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She was fascinated by what he was doing to her mother, she was experiencing a strong sexual awakening. It was as if it was his finger inside her, she could feel the hot wet tongue licking her, she choked off a gasp as she shuddered with an orgasm
She would sneak from her room and sit next to her mother's bedroom door and listen to the sounds of sex. Yes, she knew about sex, she and her friends talked about sex, and they all agreed that they couldn't wait until they could go to bed with a boy, but unlike her friends, her body was still formless. She was a late bloomer, unisex clothes hung limply from her chest and hips, she was getting impatient waiting for her tits to blossom, her body to change. She wanted to look like her mother, beautiful, hot, sexy; even the girl sensed the stunning sexuality that her mother exuded. She liked listening to her mother fucking her boyfriends because it made her shiver, her bald, smooth little pussy hummed with tension and after she heard her mother cry out her release she would go back to bed and use both hands to tease away the tightness, the tension. She could make herself climax but she wasn't aware enough of her burgeoning sexuality to realize what was happening. She just knew it felt good when her body tingled and her little crack got wet enough to put her brush handle in.

She wanted to see sex, she wanted to watch her mother and her boyfriend fuck so she planned and waited, schemed and plotted until the right moment.

It was Christmas Eve, her mother was getting drunk on eggnog, laughing and teasing her current man friend, the second in the year. Her mother allowed her two glasses of the rum-laced holiday drink so she got drunk herself. She said good night and left the lovers, saying she had to go to bed before Santa came. She crept to her mother’s room and sat in the closet surrounded by dresses and shoes. The closet door was slatted for ventilation so she had a clear view of the queen-sized bed that dominated the room. She didn't have to wait long, her mother and he came into the room, still laughing, still teasing. The woman grabbed the bulge in his pants then dropped to her knees and bit the outline of his cock while working to open his pants. The mother pulled them down, off his hips and the daughter saw a prick for the first time in her life.

The mother grabbed the cock and pulled it into her mouth while the man's hands stroked her hair. She suckled the end of it while he thrust in and out over her tongue. The daughter was having a difficult time breathing, her breath was coming faster, her heart was thudding. As she watched, the man’s prick grew fatter, longer while her mother nursed on it. She wondered at how a woman could have something that long in her mouth without gagging, she felt her little pussy start to warm and swell, her mouth watered as she watched the oral sex.

The woman stood, abandoning the erection to the cool night air, and started pulling her clothes off, he finished stripping naked. The girl's petite body flushed hot, the muscles in her stomach fluttered as she looked at his nudity, his long strong erection over heavy-looking balls, deep muscular chest, defined legs and ass. He wasn't the handsomest man her mother had ever brought home but even the young girl in the closet knew he might be the sexiest. He looked like he had stepped from the cover of one of her mother’s romance novels, the ones she sneaked to her room for the hot throbbing sex between the reluctant beautiful woman and the roguish, sexy man. Her fingers found their way under her nightgown, under her panties to the fresh, smooth, crack. She slid her long finger through a hint of pubic hair, along the lips of her body as she watched the man wrestle her mother to the bed then put his head between her legs.

He was licking her there.

The girl’s heart started to race, her legs were shaking as she furiously fingered herself. Not only was she fascinated by what he was doing, she was also experiencing a strong sexual awakening. It was as if it was his finger inside her, she could feel the hot wet tongue licking her, she choked off a gasp as she shuddered with an orgasm. The lovers hadn't been in the room ten minutes.

He lifted his head, she held her arms as an invitation. He mounted over the supine woman and rammed his erection into her in a heated frenzy of fucking. The bed was bouncing, her mother heaving and humping under the man, her legs held high and wide, giving him all of her body to take. Fifteen minutes later the mother cried out, short yelps of rapture as her orgasm caused her to cramp and jerk. He slammed her hard and fast, the girl watched spellbound as his big balls banged into her mother's ass, the woman dug her nails into the back of the man, gouging a long scratch in his skin. The girl almost cried out herself as a second, stronger climax exploded between her legs.

The woman shivered one last time then pushed him from between her thighs. The girl looked at her mother's swollen, open hole but didn’t' see any semen, nothing was dripping from her, the man hadn't finished. Her mother grabbed him, gave him a long tender kiss then rolled to her side and passed out. The girl watched as he looked at the unconscious woman then lay down in frustration. The girl thought he might fuck her while she slept but he just rested back on the bed and started pulling on his cock.

She had watched the lovers couple, she had experienced two powerful orgasms, now more than ever she wanted to give herself to a boy, to let him put his hard prick in her and fuck her until he filled her with lust.

The man wasn't going to sleep, he lay on his back while he caressed his swollen muscle and looked wistfully and his sleeping partner. The girl watched and as she watched her mind shut down and Nature took control. She stood in the dark closet and pulled off her night shift and panties then opened the door. The man twisted his head to her, his eyes wide with surprise. She didn't say anything, she walked to the bed and stood looking first into his eyes then at his wet glistening cock. His eyes traveled from her legs to her pretty schoolgirl face then back to the smooth youthfulness between her thighs. She climbed onto the bed and straddled his lap; the slit of her body was caressing his cock as she rolled her hips.

He put his hands around her narrow waist and lifted her easily until the end of his shaft was tickling the girl between her legs. She gripped her desire and held it then shifted her body, moving her hips in small circles as the end of his erection slid slowly, deliciously into the tight opening. She wasn't thinking that it might hurt, that he might be too big for her delicate young body, she was only thinking she needed sex so she pressed down on the man. Her pussy stretched, yawned wide for him, she was wet, he was slick so slowly she accepted him, there was no pain, no hurtful tearing of her virginity; her brush handle had taken care of that. They worked carefully together until she was sitting on his balls, he was buried in her as far as he could go.

He began to move gently, pushing in, pulling out, fucking her softly. She rolled her slender hips, rocking on him as her body loosened, easing the way for his pulsing hard-on. A fire started in her belly, her heart hammered in her ears, the tightness between her thighs eased as he thrust in and out. He put his hands on her flat chest and pinched the tiny nipples which made her gasp with pain but it was a good pain, a pleasureful pain. He rubbed the small nubs and she felt them stiffen as tendrils of pleasure radiated from his thumbs.

He put his hands around her firm petite ass and held her tight while his stiffness slid in and out of her with more urgency, she dropped her head to his chest, her eyes rested on her sleeping mother. She said her first words since sneaking to the room, “Do it in me, I want to feel it.” The man groaned, humped his ass rapidly and she felt his stomach flexing as cum gushed into her in six strong bursts.

They were quiet, flat breast pressed against muscular chest as they gasped for cool air. He smelled good, sex smelled good. She lifted her head and kissed him softly on the mouth then cautioned him needlessly “Don't tell mama.” She got off him, his still stiff cock fell from her to his stomach with a plop. As she picked up her gown she could feel his essence trickling down her legs.

The girl couldn’t sleep. She lay in the quiet of her room and enjoyed the memory of the past hour, enjoyed exploring the juices seeping from her with her fingers. She was wondering when the next time would be, when would she have sex again when the answer appeared to her as a shadow in her doorway.

He came to her in the dark, guided by the erection that pointed his way, her heart started to race, her pussy began to swell, her mouth began to water. She kicked the blanket down and rolled to her stomach; he eased onto the bed between her spread legs and put the head of his manhood against the opening of her girlhood then entered her again. Her body glowed with warmth as the fire in her womb rekindled.

He slid into her until she felt the nest of his hair on her butt, his erection caressed the walls of her tight young body. Mouth open, eyes closed she focused only on the sensation of the man in her and when he pulled back she experienced a fleeting moment of angst that he would leave. But he didn't. Gently he slipped deep into her again then began a steady rhythm of pushing in, pulling back, fucking the young girl. She succumbed to the nature of sex and widened her legs even further, giving him unspoken permission to take what he wanted. To give her what she needed.

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2021-01-25 01:53:42
Loved the story. Maybe you could build on it with the daughter and mother threesome in another chapter.


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Thank you for the memories


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That was a special story. To me, at least.

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