept this pace for a while until Michelle Hwa began pushing back faster & asking for more for more. So that’s just what I gave her. I added ass spanks too, with her pushing back harder and faster, and Michelle’s moans turned into talking “Oh yes harder Billy my, yes (WHACK!) AH!…treat me like little whore…pound my pussy (WHACK!) AH! Mi-Michelle like that dick (WHACK) AH!”

Between the insane pace we were fucking, my spanking her and her filthy sex talk I didn’t last long. Luckily Michelle Hwa was having the same experience so she yelled “We both cum now!!!” & I shot my load inside her cunt. We slowed and stayed motionless for a time; Michelle Hwa lay there panting, her back sweaty, looking back at me & smiling.

“Miss Veronica ask I shower you.” Michelle said, once she was up. She led me back to a small but well appointed bath, and tested the shower., then shut it off. Placing a folded towel on the floor, she knelt and said “You wait Billy, first I want you cum on my face, then shower. But cum first” And Michelle Hwa proceeded to give me an incredible blowjob, much like before. I sat on the edge of the tub/shower. Michelle took me all-ll-ll the way back, and let me fuck that throat, and like magic, she milked a third cum dump out of me, and she smiled after I again coated her mouth, nose, cheek and neck.

I wasn’t too sure about the way Mrs. Hwa like to be treated. But I also have to say that it was rather nice to have a woman give you a full shower, soaping and turning you, all while rubbing against you. While toweling me she said “Hey Billy, I think you dick like me. If we had more time, I fuck you again.” As she saw me out the door she added “I think I call Miss Veronica again, pay for more time. You good ride. Have nice day!” then shut & locked the door.
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