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just when you thought things were getting better
0001 - Tempro

0003 - Conner- Thomas

0097 - Ace - Zimmel

0098 - Lucy

0101 - Shelby (mother ship)

0125 - Lars

0130 - Gillese

0200 - Ellen

0250 - Tendra

0301 - Rodrick

0403 - Johnathon

0778 - Jan

0798 - Celeste - Shelby (human)

0805 - Toran

0808 - Radella

0881 - Handrax

0908 - Tara - Mara

1000 - Sherry


Ungrown - unnumbered


0100 - Derry (father ship)

Rescued from Tendraxians

so far


4 on Shelby 2 in re-gen

8 on Lucy


Known and OR numbered


0501 - Thaddeus

???? - Lena


missing - 0667 - Marco

0999 - Zan - still lost


Kimon sighed as once again, both Jimison and Difina were flying across the room. He himself hadn't even started to teach them.

Kimon's thoughts were interrupted as Captain David Greeson's voice snapped out. "Get up, you worthless flotsam. If you can't learn this, then there is no use trying to teach you more!"

A small smile crept to Kimon's lips. Though not quite to master level, Greeson was an excellent teacher.

A look out the door to the training area, showed that there were more than a few of the male cat crew. when they had first arrived, the Emperor had announced who they were, to more than a few scoffs.

As the four of them had made their way to their quarters, Kimon had incapacitated quite a few. This of course hadn't stopped many more from also trying. They also hadn't fared much better.

Once they had reached the training room, no one had dared to enter. This all of them knew would be a death sentence. Well, one had dared, he of course, Kimon, had nearly decapitated. That at least had deterred the rest to remain outside the room.

Kimon watched as Greeson rapidly advanced on the two. "I said on your feet! You have only been going twelve hours, we have barely started!"

Both stood, both of their legs were wobbly as they took their stance. Greeson was about to start again when Kimon spoke. "Hold Greeson!"

Greeson turned to Kimon bowed then sat in meditation. Both Jimison and Difina stayed alert expecting an attack at any moment.

"You have done well my student." Kimon stated to Greeson who did not move. "As for the two of you, I expect much from the both of you, unfortunately neither of you have ever trained in the art. Go, eat, rest I expect the both of you here at the same time tomorrow." When neither relaxed their stance, Kimon nodded, then slightly bowed. "Go, expect more tomorrow."

Both bowed to Kimon, though neither relaxed much at all. "Thank you master." They said as they exited the room.

Kimon was about to speak when there were several screams. Looking out, Kimon could see several of the males that had been standing there, on the deck writhing in pain.

Kimon smirked, he had warned all the crew. The couple might be only half as good as Jimison, they were still deadly in their own right.

A small chuckle escaped his throat as, he saw the rest of the males rapidly part, then get as far from the couple as they could.

So far, the both were actually starting to get faster though, they would have to get much faster quick. All that he wished to teach them, would definitely help them survive far better.

The problem is that they only have three weeks, possibly four. He wasn't sure even with as fast as the two seem to be progressing, if it was enough.

A heavy sigh escaped his lips as he sat in front of Jimison. "You must remember Gakusei kyōshi (student teacher), they have not trained most of their lives as we have. This first week will be nothing but expanding their bodies. Then, we will commence the real training."

"Hai Shujin," Greeson stated bowing his forehead to the deck. "I will do my best to improve their bodies for you. I will also remember that they cannot take true training as of yet."

Kimon nodded to Greeson then stood. "I suggest that we train a bit." Greeson nodded, bowed then assumed a defensive stance.

All the males near the door way watched in surprise as both males seemed to disappear. No one dared to step inside, though they couldn't see them they could still feel them. The amount of power they felt made more than a few tremble as the moved away.

Jimison and Difina went to a door that he thought was their quarters. When the door refused to open Difina turned to Jimison. "I am sorry my mate to be. We cannot be together in the same room, 'til we are joined. I do not wish this though; we do have to abide by traditions. Your room is there," Difina pointed to a doorway across the hall. "Rest well." Then she stepped into her room the door closing rapidly.

Jimison stood there in the hallway blinking a moment then nodded. Walking into his room, he started to search for anything out of the ordinary. An hour later he'd found over a hundred small bombs, several gas cylinders. Over twenty needle projectiles, plus several spring-loaded knives set to come out when he laid down.

With a flip of the communicator, Jimison called Kandra. "I was wondering if you wanted all of this that I found."

Kandra looked then shook his head no. "Dispose of them as you see fit. There is a space shute in the wall if they are dangerous to the ship."

Jimison looked over what he had showed to Kandra, then started to rid himself of the explosives’, the gas plus the needles. The knives he kept for possible use later.

"I am glad that I was able to make the ship safer." Jimison told Kandra who just nodded his head then clicked off. Well, Jimison thought, this is going to be interesting.

Try as he might he couldn't remember the commands for the door. Grabbing several of the knives Jimison placed them in such a way that, no one who entered could survive. Laying with a groan Jimison thought about the training as his sore muscles screamed in protest. This is going to be far harder than I thought.

Across the hall, Difina smiled when she saw that her mate had found all of the things that were in his room. A small chuckle escaped her lips when her mate tossed all but the weapons. Her smile growing larger when she saw the configuration, he had placed the weapons on the door. Lying down she sighed, soon she thought they would no longer be apart.


Hartwell awoke with a jerk. What in the hell was going on he thought, his mind and thoughts jumbled a few moments?

As he sat there, he looked around his room, something had stirred him though what he was unsure. Getting out of bed, he almost stepped on Bee, who was asleep on the floor next to the bed.

Trying to remain quiet he cursed to his self when he saw that he'd awoken her.

"I am sorry Bee; I didn't mean to wake you." Hartwell said.

Briefly looking up then her eyes falling to the floor again she said, "I am sorry that I was not awake before you. Please forgive me for sleeping, not attending to your needs."

Hartwell almost growled out at her comment then stopped his self, no sense in scaring her again. "There is no need to apologize. As my sister and I have told you and the others, you are not expected to perform all these duties that you think you have to."

Bee looked astounded a moment, then she thought of how she could put into words, what she was thinking.

"Lord sir, if I and the others have nothing to do, then what good are we? We are after all just here for our lords to serve. Can you perhaps, tell me what I can do if, I am not serving my Lord sir." Bee said with all sincerity.

Hartwell was taken aback, damn if Bee didn't actually make sense at times. The problem was what in the hell could he tell her? He'd been in the military so long he himself had no idea how to answer her. The harder he thought about the less he could come up with.

"Bee," Hartwell started, "I am afraid that at this moment I have no answer for you. I will but not at this moment."

This of course seemed to confuse Bee a moment then she smiled. "Thank you, Lord sir, I know that you will provide."

Hartwell could only shake his at this. He still hated that Bee and the others, considered themselves to slaves. Again, Hartwell had to hold his anger back, he still wanted to kill most of the males of Bee's people.

A look of fear came to Bee's face when she saw her Lord sir's muscles tense up. The brief look of anger on his face also scared her. What had she done wrong? Throwing herself at his feet, she said, "I am sorry Lord sir, please let me know what I can do to placate your anger."

Bee was expecting anything violent though not what next happened. At first, she was unsure as she felt her Lord sir's hand gently caressing her face.

"I am not angry with or at you Bee. My people don't like the thought of slaves, well, most of them. I am honored to have you with me though at this time. I have so much to do that, I can't even begin to consider this bonding you spoke of." Hartwell told her as he continued to caress her face, noting just how soft her skin was. Shaking his head, he quickly pulled his hand away from her.

None of this was lost on Bee, a smile starting to dominate her features then was rapidly replaced with a serious look. An idea quickly formed in her mind, an idea that she could only see benefits for all.

"That was why I had suggested you take all of us as yours." A stern look crossed Hartwell's face as Bee quickly continued on with her head still bowed. "Many of the females from my planet are taught to do many menial tasks that the males feel are beneath them. My sister is very good with numbers as am I."

"Menial!?" A startled Hartwell said.

"Yes, Lord sir, the males of our planet are taught this, though most consider it to be beneath them. Very few use it in their homes. There is also organizing many of the events that we have. Many things that deal with the planet not dealing with overall leadership we females do."

Hartwell eyes opened wide at that comment. They considered everyday math among other, everyday thinking to be menial? A small smile crossed Hartwell's face, they ought to be fairly simple to defeat then. Then again Hartwell thought as he looked at Bee, the females were obviously smarter than they ever let on.

A sudden thought crossed Hartwell's mind as he nodded, "alright Bee, we need to test you. Then I can glean a better idea as to what you can do. Remember to the males of my people, we do not consider these thinking tasks as menial."

A slight look of shock came to Bee's features. "I believe I see why all the females think that they are equal to the males. My people have had proof that, the males and females are not equal. I am sorry Lord sir; it is just how we have been taught for a very long time."

Hartwell was nodding his head at everything that Bee was stating. It was a wonder that they had made it to then stars, let alone advanced as a society. He was obviously going to research a hell of a lot more about her people, before he made a final decision. Briefly looking at her he nodded, especially concerning this 'bonding' that Bee spoke of.

The both of them left his quarters making their way quickly to the med bay. A small smile on his face as he could already hear his sister. "I told you i am fine! Let me go Johnathon."

The holo-gram of the ship Johnathon answered, "I am afraid that I cannot do, until all your bio readings have returned to normal, I am afraid that you have to remain here. Well miss, as normal for you, I have already been updated with the odd bio signature that you possess."

"Odd?" A stern and slightly upset look came to Lucie's face. "I have not been told this, what is so odd about my bio signature?"

Johnathon was quiet a moment, it was this moment that Hartwell and Bee made their appearance. "I believe that it has something to do with the fact that like the Emperor, you can 'hear all the ship's AIs. Especially when they are weak, something that even he cannot do. Therefore, you are one of the most valuable persons in the empire."

Lucie could only stare at her brother with her mouth hanging open. Then a slight look of anger crossed her features.

"Why in the hell wasn't I TOLD!" She said in a huff.

"Really Lucie, would you have believed anyone, had they told you this? No, I think not, so be a good girl and let the bio-bed finish." Hartwell said as he crossed his arms a smirk on his lips.

"You're enjoying this aren't you ass! You are going to..." Lucie started.

A look of almost abject horror crossed Hartwell's face, which startled Lucie. "No, I am not enjoying this. I remember the horror of being stuck in that damn thing, as quite a few of have. I am enjoying the fact that for the first time in a very, very long time, you have to do as I say."

Lucie started to open her mouth to deny what he'd said, then snapped it shut. A slow smile crossed her features as she finally nodded her agreement.

"Alright, I'll give you that one, but I need to get out of here. We have a multitude of ships out there to find, I can't do it if I am trapped here." Lucie said.

"Believe it or not I completely agree with you, problem is, the ships have strict protocols that they follow to the letter. If you don't believe me, ask the Emperor, he's been stuck there a few times his self." Hartwell explained.

A shimmering besides Hartwell revealed Derrick. "Yeah, they will not relent in any what so ever." Turning to Hartwell, Derrick face grew slightly angry. "I read the report, what? Are you trying to get me as angry as you can? I know how proud this family is," Here Derrick's holo-gram drew close to Hartwell. "It's going to get the both of you killed get the hell over this shit before I have to sit the both of you in a cell!"

"Wait!? What the hell did I do?" Lucie asked confused.

"YOU," Derrick said raising his voice turning to Lucie, "need to listen a hell of a lot more. He might not know all that much outside the military. He does know what the hell he is doing, when it comes to it and his job. You might want to remember that before you question his decisions. He has served me and the service better than most, his rank, now has a lot of pressure on him. Let him work, you might find that he is a better leader then you think."

Lucie sat there a few moments thinking back over all that had transpired. A smile started to creep to her mouth, then a look that Hartwell and Derrick had not seen there much. A growing look of pride as each thing she saw that he'd done.

Lucie turned to Hartwell then nodded her head. "I never realized that you had so much pressure on you. Here I thought I was keeping you on an even keel. I was only making your life, hell your job a hundred times more difficult. I am sorry brother, I just never realized."

"I have to apologize to you also," Hartwell started, a look of confusion on her face. "Like the Emperor said, I have been military for so long, that's what I expect from you and everyone. I guess you can help me with that."

Both nodded then hugged a moment, then Bee also hugged Lucie. "I am glad to see that you are better. You are like family to me I do not wish to lose you."

Lucie looked shocked at Bee, "Loose me? What are you talking about?"

"When I asked Mr. Johnathon to help you, he said he couldn't, that only the Lord sir could. I was afraid, even when he said that he had reached you in time, so there was no damage. I know that the Lord sir holds you in a very high place, though I did not feel that he did or does for me. I blame myself for what happened, I will remember not to speak as I did..." Bee was saying.

"NO!" Lucie almost shouted, causing Johnathon to re-appear with a worried look on his face. "If you EVER have fears like you did, you WILL inform me immediately. I feel close to you also, I WILL NOT allow anything to happen to you, do you understand me!?"

A huge smile lit up Bee's face as she vigorously nodded her assent. "I will remember, I do not wish the wrath of the Lord Sir's sister."

Lucie nodded her agreement then her eyes narrowed as she looked close at Bee, the female needed to be watched Lucie thought.


Derrick was finally down to the last decade of paperwork that he had started quite a while back. Sighing, finally some of the much poorer worlds, would get the aid that they had needed for so long.

He had finally started to get the joining ceremony for Onai and Kimon started. There was obviously a lot that was going to have to happen especially with him planning to be in attendance. The security alone was going to be a nightmare, looking at the badge on his chest. Even with this it was still going to be a nightmare, he already had Kimison and Rayburn working on several more.

The Empress, Hartwell, plus a few others would need them. Even with them in the heart of friendly clans, it paid to be diligent.

As distracted as he was Kimison and Rayburn had thought they had gotten something pass him. True he was distracted; it still hadn't dulled his senses. No, they were up to something, something that he was sure he wasn't going to be that happy about.

With a sigh he started to take stock of everything. Five ships were still damaged though they would be whole later today. He was still trying to coordinate with the Ranger commander about the ceremony for Brown. Derrick could still hear the last words of that brave man.

"It was an honor to fight with all of you." Brown coughed then looked at Mara, "you were the greatest friend I ever had, thank you." Derrick had tried to save Brown only to have the man say, "It's ok sir," Brown's holo-gram stated. "I am proud to do something worthwhile in my life, if only once. I gladly sacrifice myself for the empire."

Derrick's anger at the Creagons started anew, a gnawing hatred that threatened to completely overtake him. Normally he wasn't even prepared to think about genocide, though in the case of the bugs? He was feeling nothing but the complete destruction of their race.

A deep breath seemed to slightly calm him, though he could still feel the seething hatred deep within. Thankfully, he had the location of the Creagon home world, permission to pass through the Delcron empire to reach it. He also had the start of an alliance to help when they went in force to destroy the Creagons once and for all.

Derrick shook his head, sure he had an overwhelming hatred now, though would he still when the time came? During war, when others are trying to kill you it was easy to justify the killing. After all the law of survival was kill or be killed.

This though, Derrick thought as he felt the sheer amount of anger slip away. This, was something altogether. To actually go in with not a thought of anything but total destruction. Destruction and the complete annihilation of an entire race.

A movement near the door, had Derrick's head snapping to see his wife, partner and Empress watching him closely. "I can see that something is weighing heavily on you mind Derrick, care to share?"

A sigh from Derrick had her even more concerned, "It's my thoughts of the Creagons. I have been planning the total destruction of their entire race."

The Empress Shelby's eyes went wide only a moment then she started to nod. Now she could see that it was more than weighing heavily on him. She knew that this decision wasn't made easy, Derrick was a good, fair man. though this threat was more than taxing him.

"Is there anything I can do to ease your mind husband?" Shelby asked.

Derrick's head snapped up to stare at her, he oft' times forgot that he was now married. Though they hadn't consummated their marriage, hell, when had they had time? Shaking his head, he knew that he would have to one day though at the moment there was far too much going on.

A sigh of frustration escaped Derrick's lips, "how I wish it was that easy. Though, a friendly ear couldn't hurt."

Shelby nodded as she took a seat beside Derrick, reaching out to hold his hand. "you can always talk to me, even if there are times that protocol says you can't."

Derrick lowered his head, "I have faced death many times Shelby, I dealt it nearly as many. This is unlike anything I have done before, if I do this, won't I be just as bad as them? They are the biggest threat this empire, hell, two galaxies, have to date had to face. The Delcrons have kept them at bay, though for how much longer? I just don't know."

Shelby took a deep breath, "Derrick, I cannot answer for you, though I can give you my thoughts. If they are as bent on destroying us as I have seen they are, then you, no, we, have to do something. The fact that they won't relent tells me that they obviously have a death wish. Who are we to deny them this? Derrick," Shelby grasp his chin turning his head toward her. "Please remember you are not alone in this. You have a great many friends to help."

Derrick's head suddenly snapped up as he stared at Shelby. A smile started to slowly grace his lips. "No, you're right I am not alone in this, none of are. Why, in the hell didn't I talk to you before?" Grabbing Shelby, Derrick kissed her with a passion that he forgot he had.

Shelby could only sit there stunned beyond the capacity to move. Derrick also couldn't seem to remove his lips from Shelby as the kiss went on for a few minutes. Finally breaking apart they were both gasping for breath.

"I...I ha...have to uh go." Derrick said almost breathless as he stumbled out of the room. Shelby, was still stunned a moment the reached up to gently touch her lips, a crooked smile starting to spread on her lips. Holy god she thought, I have to get him to do that more often!


Far within the empire on a dark world, a humanoid male was starting to have second thoughts about contacting the Creagon colony. His grandfather was the only one who'd known that the Creagons were there. The humanoid's family had kept the location secret for well over a two hundred years.

At the first meeting he'd had to kill the first mate of the Queen, an unavoidable situation. The thing was, he hadn't thought that the action would highlight him as something that the queen would want and desire.

He'd analyzed all the data from what had occurred during the meeting. It was obvious that the queen was more than interested in him, looking again he shuddered. It seemed that the pheromones she had secreted indicated that she was interested in mating. Shuddering again the humanoid knew that he was possibly the target.

Damn it! He hadn't intended for any of this crap to happen. He had to stay as far from her as he could, though that was going to be a problem. With the tech. he had coming in; he would have to be there.

Cursing his bad luck, again, the humanoid started to analyze the foul-smelling liquid he had smeared all over his body. A few minutes later he gasped when he saw that it was pheromone loaded, loaded with a slight mating taint.

A fast as he could he started to alter it, hoping that what he got in the end was more friendly. At least to the point that almost every female of the Creagons that were here didn't see him as something thast they would kill to possess.

It took almost a day and a half but the humanoid thought that he finally had a combination that should work, he hoped.

With nervous steps he exited his ship heading for the large stone building where he'd been before. He was almost there when he heard the report of landing thrusters sound. Looking behind him he smiled when he saw the small landing craft settle between him and his own lander. "Bout damn time he thought as he watched it shut down.

Cautiously he approached the craft watching as the defenses activated. "You have entered a secured area. Move away or be disintegrated, you have ten seconds."

A smirk formed on the humanoid's lips; it didn't matter it would fire at anything within ten meters. Moving away only made it fire even quicker.

"Probe x-51, execute directive Creagon one." The male said.

"Directive Creagon one initiated. Provide password or face disintegration." The craft stated.

"The Emperor is a fake, kill his ass." the humanoid said.

There was a small wait, then a series of whirring, clicking then several loud clanks. Almost all the weapons were withdrawn, "password correct, awaiting orders."

"I want all the material that was digitized, re-solidified here. I want all the plans that were stored within you dealing with Creagon spacecraft, placed here at my feet. At such time as this is complete, commence shut down except for emergency defenses. Store a map of my face, allow no one but me to access you. Go to defense mode alpha one." The male said.

There was a moment of silence then several tubes extended from the probe. For the next hour the probe worked to expel all of it's digitized cargo. Finally finished, everything withdrew back into the probe. "Initiating shut down."

The humanoid smiled evilly, he'd already alerted the queen about the arrival of the plans and material. True they were a lot older plans, nothing like the Creagons from the home world of these here, had. Then again, he hoped to be gone long before that became a problem.

Within moments several of the queen's soldiers approached the humanoid cautiously, each with a wicked looking weapon.

{The queen requires you to return to her chambers.} More than a few smiled as they drew closer. {It will be such a pleasure to hear her...} That was the lasst the lead male said as, more than half of them were falling their heads missing.

Shit! The humanoid thought as he started to tap on a wrist com. A roar not far from them startled most of the soldiers. Laughing the humanoid eliminated most of those that were left.

{Tell her that I respectfully decline! I am through here, use it to go home or whatever she wants.} The male humanoid said, then his small ship landed between him and the remaining soldiers. Laughing harder he boarded then hen the craft launched.

Leaving the atmosphere, the male set course for another world not far away.


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