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Anna-Brooks fascination with an older man leads her farther down the rabbit hole than she ever thought she’d go, as Mike Robert’s introduces her to the BDSM lifestyle
(Hello! This time I thought it would be fun to see where the Roberts Boys got it from. If you are not sure what I am referring to, please click my profile. Of the 12 multi-chapter stories written so far, 10 are about the Roberts boys and their sexual hi-jinks/adventures, so it’s high-time I wrote something about their Dad. This one incorporates a young lass’s introduction into BDSM, hope you enjoy it!)

Afterward, I enjoyed peeling that totally slutty lingerie off my property, and puling her into me to cuddle with. The warmth & the feel of a woman you’ve just dominated is a powerful feeling, and I won’t lie, I damn-sure needed the break. After we lay there for a while, just enjoying not having a time fence, I let my property watch what I had just filmed, enjoying her watching as I fondled her.

Anna-Brooks found that she enjoyed watching herself being dominated. She also got to see what she had not been able to due to the blindfold. The BEST part, though, was the way her Owner “handled” her, and alternately rubbing and squeezing part of her, to include her butt and especially her breasts. By the time it ended, Anna-Brooks found herself again turned on. When she saw her Owner get out the rope, she smiled in anticipation.

You don’t “get wood” quite as quickly when you’re in your 50’s, but take it from me, a good way to get there is to fondle a willing submissive (helps to be a pretty 19yr. old) while she watches a homemade porno of you dominating her, and it was clear by the end that she was liking it. “I think my pet is ready for more.” I tell her.

“Yes Sir….” Anna-Brooks demurely purred.

“Good pet…Good. As pretty as the tortoise shell is, let’s try something a bit different this time around.”

This time, I had two ‘shorter’ lengths of rope. Arranging my property so that she was on her back, her butt at the edge of the bed. Her hands were simply tied off over her head and across the bed, but the lower portion of her body, that was the real show. The Taking a length of rope, I coiled it round her thigh several times just below the knee, kissing that lovely thigh as I went.

I then eased the leg up, until it was basically against her chest, and I then coiled that same line round her arm, just below the elbow. A small knot and loop around, and I was able to extend that rope down to just above the ankle and repeat the process. Doing the same gave me a wonderful Crab Tie bondage position to my submissive, a quite lovely sight.

Anna-Brooks REALLY enjoyed that her Owner was taking such care as he bound her. She told him how good it felt and smiled at him when he was done. Now she was on her back, and the method used to bind her had her legs back and spread wide, open to their maximum. The end result was to fully expose her sex to him, not that she would not have done so willingly.

Again, her Owner was taking a picture. This time from directly above her, but suddenly, he stopped, and turned to get something ‘Oh shit, the blindfold’, she thought, only to see her Owner instead come to her with a ball gag. Normally this would be a ‘Oh Hell No,’ but she trusted her Owner, so she opened her mouth, and accepted it, then looked up at him with doe eyes as she posed for her picture.

The picture of Anna-Brooks Cowan, naked, bound, & spread eagled with a rose-buttplug in her ass was just adorable. I then stepped over & left the phone on the dresser, giving it a rest, and got an item out of the bottom drawer, and returned with it & a deceptively innocent looking small stool to the edge of the bed. The stool would be just the right height. I smiled, and told my property how delicious she looked, and then began to lightly run my fingers on her thighs, her pubes, and over her slit, making her squirm. With a smile I asked “Does my pet want this cock?” She stared at it and nodded. I teased her a bit, making her moan as the head of my cock traced the inside of her thigh, and just as she thought I was about to slide myself in that wet, waiting hole, I instead plunged my face onto her pussy. Round two had just begun.

Anna-Brooks had huge anticipation as to what was coming, and when her Owner gave her oral, she threw her head back and moaned loudly into the ball gag. DAMN it felt good as the ‘old man’ used his tongue on her clit. She loved how it made her squirm! This time though, he was had a hand on the plug and, as he nibbled his way down one side of her labia, he ‘pumped’ the plug, tongued her vagina, then up the other side, all the while working the plug, and it wasn’t long until her moans into the gag became more like yells.

I could once again tell that my little submissive fuck toy as getting close. Hearing your submissive beg thru her ball gag as you tease her is quite powerful. At this point I stopped. Rising up so I was above her I flattened my hand, an as before, I began to spank that pussy, asking her “Does my pet want cum?” – SPANK – “Does she?” – SPANK - , I would then reach & grab the butt plug, and while pumping it in her ass, I would use my thumb to just go in and out of her vagina. Shortly she was twisting and squirming under me, and I kept it up, not relenting a bit.

Anna-Brooks squirmed and moaned and begged into the gag, but her Owner refused to give her permission to cum, nor did he relent. The combination of having her pussy spanked and her ass plug-pumped was incredibly intoxicating. The strikes from the spanking were sharper this time, and the plug in her ass was not painful but actually brought pleasure. She was hanging on until her owner introduced his thumb to the mix, she knew she couldn’t hold out anymore. Her knew it too, because he told her in a commanding tone to CUM! And she did, a screaming orgasm, convulsing and kicking in erotic ecstasy.

My property lay there, panting and wheezing into her gag. Caringly, lovingly, I released the bonds on her legs, kissing the as always. I followed that by releasing the arms, and I rolled my property over and gave the shoulders, whose muscles I am sure were stressed, a good rub. I did get the phone to take a nice pic or two of Anna-Brooks Cowan on her stomach, Butt-plug in full view, before I eased it out. But I still had a bit left in the tank, so I sat my property up, and, placing her hands behind her, palms on opposite forearms, I began to carefully wrap her in another snug bit of bondage, this time a Box Tie.

Anna-Brooks was hardly out of her orgasmic delirium when her owner began tasking her with more bondage. This time, he had only the upper part of her body, her hands and arms behind her. As before, it was snug, without being tight. Her Owner also had a loose ‘loop’ tied to the front and rear. After he finished, He kissed her. Anna-Brooks really liked the way the ‘old man’, HER man, kissed, and once he lay dawn and directed her to straddle him to ride him cowgirl, she understood the reason for the loops.

I think she liked being manhandled, and being bound and requiring that I grab the ropes as I moved her around was as much fun for Anna-brooks as it was for me. I held the “front” loop of rope with one hand, the other holding my dick at just the right angle, and with a nudge and a tweak…my property moaned loudly as she lowered herself onto my erect pole. I let her sit up, nearly vertical, and she began to bounce on my stiff dick. That was great, but what was even more fun was to hold the ‘loop’ so that she sat with me fully inserted, and enjoy the incredible feel of being fully inside this young woman, not to mention the look on my property’s face as she ground herself on top me.

Anna-Brooks made an “Oh…” noise along with her moan, as her owner used the rope to hold her atop him. It made her furrow her brow and she liked his face was the same as she fucked him. She LOVED it when he then had her bounce, moving his hands to hold her breasts, & tug and twist her nipples. “SIRRR!” she called out as he did so. They repeated this several times, and she wondered how long he would last.

I had to get a break…or I was going to break. So I slowed her to a stop, and using the ‘loops’, I had my property turn around, and rid me reverse cowgirl. I also took a minute to move to a position that was not laying down but rather ‘reclined’ against the headboard. Here the loops really came in handy. My property was leaning forward, and I was holding the ‘back loop’ almost like reigns, and spanking that ass like a wild bronco. She was both bouncing and grinding against me and was enjoying getting to be the one teasing me

Anna-Brooks smiled big as she looked back. She could see her Owner was now the one with the red face, panting, trying to hang on while she fucked him with wild abandon. Yes…her Owner was going to orgasm, and soon. She could tell by the look on his face, and so she began asking him intently to please cum in her as she enjoyed the feel of having her owner inside her, her body expanding and squeezing his stiff cock. Her requests didn’t take long.

I had slapped that ass a few times as she rode me, but it was really something I was doing to hang on. My property was enjoying herself, and seeing a young beautiful woman riding me, moaning, her breasts swaying, and my dick sliding in and out, and that rose-shaped butt-plug bouncing was more than I could bear, but I had one last thing left in me.

Holding her hips I managed to slow my property, and to her credit, Anna-Brooks immediately understood. Holding her ‘reigns’, I helped her as she moved of me, and sank to her knees on the floor. I had already swung my leg over and sat up on the edge of the bed, and my property gladly shifted & moved to suit me, all without a word said. She eagerly opened her mouth and took my stiff cock into her mouth. I LOVED how it felt as my stiff dick rubbed the roof of her mouth, settling quickly in the back of her throat. I repositioned as Anna-Brooks began to move her head & mouth, taking me in to fuck the throat that I now owned.

I had one hand on the shoulder of my property, steadying her, and the other on the back of her head. I was groaning and enjoying it as I pumped Anna-Brooks’ face. I had all of me in her, balls deep. I released pressure, and she looked up at me with big doe eyes, holding just my mushroom head in her mouth, and then she swirled her tongue over the tip and that, plus pretty much every other damn thing leading up to this, did it. My hips tightened, and twitched…it was time.

Anna-Brooks was on her knees, her arms bound. The ropes were snug around her body and knowing that her Owner had tied them made her feel secure. And knowing she was To think that barely a month-plus ago, she had decided to trust this much older man, and it had in turn allowed her to new experiences and sexual highs of an incredible level. She knew from his facial expression, movements and moans that her Owner was about to cum, and as he pulled out of her mouth and held himself, she closed her eyes and looked up to get the most of her Owner’s ejaculate.

There was a moaning-wailing sound?...It was me! As I felt her tongue on the head of my cock it began. I had barely the time to pull out and grab my disk when the first rope came flying out. My property had angled her face just right, and it looked incredible as I felt the joy of unloading my goo on her face. It spewed on her forehead, nose and cheek. A roaring release washed over me, as spurt after spurt of my goo marked my property’s face, some even getting in her hair. But yes, that was it; Anna-Brooks Cowan was truly marked, and absolutely mine.

Anna-Brooks LOVED the feeling of her owner emptying himself on her, his ejaculate coating her face. It was warm, wonderful, and all hers. After his roar finally ebbed, she opened her eyes and smiled, licking off the portion on her lips, and enjoying its’ salty taste as she swallowed hit. She made sure her Owner saw her wipe off and swallow her face-full of ejaculate, & like that he was shaky as he untied her, then she cuddled in beside him as they rested.

Anna-Brooks stretched her arms after they were released, wiped her face with a towel, then gave her Owner a big kiss. She was both relieved & oddly saddened as he removed the butt plug, but she was sure that seeing it bounce like that as she rode him made him happy. Sadly, this was the part where her Owner showed his age, as she knew these two orgasms had really taken it out of him.

She gathered the bed sheet and, Having a fun tease/taking a pause to lick her Owner’s dick once to “clean” it she pulled the sheet over herself, exposing her back to him. Anna-Brooks enjoyed how her Owner lovingly spooned in behind her. Her Owner’s now soft cock was still wet with their combined juices as it lay at the ‘gap’ at the top-back of her thighs. Soon enough, he would tie her up and she would enjoy it again. “Anna-Brooks, you know this won’t last,” she told herself, “So just be happy in the moment, be happy being owned.” And she realized she WAS happy like this; being OWNED. And with that, Anna-Brooks Cowan drifted off to sleep.

I have to admit, I was feeling my age. Those two ‘dumps’, especially with that last one being quite intense, wore this old man out. It was nice, though, to have my property immediately available to me, and it had been a long time since I had the feeling of falling asleep while cuddling a woman. The smell of her hair, my limp dick laying against her, and best of all, her warmth. I really wasn’t sure where this was going/I knew it wouldn’t last forever, but wow was I ever enjoying the moments. The fun of this type of ‘teaching,’ a willing student, and incredible sex, what more could an old man ask for?. I breathed deeply, enjoying the feel and the smell of what I now owned, smiled, and drifted off.
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