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Bob moves into a house with two two twenty-something women and gets more that just eye-candy
Second Cumming and Virgin Merry

Written by Koyote, February 2021

(Fiction, mFF, incest, voyeurism, exhibitionism, oral)


Bob woke up when he heard his bedroom door opening. It was after midnight on a Friday night, technically it was the wee hours of Saturday morning and that also made it Bob’s eighteenth birthday.

He peeked out through partially opened eyes and saw his older sister and her housemate standing in his bedroom doorway. He could tell by their whispering and giggling and staggering that both women were tipsy. They liked to go bar-hopping on the weekends. So, he’d seen them in this euphoric condition before. It usually happened on Friday nights.

Since living here with these two sociable women he had the pleasure of viewing both in various stages of undress. He enjoyed seeing them in skimpy clothing, especially when they roamed around the house wearing their hardon producing yoga pants, bikini panties, and sometimes just those ‘omg’ thongs. Their displays of flesh fueled his sexual fantasies.

Tonight they were using his doorway frame to keep from falling over as both were trying to take off their heels. The ankle straps and the height of the shoes were giving them problems.

Silhouetted in his doorway with the hallway light behind them and shining through their short skirts, gave Bob an excellent outline of their legs as they tried to get their heels off. Bob loved looking at their shapely legs, among other things.

Earlier in the evening, before the two went out bar-hopping they joked about coming home drunk and attacking him. His sister warned him that if they failed to pick up an acceptable suitor that the two girls just might visit him in his bedroom when they got home. She even suggested, half-jokingly, he thought at the time, that he should seriously consider sleeping in the nude just to make everything easier for them.

He didn’t know, for sure, what his sister meant by making it easier for them. He knew what he’d like to have happen, but he didn’t have a clue as to what she had planned. Just the thought of those two wanting to see him naked while he slept sent a thrill through his testicles.

So he’d accepted his sister’s challenge and had climbed into bed naked, for the first time ever, just to see what would happen. He’d never slept in the nude before and that act by itself was sexually thrilling. He got hard as soon as his naked body slipped between the sheets.

But realistically he didn’t expect anything to come of it, the two women constantly teased him about sex. They loved to tease him with sexual innuendos. Beth had even joked about blowing out his birthday candle, he knew what that implied. He didn’t know if they teased him because it was just in their nature or because they knew he was still a virgin, probably both.

They also knew that puberty kept Bob’s hormones raging and that fact gave them power. And, they exercised that power over him. He was convinced that they had some sort of secret contest going on between the two of them that involved him getting erections. He believed that they might actually be keeping score. He didn’t mind too much because he figured if they were going to showing off various parts of their bodies, by parading around in skimpy outfits, then he was damn well going to look.


Bob was very lucky to be living in this house. Brenda had called him one day and asked Bob how things were going at home with mom and dad. Bob told his sister about the plate throwing incident at dinner the previous evening. He’d left the kitchen then and spent the rest of his night locked in his bedroom, surfing the net and listening to his parents screaming at each other.

Brenda had moved away from home on the day she turned eighteen years old and never looked back because of their parent’s constant bickering.

To Bob’s surprise, the day after the phone call, Brenda had shown up with her housemate Beth in a rented pickup truck. Between the three of them they loaded up anything and everything that belonged to Bob.

Beth, whom Bob had never met before, and he loaded up the truck while Brenda quarreled with their parents about Bob leaving their parent’s house and moving in with her and Beth.

Bob had a lot of trouble concentrating on getting all of his stuff together. He had trouble keeping his eyes off Beth. Beth’s cut off blue jeans were so short that she had over an inch of those heavenly cheeks of her ass sticking out of those shorts when she walked, and when she bent over, wow.

The sibling’s mom accused both, Beth and Brenda, of dressing like a pair of sluts, that didn’t go over too well with Brenda. And then, their mom caught their dad staring at Beth’s ass. That didn’t go over too well with their mom either.

Brenda out shouted both mom and dad to get her point across. Brenda’s winning argument with their parents was that Bob would be eighteen years old in less than three months and then they couldn’t stop him from leaving then, so they might as well let him leave now.

So the three of them departed with the loaded pickup truck with everything Bob owned. They took it all in one trip, his PC, his television, his play station, his bed, and even his wet clothes out of the washing machine.


The ladies had rented a three bedroom, one bathroom house. His sister and Beth, both five years older than him, let him move in with them. Bob has been living with the two women for about three months now. It’s a little cramped but everybody had their own bedroom. But, all three had to share the single bathroom.

Bob had quickly figured out from listening to their conversations that his sister and Beth were bisexual. They bar-hopped together on the weekends looking for guys but if they didn’t hook up then they usually went to bed together in Brenda’s bedroom. Judging by the sounds coming from that bedroom, he guessed that they didn’t immediately go right to sleep.

Bob had been living with the two women for less than two weeks when the women decided that they wanted to have a discussion with him. So over a pizza one evening they sat him down and explained some of their house rules.

Apparently, skimpy clothing was their usual at home attire. They’d only covered up, and also refrained from bringing newly-found friends home after Bob moved in. They wanted to go back to their normal routines.

They advised Bob that from time to time that they may bring a guy home that they picked up in a bar. It would only happen on the weekends. And on those weekends if he felt the need to not be in the house, for whatever reason, then he could have an overnight with one of his friends. They weren’t telling him to vacate the house, they were only letting him know that was an option that he could use if he wanted to. He didn’t have to leave of course, after all he lived there now also.

They also extended the same courtesy to Bob. If he wanted to bring a girl home some night to have an overnight with him then they would be cool with that. It was a nice gesture, but Bob never had a girlfriend. His parents were so strict that they’d never let him go out on a date, nor have extracurricular activities, or even attend any after school events. Those same restrictions were also one of the reasons why his sister left home on the same day she turned eighteen.

Bob could clearly see where they were going with the discussion. His presence was cramping their style. Would he be able to accept the changes? Of course he agreed.

He insisted that they not change their routines because he was there. He is the one that would have to adjust to his new environment not them adjusting to him. They appreciated his understanding.


Life went back to normal for the two women almost immediately. Normal for them was anything but normal for Bob. He found out what their usual at home attire was the very next morning.

Bob stepped out of his bedroom and he must’ve stepped into the hallway about two seconds after his sister vacated the bathroom. What he saw wasn’t normal for him at all.

His sister was walking away from him, walking down the hallway in her bare feet and wearing only a thong. Nothing but a thong.

He instantly fell in lust with his sister’s derriere. He didn’t think that she was wearing anything until he saw the whale tail. His first thought was that she was naked. The sight brought Bob to a screeching halt.

His mind only vaguely noticed that Beth was standing at the far end of the hallway. She was watching his reactions as he telescoped in on his sister’s butt.

Viewing the cheeks of his sister’s ass undulating as she walked down the hallway had a very pronounced and immediate effect on the teenage boy. He’d never seen a sight like that before! And, he’d never seen his sister’s bare ass before either. That effect on Bob didn’t go unnoticed by Beth.

Beth giggled as she covered her mouth with her hand and whispered something to Brenda. Brenda stopped walking and turned her head and looked over her shoulder at Bob. She saw what Beth wanted her to see.

Her brother’s erection was pointing straight up in the air and sticking half way out of the fly of his boxers. Brenda looked at his erection and a big mischievous smile crossed her face and then she playfully wiggled her bare ass cheeks at her younger brother.

Neither woman said anything directly to Bob about his dick sticking out of his boxers at that moment. There was a lot of whispering and giggling between the two as they kept staring at his boxers.

Bob finally regained his senses and tore his eyes away from his sister’s butt and looked downward to see what they were staring at. He was horrified to see his hardon sticking out of his boxers. He immediately turned beet red, covered his dick with his hands and retreated quickly back into his bedroom.

The women suddenly realized that they had a captive audience, a teenage boy, and that the sight of them in tight or skimpy clothing had an observable physical effect on Bob. That was when they wholeheartedly went back to wearing their accustomed at home attire.

The women’s casual at home attire usually consisted of a sports bra and their knuckle biting yoga pants. Beth had a pair of flesh colored yoga pants that always caused Bob to do a double take. At first glance it did not look as if she was actually wearing anything from the waist down. He always had to try to hide his erection when he saw her in those skin tight pants.


The three occupants of the house competing for the single bathroom had caused some embarrassing moments for Bob also. The two women seemed to enjoy his discomfort. Bob figured out pretty quickly that some of those embarrassing moments did not happen by chance. He was not that lucky. Sometimes they were down right flaunting their bodies to see if they could get a reaction.

Another embarrassing instance was one morning when Bob came out of the bathroom after his shower. He was only wearing a damp towel wrapped around his waist. He found Beth waiting patiently in the hallway for him to finish up in the bathroom.

Beth stood there leaning against the opposite wall wearing nothing but a pair of bikini panties. Her arms where folded under her bare breasts. Her breasts rested on her arms like her tits were sitting on a shelf.

As soon as Bob opened the bathroom door he froze. He couldn’t tear his eyes away from her naked tits and protruding nipples.

“What’s the matter Bob? Haven’t you ever seen a pair of tits before?”

In fact, Bob had never seen a women’s bare breasts on display like that before. He was dumbstruck and no words would come out of his mouth.

As Bob stood there frozen in his tracks and staring with his mouth hanging open Beth stepped up to Bob and put her hands on both of his bare shoulders. She turned him sideways in the doorway so that she could pass. Then she stepped into the doorway with him, and then she also turned sideways, facing him. As the two stood in the bathroom’s narrow doorway, Beth made sure to lean forward so that her extended nipples were touching Bob’s bare chest.

Bob didn’t even know if he was breathing when Beth looked him straight in the eye for a moment, he was mesmerized by her chewing on her lower lip so suggestively. Her eyes flashed mischievously as she casually reached down and then quickly yanked the towel away from his waist. Suddenly naked, Bob instinctively flattened his body back against the doorway frame.

“ that for me?” Beth asked as she grinned as she looked downward.

Bob looked downward automatically. He immediately tried to cover his quickly growing erection with both hands. He didn’t even realize that he was getting a hardon until Beth pointed it out. His chest, neck, and face instantly turned red with embarrassment. He slipped sideways past Beth and turned and almost ran to his bedroom and as he closed his bedroom door he heard Beth yell out.

“Nice butt too Bob!”


After seeing his sister’s butt and that encounter with Beth’s bare breasts, it seemed stuff like that started happening all the time. Both Beth and his sister constantly caused him embarrassment.

One day his sister called for him to come into the kitchen. She wanted him to help move the refrigerator because she claimed to be looking for something that had fallen on the floor and had rolled underneath it.

He stepped in to the kitchen to see both his sister and Beth on their hands and knees as they tried to look under the refrigerator. Bob was stunned.

Both women were topless, their breasts hanging out in plain view. But what caught his attention was their positions. Both had their butts elevated and pointing right at him when he walked into the kitchen, like a cat sticking its butt in the air wanting its back scratched. And, both women were wearing sheer white panties.

He had a clear view right through their translucent panties at everything their panties was supposed to cover up. Almost like they were naked, he could see the cracks of their ass’s, and the tight crotch of their panties, crushed and misshaped their pussy lips. He was practically drooling and could feel his dick growing.

By the time he moved the refrigerator away from the wall and they found what had allegedly rolled under it and he moved it back in place he had a raging hardon, his boner stuck out so far that he couldn’t hide it. He was too embarrassed to even look at either one of them. The two women were giggling about him as he hurried back to the bathroom to relieve the pressure in his underpants caused by being able to see through their panties. He knew he was setup on that one.

Another instance was when he opened the shower door and reached for his towel and there was his sister sitting on the toilet, topless and wiping between her legs as she stared at his dangling dick and testicles.

He grabbed his towel and quickly closed the shower door and covered his groin with the towel. His sister flushed the toilet and stood up, he could still see her through the frosted glass of the shower door as she pulled up her panties and walked out of the bathroom. Her parting remark was “too late to cover it up, Bob, I’ve already seen it”.


Bob was at the age that almost any thought about the opposite sex would give him an erection. He got several erections every day and usually man handled them to relieve the pressure at minimum of two or three times a day, sometimes more. Living in this house with these two women was almost like having a perpetual hardon.

Apparently Brenda and Beth knew all about the frequency of his erections. They seemed to take perverse pleasure in teasing him and flashing body parts just to see if they could make him get an erection. They were usually successful in their endeavors.

Beth was going out to a party one evening and was wearing her usual dark slut outfit. She told Bob it was her ‘come and get it boys’ outfit. Dark billowy shear blouse, black bra, heels with wrap around straps, very short dark skirt with a thigh split, and thigh high fishnet stockings.

Bob had to leave the living room in a hurry, he felt a boner coming on and had to go. Then he heard his sister laughingly asking Beth what did she do to her brother this time. Bob heard the question and stopped to hear what Beth’s answer would be.

“Nothing, I just gave Bob a pantie-check. I know he wanted to ask me, all men do. They see me in this outfit, and they all want to know the same thing. So, I answered his unasked question, I bent over in front of Bob so he could see that I’m not wearing pants tonight”.

“You flashed him! You just showed him your beaver because you wanted to.”

“No, he had the same look on his face that all the men do. He wanted to know so I showed him.”

Then they both just laughed and laughed.

Those two women constantly tormented him. But he loved it too. Damn, he could stare at those bodies all day long. Beth’s enticing tits and his sister’s awesome derriere is what he fantasized about every time he masturbated.


Now, in the wee hours of the morning, the two half-drunk women were giggling and jostling each other in his bedroom doorway in their race to see who could disrobe first.

Brenda tossed her blouse on the hallway floor followed by her bra. She almost fell over as she tried to take her skirt off.

The more clothes the two women shed the stiffer Bob’s erection grew as he watched them.

Beth seemed to have a few problems with the buttons on her blouse and asked Brenda for help. Brenda weaved and almost fell over as she attempted to unbutton Beth’s blouse for her. When she finally got Beth’s blouse unbuttoned she then immediately yanked Beth’s skirt down her legs, leaving Beth standing there bare breasted and wearing dark colored thigh high fishnet stockings and black bikini panties.

Bob seeing Beth dressed like that just made his dick throb. He did love her slut outfit.

Then Brenda pulled her own skirt off and pushed her red bikini panties down her thighs. Beth fell against the wall as she tried to get her panties off over her feet. Brenda helped steady Beth as she finally got her panties off and kicked them down the hallway.

Except for Beth’s thigh high fishnet stockings both women were naked.

“So now that we are undressed for the occasion,” Beth slurred, “what are we going to do to your sexy little brother?”

“It’s after midnight right? Then today is his eighteenth birthday, he’s no longer jail bait. He’s legal now. I’m pretty sure that if we had only one gift to give him, I know what he would want. So we’ll give him what he wants for his birthday...”

“A blow job,” Beth slurred.

“Well yeah...but first we’ll relieve my little brother of his depressing virginity.”

“We’re going to take his virginity?” Beth asked.

“Yeah...he has to give it to somebody someday anyway. We’ll just make it tonight. So...for his birthday how about we do the ‘Virgin Merry and the Second Cumming’? That’s what I want to do for him...okay with you?”

“Cool...that was fun. I remember the night we picked up that teenager that used a fake ID to get into the bar.”

“I remember that night very well. That’s why I thought of it, I want to do that again. So let’s do to my brother what we did to that guy.”

“Okay, let’s do it!” Brenda responded enthusiastically.

“I don’t think it would be right for me to take his virginity. He shouldn’t have to confess to his buddies or his future wife that his first fuck was his sister, so I’ll do the Second can have the honor of making this Virgin Merry.”

“Good... I’ve wanted to rock his world ever since I showed him my tits and saw how quickly he got a boner... I think his dick likes me.”

The two naked women staggered through the doorway into Bob’s bedroom and steadied themselves as they stood by his bed and looked at him.


“Is he awake?” Beth asked Brenda as she tried to see Bob’s face in his darkened bedroom. The hallway light shining through the bedroom’s open doorway only illuminated the lower half of his bed.

“Pretty sure he’s awake. He’s got that large tent pole in the middle of his sheet. Pull that sheet off him and let’s get a look at what’s holding it up.”

Beth reached down and grabbed the sheet at the foot of Bob’s bed and started slowly pulling the sheet off Bob’s body. Bob instinctively grabbed his sheet at his chest to keep Beth from pulling it off of him and exposing his erection.

“Yeah, he’s awake,” Beth told Brenda, “he won’t let go of the sheet.”

Brenda leaned over her brother and placed one hand on the headboard of his bed above his head. She leaned in real close to his face. He could smell the alcohol on her breath. Then the bed shifted as she moved one naked knee up next to his head.

“Beth and I have been intentionally flashing and teasing you and you’ve been a really good sport about it. We’ve disgusted it tonight and we’ve come to personally apologize to you for making it so hard for you,” Brenda giggled as she reached down and wrapped her hand around the tent pole in the bed sheet, “oh... And I see we’ve made it hard for you again.”

Bob sighed deeply, it was the first time someone other than himself ever touched his hardon. His sister’s hand felt wonderful on his stiff dick. Brenda squeezed his erection tightly and made him sigh deeper and then she abruptly removed her hand.

Beth giggled at Brenda’s little ‘hard for you’ joke. As soon as Brenda removed her hand from Bob’s dick Beth quickly yanked the sheet and pulled it completely off him and his bed.

Bob lay on his back totally exposed, naked, and sporting a raging hardon.

“Oh my God, that’s a sight I’ll never forget, damn I want to fuck that thing,” Beth blurted out as she eyed Bob’s erection as the hallway light shined on the lower half of his body.

“Fantastic bro, I’m glad you took my advice about sleeping in the nude, clothes would have just been in our way.”

Brenda kissed Bob’s forehead and then straightened up a little as she moved her naked breasts towards Bob’s face, she lifted one of her tits in one hand and pushed it towards his mouth, “kiss my tits Bob and suck on my nipples!”

All Bob could see was his sister’s magnificent tit hanging down over his face blocking everything else out of his sight.

Bob’s hardon visibly twitched as he opened his mouth and his sister pushed her breast and nipple into his mouth. He instinctively started sucking. Her breast felt soft against his lips but her nipple was hard against his tongue.

“Don’t suck so hard Bob. Flick and circle my nipple with your tongue.”

Bob’s bed shook again as Beth climbed up on the bed. She straddled his legs as she walked on her hands and knees up towards him from the foot of the bed.

Beth’s hands arrived first. Both hands fondled his erection. Fingers run up and down his shaft and then one hand would go to his balls as the other squeezed the shaft of his dick. Bob could feel that his precum was already bubbling up and seeping out of his dick.

Then he felt Beth’s fishnet stockings rubbing on both sides of his hips as a wet and warm weight pressed down firmly on his stiff dick, pinning it lengthwise against his stomach.

Beth pressed her moist pussy down on Bob’s dick and started sliding slowly forwards and backwards on the underneath side of the shaft of Bob’s dick as she straddled his hips. Her pussy’s secretions lubricated his dick shaft.

She laid her forehead against Brenda’s back as she hunched her hips on Bob’s dick. Beth put one hand on Brenda’s back and slid her hand down to her bare ass, she squeezed one of Brenda’s firm cheeks and then slipped her middle finger down the crack of Brenda’s ass and pushed her finger as far as she could get it up into Brenda’s wet vagina.

“Oh... That’s nice,” Brenda sighed as Beth sank her finger in her pussy and Bob flicked his tongue across her nipple.

Beth’s pussy got wetter and wetter as she put one hand on Bob’s chest to maintain her balance as she continued to slide her wet pussy slowly up and down the underneath side of the shaft of Bob’s erection. Her pussy juices flowed so freely that her wetness even soaked Bob’s testicles. He knew that because he could feel a cooling effect on his balls as Beth’s to and fro movement created some air movement around his testicles.

“Bite my nipples Bob but not too hard just do it hard enough to make me feel your teeth.”

Bob gently held Brenda’s nipple between his teeth as he rapidly flicked his tongue against it.

“Ah... That’s nice...but that’s enough, I got a different place I want that sexy little tongue of yours working on.”

Brenda leaned back away from Bob’s head. She swayed a little as she kept her balance by holding on to the headboard of Bob’s bed as she swung her free leg over her brother’s face, straddling his upper body.

Bob took that brief opportunity to raise his head and look down at his dick. He could only see the head of his dick as it peeked out from under Beth’s pubic hair.

Beth was straddling his hips with her thighs, smashing her pussy against his dick, pinning it to his stomach. She slid her pussy from the head of his dick down to his balls and back up to the head.

Every time Beth slid her pussy downward towards his balls he could actually feel his balls trying to go between the spreading cheeks her sexy ass. Each time she slid her pussy upward on his dick she forced precum up and out the head of his dick and it pooled on his stomach as the crack of her ass tried to squeeze his testicles.

“I’m not hurting you by sitting on your dick am I,” Beth slurred as she raised her eyes from watching the head of Bob’s precum gushing dick to his face.

“OH NO... it feels great!” Bob answered truthfully as he felt that his dick was so hard that she couldn’t hurt his dick even if she put it in a vice.

Brenda blocked Bob’s view again as she straddled Bob’s head and knelt closer to him on his bed as she lowered her pussy to his face while holding onto the bed’s headboard for balance.

“Lick my pussy little brother, eat me. I’ve fantasized about you eating my pussy every night since you’ve moved in with us, suck my pussy into your mouth and stick that little wicked tongue in me!”

Bob had watched people licking pussy on the internet. So he tried what he saw. He licked his sister from her asshole to where he figured her clit was located. She moaned and he took that as a signal that he was doing it right. He continued to lick the whole length of her pussy from the bottom to the top then he did it again and again and again.

He could feel the slickness of whatever her wet pussy was oozing out with his tongue. But it was the aroma and the taste of her pussy that drove him to a frenzy and made him suck on her pussy lips and lick her with the enthusiasm of a man dying of thirst in the desert.

Bob used both hands to cup his sister’s sexy ass cheeks as he pulled her hips forward as he crushed her pussy to his face as he devoured it in his frantic attempt to get as much of her sweet tasting juices as he could get. He tried to shove his tongue into her vagina but it was so tight that he couldn’t, but he kept on trying.

For the next several minutes nobody spoke an intelligent word. The only sounds in the room was grunts and moans. Everybody concentrated on what they were doing.

“Oh Bob you’re going to make me cum... Ohhh...yes...! Keep...eating me, Oh, yes...yes...yes...!”

Beth knew from experience that Brenda was signaling that she was very close to cumming all over her brother’s face. And that was Beth’s queue.

She sat back on Bob’s thighs and used the fingers of one hand to dip into the pool of precum on Bob’s stomach and then smeared the precum all over the shaft of Bob’s hardon. She held his dick upright with one hand used her other hand to squeeze more precum out of his dick and then smeared that all over the head of his dick.

Beth leaned forward again putting one hand on Bob’s chest to maintain her balance as she raised her hips higher and guided Bob’s dick with her free hand and centered his stiff dick at the entrance of her vagina. Beth couldn’t help herself as she rapidly slid the head of his precum covered dick up and down between her wet pussy lips. She used her hand to smear more precum up and down the shaft of his dick in preparation.

Bob was excited, his dick was so hard and leaking so much precum that Beth realized that he might even cum just from making his sister cum with his mouth.

She was trying to get the timing just right. From Beth’s prior encounters with virgins, she was pretty sure that as soon as she crammed his dick into the first pussy that Bob ever had, that his lack of experience would make him cum almost instantly.

His first thrust into her hot pussy would make him cum and that would be the single stroke that would also take his virginity.

“Oooooo... Ooh... Ouuu... Ohhhhh... I’m cummmmmming,” Brenda threw her head back and yelled.

That was Beth’s queue. She placed the head of Bob’s dick at the entrance of her vagina and just sat down on it. She shoved his entire hardon all the way up inside her pussy in one stroke and nestled her ass on top of his balls.

Bob felt the most wonderful sensation that he’d ever felt surrounding his dick. A heat and a snugness like he’d never felt before or could have even imagined. Beth squeezed his dick tightly with her Kegel muscles. On her third squeeze and hold she felt his dick and balls spasm as he started shooting his first ever load deep inside a woman.

"Ahhhh... Ahhhh fuck... Ahhhh... Ahhhh... Ahhhh... Ahhhh..." Bob moaned loudly, emphasizing every squirt, as he blasted cum deep inside Beth’s hot pussy.

Beth moaned as she felt Bob’s balls pulsating against the crack of her ass as he coated the inside of her vagina with his sperm. She leaned back a little, to let Brenda swing her leg back from over her brother’s face as Brenda stood up on shaky legs alongside of his bed.

“Is he cumming hard?”

“Oh damn did he cum!”

“Okay then, you made the Virgin Merry. Now give me room for the Second Cumming.”

Beth hesitated long enough to make sure that Bob had finished squirting and then, with Brenda’s help, she raised her pussy off Bob’s erection and climbed off the bed and stood alongside of Brenda. Bob’s youthful dick was still hard as it flopped against his stomach.

Brenda immediately swung one leg over Bob’s shins and sat down on his lower legs. She reached out and grabbed her brother’s erection as she leaned over and shoved it in her mouth. She started bobbing her head up and down rapidly as she sucked on his dick.

Bob lay there panting for breath. As he started to catch his breath and his heart rate started going down is when he noticed how extremely sensitive the head of his dick was.

He tried to lay there and take Brenda’s sucking mouth for a while but his dick was just too sensitive. He had to get her to stop.

Bob reached down to push his sister’s face away from his dick when Beth grabbed both of his wrists and pinned his hands up alongside of his head as she leaned over, putting her weight on his wrists and pushed her left breast into his mouth.

“Suck on my tit Bob, nurse it like you’re a baby, nibble on my nipple,” Beth directed as she pinned Bob’s hands down.

Bob tried to suck on Beth’s breast but his attempt was pretty feeble because of his squirming. He couldn’t move his hands because Beth had them pinned down to the bed so instead he tried to move his hips away from his sister.

“Stop squirming Bob, just relax, we know your dick is really sensitive right now, but I’m not going to let you go until your sister gets to swallow a few mouthfuls of your cum. Your sister and I are going to show you that men, especially young studs like you, can have multiple orgasms just like women can.”

Bob squirmed some more but he realized it was a futile effort, they were not going to let him up or stop doing what they were doing. He tried to relax.

“You are not a virgin anymore Bob. You squirted really hard, damn I love feeling a virgin squirt, you guys cum so hard the first time,” Beth told Bob as she switched breasts so that Bob was sucking on her other one.

Bob started paying a little more attention to Beth’s magnificent breasts. He loved Beth’s tits ever since she burned holes in his chest when she pushed her hot nipples into his chest when she had him pinned against the bathroom door.

“Your sister wanted us to do this for you tonight, we talked about it all day. We turned down a chance to hook up with a really gorgeous guy tonight because we planned on coming home and giving you your birthday present.”

Bob felt the irritation from his sister’s mouth start to lessen. The discomfort from her sucking on the head of his dick start to ease up a little. Gradually the hyper sensitivity gave way and he could feel his sister’s tongue circling the head of his dick as she bobbed her head slowly up and down as she sucked. She wasn’t sucking frantically like when she first started, now she did it more gently, more lovingly, more like she really enjoyed doing what she was doing. Damn he loved getting his dick sucked. Even if it was from his sister or even more so because it was his sister incestuously doing it to him.

His sister sat upright to catch her breath. As she sat on his legs she rapidly jacked Bob's dick a few moments and then started forcing more precum out of his dick by squeezing and sliding her hand upward from the base of his dick to the head. When precum oozed out she took her free hand and ran the underneath sides of her fingers quickly back and forth across the head of his dick. Bob squirmed trying to get away from the madding teasing. But they weren't going to let him get away. Then his sister bent down over again and engulfed half of his erection. And then a funny thing happened.

Slowly at first, the sensations caused by his sister’s mouth and tongue started to feel really good to Bob. His dick’s sensitivity eased up considerably and his dick started giving him that little 'I like this' ticklish feeling again. Bob started panting as the pressure started building up in his testicles. Damn, Bob thought, sis is going to make me cum with her mouth. He’d had wet dreams about this.

“You must eat pussy pretty good... Or maybe your sister just likes the taste of my pussy on your dick. Because she’s giving you a better blow job than I’ve ever seen her give any other guy.”

He couldn’t help wondering how often these two double team a guy. How many times has Beth watched Brenda giving a guy a blow job?

Beth noticed that the fight went out of Bob. He wasn’t squirming or trying to get his wrists free anymore. He was even starting to raise his hips a little trying to match his sister’s bobbing head. He started panting harder.

Beth raised up a little, taking her nipple out of Bob’s mouth and started swiping both breasts slowly back and forth across his face and mouth.

“For your future reference Bob, you should know that a gentleman should always warn a lady before he squirts cum in her mouth. But you needn’t warn your sister. Your sister likes that to cum as a surprise,” Beth giggled at her own little joke, “she wants her little brother to cum in her mouth, she wants to taste you, and she’d going to swallow every drop of sperm that comes out of your balls.”

Bob’s panting increased, he wasn’t suckling Beth’s tits anymore he was just trying to suck air into his lungs.

Beth watched Bob’s face and then turned and watched Brenda. Damn, she thought, Brenda is really giving it to her brother. She’s using all of her tricks, she’s even tickling his asshole with her fingertips.

There was no reason to hold Bob down anymore, he wasn’t going anywhere. There was only one thing that he was going to do. He needed to give his sister what she was trying so hard to get. Beth leaned down and whispered encouragement in Bob’s ear.

“Cum for your sister Bob. Cum in her mouth.., she wants to taste your sperm.”

That may have been the only thing Bob was holding out for, permission, to cum in his sister’s mouth. Because as soon as Beth whispered in his ear that it was okay for him to cum, he started squirting.

Brenda felt the head of her brother’s dick swell up larger in her mouth and his asshole spasm against her fingertips a fraction of a second before his first squirt of cum coated her tonsils.

"Ohhhh damn... Ohhhh yeaaahh... Ahhhh... Ahhhh fuck... Ahhhh... Ahhhh... Ahhhh... Ahhhh...

Bob’s vision tunneled. Energy drained from his body at the same rate as his cum squirted out of his dick. His whole body twitched with every squirt of semen.

Brenda swallowed as fast as she could. She wrapped her fingers around Bob’s testicles, she loved to feel a guy’s balls spasm as they emptied.

By the time Bob finished squirting and his body stopped twitching he was in a daze. The only way the girls knew for sure that he was still alive was his panting for air and his racing heart.


Brenda let Bob’s softening dick fall out of her mouth as she finished. She kissed the head of his flaccid dick as it laid on his stomach. She leaned back and smiled at her brother.

Beth stood up straight and walked around to the foot of Bob’s bed and picked up the sheet that she’d yanked off Bob earlier and waited for Brenda to get up and move back out of the way a little more and then pulled the sheet back over Bob’s naked body. She pulled the sheet up to his neck.

“See, look at that, everything is back just the way we found him... He could never prove that we were even here,” Beth giggled.

Brenda started chuckling and then her chuckling grew and grew until it turned into a full throated laugh. Then Beth started laughing. Bob didn’t have enough energy to laugh.

“So, what we’ll do is tell Bob that this was just a figment of his imagination, we weren’t even here. He must have had a wet dream. If we can get him to believe that... Then it would be like this didn’t happen for real, so then,” Brenda laughed, “we could do this again tonight, right? But tonight, we switch places, I want to feel his tongue licking my pussy.”

Beth walked back to the head of Bob’s bed and leaned over Bob again, she put her mouth close to his ear.

“What do you say to that Bob?”

“I’m game, but right now I need to rest a bit.”

“Are you going to keep sleeping in the nude little brother?”

“Oh hell yeah! Every night from now on, it’s very rewarding!”

“I got a good idea,” Beth suggested, “to celebrate Bob’s birthday why don’t we have a naked Saturday? We’ll all just wear our birthday suits today! Nobody puts on any clothes after they wake up and anything goes.”

“Anything goes? I’m in”, Brenda confirmed, “Are you up for that Bob?”

“Bob will probably be UP for most the day,” Beth laughed, “and I for one won’t mind watching your strapping little brother and that magnificent dick hanging out naked with us all day.”

“Well I guess its steak and eggs for Bob when he gets up, he’s going to need the protein,” Brenda laughingly predicted.

Bob had trouble believing it... But just the thought of those two being naked all day was making his dick hard again.

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