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After Battle time
0001 - Tempro

0003 - Conner- Thomas

0097 - Ace - Zimmel

0098 - Lucy

0101 - Shelby (mother ship)

0125 - Lars

0130 - Gillese

0200 - Ellen

0250 - Tendra

0301 - Rodrick

0403 - Johnathon

0778 - Jan

0798 - Celeste - Shelby (human)

0805 - Toran

0808 - Radella

0881 - Handrax

0908 - Tara - Mara

1000 - Sherry


Ungrown - unnumbered


0100 - Derry (father ship)

Rescued from Tendraxians

so far


4 on Shelby 2 in re-gen

8 on Lucy


Known and OR numbered


0501 - Thaddeus

???? - Lena


missing - 0667 - Marco

0999 - Zan - still lost


Jimison's eyes suddenly snapped open, a groan slipping from his throat. Looking at his arms and legs another groan escaped his mouth, he was on a bio-bed. Once had been enough, these things were intolerable.

A movement next to him drew his attention. The Oriental female he saw, immediately triggered a memory within him. "I have met you before. I believe that you are the colonel's mother. Are you Dr. Dempsy?"

A small smile, then a nod came from the female. "I am, Doctor Akira Dempsy. You are lucky young man that I was present during the challenge. I don't think the machines would have discovered what had happened in time."

"Yes," Jimison answered. "I was not fast enough, though I did accomplish what I set out to." When Akira looked at him a little confused Jimison continued. "I saved my future mate though, from all I heard, she wasn't the target."

Akira nodded her understanding, "You displayed far more honor than one, not of the art usually do. I am sure that your mate was just as proud, though I am afraid that you will be scarred for life."

Jimison nodded his head, "I had thought as much, it was a sacrifice that I feel was well worth it."

Akira's face held shock a moment then she smiled broadly. So, she thought, there were those that still wore their scars as a sign of honor. This was surprising, a welcome change from the 'norm' as many would say.

"It is a pleasure to here one as young as you say this, I had thought that you were like most. Being ashamed that your skin was damaged or scarred. As a warrior, a great warrior, it is almost expected that this would happen." Akira said as she watched Jimison's reaction.

Jimison was nodding his head the whole time. Looking up he saw Akira momentarily watching him. "I have to agree, for someone who has been a soldier a... warrior almost all my life." Here Jimison was silent in thought. "I don't see how I couldn't be without them." Jimison was confused a moment when Akira's face broke into a broad smile.

"I am glad that you feel that way, I am sure that there are others that will be glad to hear it also." Akira said as she nodded to the open doorway.

There in the doorway stood Colonel Dempsy, standing beside his soon to be mate, Difina. Difina briefly looked at Akira with a slight smirk, then a nod.

Rushing from Dempsy to Jimison, one could almost see a glow radiating from her. "It is good to see that you are not ashamed of who you are. I an even more honored to be your future mate. I have been talking to your master, I think that we both need to learn as much as we can, before we return to Kandria."

Jimison looked at Difina with a confused look, " you mean the home world of the Delcron Empire?"

Difina looked deep into Jimison's eyes as she nodded giving him a toothy smile.

Jimison looked at Dempsy, "Do we have that much time?"

Dempsy came forward stopping beside Difina. "No, I am afraid we do not. Though I watched to duel between the both you. You have improved in many facets of the art form. More advanced training should be possible. I first though, have to clear it through you, then her father and the commander. Then I have to receive permission from my clan leader, the planet leader. Onai has already agreed."

Jimison was nodding through all this 'til Dempsy finished. "I would love to learn more, that way I could be of more use when I am on her planet."

This of course received a low growl from Difina. "For now, mate, while you are hurt, I will forgive such remarks. Later, I will have to 'teach' you a lesson for saying such nonsense. NEVER, think you are useless, you are a hero to a great many on my planet."

Again, Jimison looked at Difina with a confused look. "A hero? I find that highly unlikely, they don't even know me!"

A mischievous look came to Difina's eyes. "Oh, they know about you, father has made sure of that. The mere fact that you saved my live, even though we were dueling, made you even more popular."

"Wait, your entire planet saw the duel?" Jimison asked shocked.

"Of course, Difina said nonchalantly. "We are the ruling family, almost everything we do is public."

Jimison could only shake his head, well he thought, this was going to be different.

"I will leave the both of you to discuss matters of your home." Kimon said as he suddenly vanished.

Difina nodded, then her eyes opened wide as Dempsy seemed to suddenly disappear. In a low voice she said to Jimison. "Mate we need to learn all that we can. Even with the skills we have, I think that more would ensure both our survivals."

"If your planet is as bad as you say? Then I tend to agree. I just hope that he can gain the permission that he needs." Jimison said as he stared at the spot where Dempsy had stood.


Derrick had been mulling over an idea for a while. It all seemed perfect to him, though what the Delcrons would think was far beyond him. Having their Emperor deep within Derrick's territory, with only one ship, night not sit well with them.

The thing was, he needed to return, there were it seemed a million things to do. Things that he actually needed too be there to do.

Thinking a moment, he could ask the Delcrons to remain where they were on station. Then shook his head, they had been in space for a while they needed to return home soon. A smile came to Derrick's face, he knew they would enjoy being home in a few minutes.

Derrick just shook his head they'd cross that bridge when they came to it. For now, they were at an impasse 'til Dempsy got things sorted. Perhaps Derrick thought, he could kill two birds with one stone when the time came.

"Shelby?" Derrick said watching as the A.I.'s hologram appeared. "Have we much time before we can move? Can the five be moved without damage?" Derrick went silent when Shelby hadn't said a word after appearing. "Is something wrong?"

Shelby slowly shook her head, looking slightly at the floor. "I was trying to practice what you were upset about before. I do not wish to irritate you Derrick."

Derrick's eyebrows rose in surprise. "Thank you, Shelby, now then.."

"To answer your questions, we can move at any time. As long as the five are wrapped within our shields and trans-warp bubble they should be fine." Shelby replied.

"Good that takes care of one problem. Now to deal with the universe amount I have left." Derrick said. In the back of his mind, he could see the storm of crap that he knew was coming.

With a sigh he looked over all the data that had been collected; he didn't see any way they could do this quietly. Reaching out he thumbed a control as low tech hologram of Kandra appeared.

"I have thought on this a great deal Emperor Kandra. I believe we need to meet to form an accord, one that would strengthen the ties between our empires. Problem is I need to return as I am sure you do also. I believe I could facilitate this much quicker. Say, less than a few hours?" Derrick informed Kandra.

Kandra's eyes were wide a moment then he nodded. "To return home in a very short time, would do much to raise the moral of my troops. I have heard rumors that your ships are incredibly fast, an accord would be good. I believe though, the union of my daughter and your friend would go farther to solidifying it."

Derrick nodded his head he'd been afraid that Kandra would say something like he had. "I still wish that we could meet alone, to discuss all this. I had thought to bring you here, though I am sure that would incite a war."

"Well," Kandra started, "not at first though, if I was seen disappearing, I am sure that all would blame you. THAT, I am afraid would trigger a war that wouldn't be good for either of our empires."

"I had about the same thoughts, perhaps if we release this publicly? Then we could also announce that we would be taking you home a lot faster." Derrick suggested.

Kandra was rubbing his long chin deep in thought, "perhaps, it is ambitious. I believe the thought of another ally, one that has no interest in changing us, has great appeal. Perhaps we should work together on this to reach amicable end."

Derrick smiled, this was the best thing he'd heard all day, now he had to lay his hopes on Kimon.


Kimon was almost as frustrated as Derrick had been, so far, he hadn't been able to talk to his clan leader. Kimon knew he was there though, as to why he refused to talk to him, was a mystery.

Onai's father had readily agreed IF his clan agreed, that was the thing though. Concentrating Kimon had a sudden thought, looking up he stated, "Shelby? Could you contact my mother?"

Shelby appeared, then nodded her head. A moment later a hologram of Akira Dempsy appeared before Kimon.

Bowing low Akira stated, "Shujin Kimon, now I can call you by your proper title. How may I assist you?"

"I have been trying to talk to our clan leader. It appears that he, is far too occupied to discuss this with me." Kimon said.

Akira was shaking her head, several thoughts going through her mind. "I will contact you soon." Akira said. Changing the frequency her call was almost immediately answered. A male that appeared to be an older version of Kimon appeared.

"I take it you won't be returning soon?" The male asked then drew back from the look of anger that took over Akira's features.

"My son, has been trying to contact you for some time. I warn you now, Kimon has already been offered a high position in the Sakuta clan. By no less than, Isamu Sakuta himself, Kimon has already completely restored the honor of the clan. Do you really intend to lose all of it by ignoring him? I can promise you it will happen; the emperor has already blessed the union of Kimon and Onai." Akira snapped at the male.

"Sister this has to be handled deli..." the male started.

A hiss issued from Akira's throat, "I also would go to the Sakuta clan, I am sure you would love to beg them for me to treat you. DO NOT push me on this brother, talk to him or we will not again for a long time."

"Sister I cannot make a snap decision. The whole...," the male started again.

"I am not stupid brother, neither is Kimon. When he and I leave he will also take the old ways with him. Talk to him or this will be the last you see of me." Akira stated tersely. Reaching out she slapped the connection closed. Calling Kimon she started, "I believe the clan wishes to rid themselves of you. I..."

Akira hid a smile as she heard Shelby say, "Colonel Dempsy, I have a call for you from the Dempsy clan on Jitaku."

A slight smile appeared on Kimon's face, I don't know what she did, though, they seem to be worried, he thought.

Looking at his mother on one com, he opened the connection on the other. "Shujin Kimon, I was informed that you wish an audience with me."

Again, a slight smile came to his lips as he glanced at his mother. "I have been trying for some time, to discuss new students to teach. They are royalty of another empire; this has been blessed by the emperor. The lack of communication leaves me feeling as if my clan wishes me to leave. Even after I have completely restored its honor."

"Shujin Kimon, it was never our intention..." started the male.

Kimon shook his head, "Uncle, I am not a youngling that you need to placate. If the clan wishes me to leave I will, the fact that my uncle, my family, won't talk to me hurts."

Akira smiled then nodded as she cut the transmission. Kimon was indeed a master now, she'd recognized the superior vocal skills he'd been using.

Almost an hour later a smiling Kimon walked into the med bay. "I know not what you said mother, though it is greatly appreciated. I was granted permission by the clan as well as from Onai's father and the council." Sighing a moment, Kimon thought a moment. "I have to talk to the commander. I'm not sure this will go over well with her father. HE, is the last obstacle. I guess..."

"I have been talking to him as well as his daughter. I believe he is leaning in your direction about this." Derrick's voice stated behind him.

Kimon turned, slightly bowed, "I need to..." Kimon started.

"I had thought as much." Derrick said, then motioned to in front of Kimon.

"Master Kimon," a large hologram of a cat face said when it appeared. "I have thought long and hard on this. If your training can increase my daughter's ability to protect herself, as well as her mate's skills then proceed. Already she and he are far more deadly than most of my people though, there are some on our world who are deadlier."

"Sire," Kimon said as he slightly bowed. "I will attempt to amend that though, there isn't much time to accomplish this. I am grateful that they both are ready to proceed further."

The cat face nodded then a smile appeared, "good then it is all settled. I am afraid that you will have to come to our ships though. Already rumors are flying about the princess's disappearance."

Kimon smiled then his face grew completely serious. "Good, I will not go easy on them nor will I to any that try to interfere. If I happen to kill a few I hope that I am forgiven?"

This time the hologram was smiling fully. "I would expect no less from one as serious about their craft as you are. As a matter of fact, if any do interfere and you do kill them, you will save me the trouble."

Kimon's face registered surprise for a moment, then he nodded. "I would be happy to relieve you of that chore." Here Kimon turned to Derrick, "as I would for my emperor."

Derrick was nodding as he'd watched the exchange. "I guess I should notify Difina then." Came the voice of Jimison on the bio-bed. "Now I know why all of you hate these things," Jimison said to Derrick. "They have to be the most uncomfortable beds I have ever been in; I'd rather sleep on the ground."

Derrick could only nod his head with a little shudder. The bio-beds were a necessary evil, though he still thought, they were evil. This of course wasn't lost on Kandra.

"Good!" Came Kimon's suddenly stern voice. "After I am done with the two of you, you'll wish you were sleeping on the ground. This training, will make that which I taught you before, seem more like exercising. This will not be easy, nor simple. If you don't get it correct the first time you will be injured a great while.

A movement behind him, then a gasp let him know that Difina had returned. Bowing to Kimon she said, "Master? Has all been approved?"

Kimon was instantly beside her whispering in her ear, "yes, as I was explaining to your mate." Stepping back across the room in an instant, Kimon continued. "As I was saying, this will not be easy, learn the first time or suffer pain. I have gone to much trouble to gain permission," here Kimon face grew even more serious. "DO NOT disappoint me!"

Kimon could hear then, he could see the both of them gulp. Good, they were taking this seriously.

Onai's heart was swelling with pride, now her mate was starting to sound like the master she knew he was.

"Mate," Kimon said, startling Onai out of her reverie. "Though I realize that you are also a master, I think you should stand down."

"I agree my mate, the form that your clan uses, is indeed deadlier than most on our planet. In this case, I think it prudent that you teach them yours." Onai said with a slight bow to Kimon.

A small smile then a look of pride appeared on Kimon's face as he nodded. Turning to Derrick, Kimon started to speak when Captain David Greeson appeared before him.

Holo Shelby appeared, "I sensed you wished him here immediately, Colonel."

Kimon's mouth dropped open as he looked at Derrick a little lost. "Welcome to my world." Derrick said with a smirk.

"Ah, as I said you, are growing more accustomed to it!" Kandra's hologram stated.

Shocked a moment Derrick turned to Kandra nodding slightly. "So, it would appear." Causing Kandra and Derrick to smile at each other.


Admiral Hartwell was starting to feel like a prisoner on the ship. It was bad enough that his sister was there with her snide comments. He also had the Tendraxian female Bee to deal with, well, her and that damnable bond that she wanted. To Hartwell who'd had no one but his comrades all his life, it seemed like he'd give up his freedom.

That was the thing wasn't it? He'd been trying to study all he could on the bonding the Tendraxians did. It seemed a hell of a lot more intense than Bee had been letting on.

Then there was the bit about him taking the other three, the female had to be out of her mind! Not one but four females that would be more slaves than people to him. The mere thought of seeing, let alone owning a slave sickened him more than he could let on.

"Johnathon? I need some privacy, IMT me to the other side of the ship's hanger. Allow no one within sight of me." Just as the beam hit him, Bee came around the corner shouting. As soon as he appeared Hartwell said, "accept no orders from anyone else but the Emperor and Empress. Do not accept counter orders. Epsilon, Nu, Alpha, Kappa, Tau. Command 01-1."

"Yes, Prime Admiral. No counter orders accepted from any rank but the Emperor and Empress." A sad looking Johnathon's hologram stated.

Within moments Hartwell's com was going off. "What in the hell are you doing?" Came his sister's voice. "I..."

"Shut it Lucie!" Hartwell snapped far sterner than he intended. This of course, had her snapping her mouth shut to stare at her brother. "I am in command of over fifteen ships of the fleet. I have a great number out there that are disembodied cases, crying for our help, you have heard them."

"Still you shouldn't..." Lucie tried to start again.

"I said shut it! I have a job to do. I am the highest rank the commander has, everyone and I mean EVERYONE is looking to me. I can't do the job that is expected of me if, I have a wailing female staring holes in me." Here Hartwell held up a hand. "She wants me to think about bonding with her, I haven't had time to think about anything since we went to battle with those damn bugs. Talk to her, get her the hell off me so, I can do my god damned job. Call me when you do, NOT before."

Lucie could only stare at the screen as soon as her brother disconnected. "I'm sorry Bee you heard him. I am afraid that he has frozen the command of the ship out to everyone."

Bee's face held a look of horror as she thought through all that she had done. Her head as she realized that she had pushed too hard way too long. "I have done wrong; I am surprised he hasn't spaced me. He has every right to do so." Bee was whispering.

Lucie's face held a look of horror on it, when she heard Bee's words. "NO!" Lucie said in a loud whisper. It was a few moments before she noticed that Bee was staring at her.

"Lord Sir's sister? Are you well?" Bee was almost whispering seeing the look of shock on Lucie's face.

"NO! I will not let him kill you nor any of the others." Lucie was saying still in shock as she thought that Johnathon might kill Bee. The shock she was feeling, had her sitting on the floor at Bee's feet, curling into a ball. Over and over she was repeating, "he wouldn't do that, he wouldn't do that."

Suddenly afraid Bee looked at the ceiling, "Mr. Johnathon?" Which caused the ship hologram to appear. "Oh, I think something is wrong with the Lord Sir's sister."

"I have detected nothing... oh dear." Johnathon said.

"Can you help her please? I remember you have a medical bed here? Will it help her?" Bee almost pleaded.

Bee and Lucie vanished appearing a moment later in the med bay.

A moment later, the ship's hologram looked at Bee. "I am afraid there is nothing that I can do for her. She seems to be in shock, thankfully I got to her before any damage was done."

Bee nodded as she looked down on Lucie, the female felt more like family than, anyone but her sister had in a long time. "Please help her Mr. Johnathon, I cannot bare to lose another, not when I have just found her."

"I will do all I can Miss Bee, though I am afraid there is only one that I feel that can help her. He I am afraid needs time away from everyone to think." The pleading looks on Bee's face finally helped to make up Johnathon's mind.

Hartwell, had been alone for almost an hour; he'd finally been able to think through more than a few things. He still wasn't sure about Bee and all that happened, at least now he had more of a hand on it. Well, he thought, he had, Johnathon contacted him. "What is the emergency?" Hartwell said.

"I am sorry sir; it appears that Miss Hartwell is in shock. Her cerebral functions have shut down, I am unsure if I can restart them." Johnathon reported. "I am sorry that I didn't notice her earlier, she is a prime so, unless she allows it I cannot access her."

"How did this happen, show me." Hartwell said as he watched what had transpired almost an hour ago. As soon as it played out Hartwell hung his head, he'd risked his life to save her. Now, his own stupidity had placed her in mortal danger. "IMT me there now!"

A moment later, Bee was moving away across the room, even as Hartwell appeared rushing to his sister

Hartwell cradled Lucie's head as tears started to flow freely from his eyes. "All I did to save you, when I found out that asshole had you. Now I've put your life in peril, I can't lose you, not again. Come back to me Lucie!" Hartwell was almost begging.

It was almost an hour later when Lucie stirred in Hartwell's arms. "Ugh." She said in a low throaty whisper. "Johnny? I thought you were... Johnny!?"

"Lucie!" Hartwell was suddenly shouting as soon as his eyes were open.

"Oh god, lower the voice. Feels as if my head is going to... Johnny, please don't kill her. Promise me, you won't, please." Lucie said trying to raise her voice flinching from the head pain.

Hartwell could only stare at Lucie, "kill? I don't intend to kill anyone. Who are you talking about?"

"Promise me you won't kill Bee, please don't space her!" Lucie was saying as fresh tears started from her eyes.

"Bee? What are you talking about? I have never thought of that nor will I. I'm not sure what put this in your head but rest assured I have no intention of doing that. Hartwell assured her.

"Oh god thank you!" Lucie said as she pulled herself to Hartwell, kissing his cheek tenderly. Even as she ended the kiss, her eyes rolled up, her body going limp in Hartwell's arms.

"Johnathon! Status!" Hartwell almost roared out.

"All her brain waves have returned to almost normal. I feel she is in full recovery. I believe she just needs rest, as I can feel you also need. I will alert you if you are needed." Jonathon reported.

Begrudgingly, Hartwell made his way to his quarters, never noticing the whole time, Bee keeping her distance.


Far within the empire a small shadowy ship, entered orbit around a dark world. Several conversations were shared before the ship was allowed to land.

The single, male, humanoid, occupant was smearing a foul-smelling liquid on its body when the hatch opened. The creatures that appeared seem to be huge insects.

Donning a translator, the single occupant greeted the insects in their language. After a few terse moments, the insects led the humanoid male to a very large stone building.

Inside the male was led to an extremely large, female insect in the center of the room. Again, there were even more terse moments then the male was seated at the feet of the female.

{So,} came the thoughts of the female. {What can we do for the second line of offspring of our old ally?}

Hmmm the humanoid thought, so the old dead bastard had been into far more than he'd thought.

{It appears that the old line of the empire had a surviving male. The republic has been destroyed, replaced by the old empire.} The male humanoid thoughts said.

This of course had several gasps from many that were around the room.

{Queen Filiana! We cannot allow the old empire to reestablish. It is a certainty that they will hunt all of us down. We have to prevent the male from reactivating the fleet. It took almost two of their centuries for us to rid the galaxy of those damnable living ships.} Came the thoughts of the largest male insect in the room.

{That is why I have come to you; it would not be good if you and your race is exterminated. I have a plan, though I am unsure if you can achieve it. I have the machines on the way here, to help you reestablish as a space race.} The humanoid male's thoughts stated.

{What would you expect in return for this 'help' that you are providing us?} Came the snide unbelieving thoughts of the larger insect male.

{I was not discussing this with you.} The humanoid male stated, then there was a low whine as a disintegration gun powered up. {If you wish to no longer exist, then by all means try to press any advantage you think you have. I will not think twice about destroying you.}

The insect was about to lunge at the humanoid when the Queens thoughts stopped him. {After you are destroyed, I will enjoy your brother my second. Please continue as you think he has insulted me.}

The insect male looked at the queen, an almost evil, wicked look covering its face. With almost blinding speed the insect male again lurched at the humanoid male. There was an electronic whine, the entire top half of the insect male's head vanished. The body continued on into the wall, crashing unceremoniously into a heap near the wall.

The queen looked from the body, to the humanoid male. Her insect face showing her delight at the death of her first mate.

{A fitting end, destroyed without honor,} came the queen's thoughts

Damn the humanoid male thought as he saw the almost sexual looks the queen was giving him. I need to conclude my business as soon as I can.
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